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  • 1. Title your next page inyour spiral/binder with thetitle of this presentation.Then sketch a smallillustration of Africa likethe one to the left.Once you have thiscompleted, wait until theslide changes.You will need to make surethat you have completedthe notes and taken theGoogle Docs Quiz beforethe due date.

2. 2ndlargest continent (only Asia is larger) Covers over 11,000,000 square miles 23% of the worlds total land area3 times larger than the United States 3. The equator divides Africa in half 35 N 36 S 4. Northern Coast is on the Mediterranean Sea Western Coast is on the Atlantic Ocean Eastern Coast is on the Red Sea, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean Red Sea Mediterranean Sea Arabian SeaAtlanticOcean Indian Ocean 5. Asmall land border joins Egypt and Israel Several islands are located around the coasts Madagascar is the largest, off the southeastcoast Isthmus of SuezMadagascar 6. TheSahara is the worlds largest desert andcovers 3,500,000 square miles of the continent Divides the continent into Northern andSouthern Regions Sahara Desert Kalahari Desert 7. Africa has two major rivers Nile River Congo River LakeVictoria is theLargest lake in Africa andLakethe 3rd largest in theVictoriaWorld. 8. The highest point is Mount Kilimanjaro 19,341 feet above sea level The lowest point is Lake Assal 502 feet below sea level 9. VictoriaFalls worlds most spectacularwaterfalls. Named for Queen Victoria of England byDavid Livingstone, a Scottish explorer.


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