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Bots 4 Brains. Bots 4 Brains Presented by Helping You Do It Jeff Matthews, CEO and Taco Stand Operator Trisha Sommercorn , Winabe Cathrine Richards, Wanabe Richard L. Pater, Ustabe CIS 1020 68 Spring 2011. For President Bioteau Salt Lake Community College. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Bots 4 Brains

Bots 4 Brains

Bots 4 Brains

Presented byHelping You Do It

Jeff Matthews, CEO and Taco Stand OperatorTrisha Sommercorn, WinabeCathrine Richards, WanabeRichard L. Pater, Ustabe

CIS 1020 68 Spring 2011

ForPresident BioteauSalt Lake Community College What can bots do for your students?and more

I just want to return my booksOut of controlBot crowd control

Que at the Cafeteria

The bots can order, stand in line, or save a seat.Is Attending Class a Problem?

With bots its no problem.

Get a video recording of what happened in class and then have your botI wish I had a robot!

Type Up Your Notes.

Perfect for dating

ASSISTANCEis no longer just a word.

Bots 4 Brains State of the Art Technologyis breaking limitations for those who depend on assistance for their activities of daily living.Botsare the answer when you need help. Sign Language InterpretersPushing or pulling you around campus.

Benefits:Only One Interpreter needed all day (improved back health)

and more

Life SavingAssistance


Dont Be Left Lying Down after FINALS WEEK

Parking Lot cleanup after finals.Our bots can assist youHOMERenting a botis affordable with our unique business plan.

Rental Options and Costs

You Need a Bot-a-Me

by Helping You Do It

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