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1. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Training for Junior Sta (method development) Develop as independent thinkers Become more pro-active Expectations of Managers & HR Acquire business skills at a quicker pace Increase motivation Expectations of Junior Sta Develop at a quicker pace Quantify results Receive guidance on how to improve Expectations of the Direct Boss A solution to satisfy all three expectations. 2. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Training for Junior Sta (concept) Strengthen their power to learn from experience Although exposed to similar work environments, each employee develops their business skills at dierent rates What separates them is the determination to improve Strengthening the motivation of junior sta to improve will speed up the development process, even with the challenges facing busy managers Application of the Learning by Experience Model Flipped Classroom Training Eective method to strengthen motivation Experience Practice Reect Conceptualize The Learning by Experience Model 3. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Link On the Job & Training Concepts to Foster Greater Independence On the Job Training Experience Take on the challenge of assigned work Receive manager support Reect Reect on the experience (results, issues, key success factors, roadblocks) Get manager feedback Share roles & get feedback from other participants Conceptualize Learn from reections (things to avoid next time, applications to other assignments) Collect best practices among students Practice Put into practice the lessons learned Create an action plan at the end of the training Present action plan to manager & get advice The Learning by Experience Model Application 4. CICOM BRAINS Inc. CICOM BRAINs Flipped ClassroomSelf LearningGroup Learning Lecture Practice Lecture Practice Lecture Practice Practice/Discuss/Reect/ConceptualizeVideo Lecture Lecture Practice Lecture Practice Lecture Conceptualize Reect/Summarize OnlineAssignmentSelf- Learning Class SessionGroup Learning Warm-up Reect/Summarize Warm-up Students learn at their own pace. Lively discussions and substantial practice enhance the learning experience. 5. CICOM BRAINS Inc. CICOM BRAINs approach to developing Junior Sta Years of service After 1 year After 2 years After 3 years End Result Become a more productive human resource to help the organization realize its vision and achieve its mission by clearly setting & communicating goals and working eectively with other colleagues. Projected Growth Level of work ability Clear Understanding of Objectives Target Method Objectives & target are clear Method is not always clear Objectives are clear Target & method are not always clear Handle assigned job Meet expected work standards Do the work faster and more accurately Deliver more than the expected standards Think of what needs to be done & how to do it Involve your team & achieve results LearntodoitThinkhowtodoit be0er Askyourself whatshouldbedone