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Changing Brains?!?!. The effects of television and internet on the growing brain. The American Dream. The dream for most adults is that our children will have it easier than we did. We hope they will not have to work as hard, but are we making it too easy?. Are we turning kids brains to mush?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Changing Brains?!?!The effects of television and internet on the growing brain.The American DreamThe dream for most adults is that our children will have it easier than we did. We hope they will not have to work as hard, but are we making it too easy?

Are we turning kids brains to mush?A part of the ease we have created for our children is instant access to information.TelevisionInternetMediaImagesProblemWith increased access to television, internet, and other modes of visual media, it seems that students ability to focus and retain information in class growing weaker. ResearchThe University of Michigan Health Studies department compiled studies that have linked exposure to television and internet to:Attention problems like ADDSlower cognitive developmentLower interest in reading.

Jane M. Healy, Ph.D.Dr. Jane M. Healy is an advocate against over exposure to television due to the negative effects perceived on the brain.

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In Endangered Minds, Healy suggests that due to a society that relies increasingly on visual stimuli and technology, students brains are changing. Changes in the way that they learn are subtle but significant. (45)

Dr. Healy saysThe overall effects of television viewing and other forms of video on the growing brain are poorly understood, but research strongly indicates that it has the potential to affect both the brain itself and learning abilities. (216)

Research GoalThe purpose of this research is to understand the effects of growing exposure to visual media on the growing brain.

This Research is Significant:For who? ParentsTeachersWhy?Informed decisionsChanging education

What Does This Mean for Parents?Parents should make themselves aware of the research before overexposing their children to television and internet. As with any mode of visual media, they can be helpful to childhood development when used properly.

What Does This Mean for Teachers?Teachers need to learn how to adapt to what Healy coined as changing brains. Curriculum and lessons need to be geared towards a generation whose brains have been modified to a visual lifestyle. Verbal Visual

ConclusionWhile there is more to learn about the effects of over exposure to television and internet, the current research supports the theory that they are having a negative impact on developing brains.

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