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A talk for the American Association of University Women, Minneapolis Branch.


  • 1. Super Brains!Science fiction or fact? John Moravec, PhD University of Minnesota

2. Danger! 3. Industrial Thinking 4. Industrial Thinking John 5. Knowledge Society 6. ICTs change how we communicate 7. ICTs change how we think140 8. ICTs change how we learn 9. Citizen ScientistsL eapfro g Inst i t u t es 10. L eapfro g Inst i t u t es 11. The future is already here it is just unevenly distributed.% of population with access William GibsonPast Future 12. Three TrendsAccelerating changeContinuing globalizationInnovation society fueled byknowmads 13. Accelerating Change 14. The TechnologicalSingularityJTechnological SingularityLevel of AdvancementTime 15. This Means...The amount of information available isdoubling at an exponential rateThe half-life of useable knowledge isdecreasing exponentially 16. Also...Its important that we expand ourcapabilities to imagine and createpreferred futuresWe need to explore ways to upgradeourselves to adapt to an ever-changingworld 17. Globalization 18. L eapfro g Inst i t u t es 19. Nomads 20. Knowmads 21. ParadigmDomain1.0 2.0 3.0FundamentalComplex creative SimpleComplexrelationships(teleological)Conceptualization of Intentional, self- HierarchicHeterarchicorder organizingRelationships of parts MechanicalHolographic SynergeticWorldviewDeterministic Indeterminate DesignCausalityLinearMutualAnticausal CreativeChange process AssemblyMorphogenic destructionRealityObjective PerspectivalContextualPlaceLocal Globalizing Globalized 22. the otherMoravecsParadox 23. The mind of a machine 24. Are we gettingsmarter? 25. Processing power per kgTime Meat 26. Processing power per kgTime Meat Silicon 27. vs. 28. + =? 29. JohnMoravecsParadox 30. Get(er)Smart 31. What...are relevant skills andcompetencies for the 21st century? 32. Formal Non-formal Informal SerendipitousInvisible Learning 33. Mindware 34. dot nl 35. In lieu of conclusion... 36. We still dont know much about the human brain. 37. Whats next? 38. Transhumans 39. Posthumans 40. Willhumansdream ofelectricsheep?