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  • History of Africa The continent, not the country
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  • Way older than Mr. Bristow Prehistory (before 3000 BCE) Sahara is a tropical grassland Supported giraffe, elephant, and rhino Earliest human settlements Bantu Migration(2000-500 BCE) Begin just south of Sahara Spread over all sub-Saharan Africa Root language for most modern Africa languages Egypt (3000 520 BCE) First large civilization in Africa 3 time periods with 100-300 year dark ages in between (Old, Middle, New) Creators of pyramids, geometry, and mummification
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  • A little older than Mr. Bristow Ghana (600-1400 CE) Massive trading empire Gold-salt trade First major civilization in sub- Saharan Africa Rise of Islam (700-1100 CE) First conquers northern Africa near the Mediterranean Sea. Also conquers Eastern Africa, and Western Africa Very tolerant toward indiginous religions Great Zimbabwe (1000-1500 CE) Southeastern Africa Controlled trade of gold and ivory in the area Large stone building and towers
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  • Bristow was around European slave trade (1500-1800 CE) Columbian Exchange Slaves came from all over Africa Ports on the Atlantic served as trade centers Berlin Conference(1884-1885 CE) Meeting of European powers to divide up Africa Was designed to prevent war Not a single Africa delegate was there World War II (1940-1943 CE) German Afrika Korps led by Rommel Germans caught between British and American troops Localized to North Africa
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  • Recent times End of colonies (1951-1980 CE) After World War II and with pressure from US to drop colonies Final release was Zimbabwe from Great Britain Almost no transition support Ethnic Wars (1951-Present) No strong central government to protect citizens Years of rage unleashed upon former upper class 500k-1mil dead in 100 days in Rwanda Nation building(Present) Countries attempting to stabilize and create new governments Sometime successful and stable (Botswana) Sometimes not (Sudan, Egypt)


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