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    MyFloridaMarketPlace Integrated eQuote Training

  • Agenda

    • eQuote Overview

    • Creating an eQuote

    • Vendor View

    • Managing eQuotes

    • Awarding & Viewing Results

    • Resources

  • eQuote Overview

    What is an electronic quote (eQuote)?

    • eQuotes are a transaction type within the MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) Sourcing application

    • Agency customers issue eQuotes to a small group of vendors

    When do you use an eQuote?

    • Create eQuotes using the following Methods of Procurements (MOP): – MOP B: request for quotes off State Term Contracts (STC) requiring quotes

    – MOP F: informal quote purchases not exceeding $35,000 (Category Two threshold)

    – MOP 16: Department of Lottery competitive quotes

  • Benefits of eQuotes

    • Sourcing is a web-based, paperless application that captures, stores and auto-saves all content

    • Similar look and feel to other MFMP applications

    • Small (i) icons throughout the screens display additional information

    • Detailed error messages

    • Provides consistency in requests to vendors

    • Vendors can be notified of events based on commodity codes

    • Event clock shows time remaining to respond

  • Agenda

    • eQuote Overview

    • Creating an eQuote

    • Vendor View

    • Managing eQuotes

    • Awarding & Viewing Results

    • Resources

  • • To create an integrated eQuote from a requisition, login to MFMP Buyer – If you do not have a username and password, contact your

    agency’s System Administrator

    Tip: Select the link above from this presentation to open the website and then save it to your browser ‘Favorites.’

    Creating a Requisition

  • • Access the Create menu and select Requisition to begin the requisition process

    • Click the yellow Create Non-Catalog Item button

    Creating a Requisition

  • Create the line item(s) for your eQuote.

    Creating a Line Item

    • Add a Full Description of the line item. This description will become the line item in the eQuote

    • Select a Commodity Code

    • Select Method of Procurement B, F or 16

    • Add the Quantity

    • Update the Unit of Measure (if applicable)

    • Add the Price

    • Click Update Total

    • Click OK

  • • Add a Title to the requisition

    • Click Edit in the Line Items section

    Requisition Summary

  • Line Item Details

    • You may receive a notice at the top of the page to validate fields marked with an asterisk

    • Make sure the required fields are populated

    • You must select a ‘placeholder’ for Vendor Location

    • Scroll down the entire page to confirm all fields are populated correctly

    • Click OK

  • • Select the link Create an MFMP eQuote event ‐ This will take you to the Sourcing application ‐ If you do not have Sourcing access you will not

    see this link. Work with your System Administrator to get access

    Link to MFMP Sourcing

  • • After selecting the Create an MFMP eQuote event link in Buyer, login to MFMP Sourcing – If you do not have a username and password, contact your

    agency’s System Administrator

    Tip: Select the link above to open the website and then save it to your browser’s ‘Favorites.’

    Creating an eQuote;awsso_ru:aHR0cHM6Ly9zb3VyY2luZy5teWZsb3JpZGFtYXJrZXRwbGFjZS5jb20vU291cmNpbmcvTWFpbj9TeXN0ZW0mcGFzc3dvcmRhZGFwdGVyPVBhc3N3b3JkQWRhcHRlcjE%3D;awsso_lu:aHR0cHM6Ly9zb3VyY2luZy5teWZsb3JpZGFtYXJrZXRwbGFjZS5jb20vU291cmNpbmcvTWFpbi9hZC9jbGllbnRMb2dvdXQvU1NPQWN0aW9ucw%3D%3D;awsso_ap:U291cmNpbmdQUkQ%3D;awsso_arid:MTM3OTcwOTgzNzEzNA%3D%3D;awsso_ku:aHR0cHM6Ly9zb3VyY2luZy5teWZsb3JpZGFtYXJrZXRwbGFjZS5jb20vU291cmNpbmcvTWFpbi9hZC9jbGllbnRLZWVwQWxpdmUvU1NPQWN0aW9ucw%3D%3D;awsso_fl:MQ%3D%3D&awsso_ap=SourcingPRD&awsso_hpk=true&passwordadapter=PasswordAdapter1&awsr=true

  • Some fields will prepopulate from the requisition. To proceed, complete the remaining required fields marked with an asterisk.

    Create a Sourcing Project

    • Add a Description (optional)

    • Select your Departments (agency)

    • Leave No for the Notify Vendors field. You will select vendors in a later step

    • Click Create

  • Demo and Practical Exercise

    • Next there will be a demonstration on creating a requisition and integrated eQuote

    • Follow along by completing Activities 1 and 2 of the Integrated eQuote Practical Exercise

  • • Timing Rules: Select how long your eQuote will be open for vendor response

    • Market Feedback: Select whether you will be able to view vendor responses before the event closes

    • Message Board: Select which email address you will use to receive messages from vendors

    The Rules page controls how the event works. You will need to complete the following sections:

    Step 1: Rules Page

  • • Sourcing automatically adds the Requester as the Project Owner in the eQuote

    • Additional Team Members can be added to the eQuote by clicking the Plus (+) button

    Step 2: Team Page

  • • Add vendors to the eQuote by clicking Invite Participants

    • Use the following sites to find a list of vendors:

    – VIP Admin:

    Username and password: publicuser

    – Office of Supplier Diversity: Online directory of certified minority vendors

    Step 3: Supplier Page

  • • Search and add vendors by Supplier Name, Commodities Supplied, FEIN, etc.

    • Add additional search filters using the Search Options link

    • MFMP recommends inviting a minimum of three and maximum of 12 vendors

    • Once you’ve selected your suppliers, click OK

    Step 3: Participant Search

  • Demo and Practical Exercise

    • Next there will be a demonstration on completing the Rules, Team and Suppliers pages

    • Follow along by completing Activities 3 – 5 of the Integrated eQuote Practical Exercise

  • • Build content that vendors can view and provide responses

    • Typical content includes:

    - Introductory text, contact information and instructions

    - Scope and purpose of the eQuote

    - Terms and conditions

    - Questions for participants to answer

    - Requirements participants must meet

    - Attachments for participants to view

    • For integrated eQuotes, line items will automatically be added as additional sections to the bottom of the eQuote

    Step 4: Content Page

  • • Section 1.1: Enter contact information that the vendor should use regarding this eQuote

    • Section 1.2: Enter shipping information, if necessary

    • Sections 2 & 3: Add details regarding the goods or services you wish to procure (e.g., Scope of Work)

    • Section 4: Customers may delete this section as Sourcing automatically adds each requisition line item (starting at section 5) to integrated eQuotes

    ‐ Any line item changes must be made in the requisition in Buyer

    Step 4: Content Page

    The Content page includes nine required fields that must be completed before the eQuote can be published.

  • Add content to the eQuote by selecting the section/area you wish to update and clicking the Add button.

    • Section: Add new sections to organize additional content as needed

    • Line Item: For integrated eQuotes, only add line items to the requisition in MFMP Buyer

    • Question: Add to provide a space where vendors can enter a response

    • Requirement: Requirements are read-only text that should be used for any absolute conditions that the vendors must meet

    • Attachment: Upload attachments for vendors to download and view

    • Content from Library: Copy content from previously created eQuotes

    Adding Additional Content

  • • Customers will need to add questions to most eQuotes for vendors to respond to with information specific to that eQuote. Example of questions include:

    – Do you offer an extended warranty?

    – What is your company’s annual sales in U.S. dollars?

    • See an example of adding a question to Section 4 below:

    Adding Questions

    • Select the checkbox next to the desired Section

    • Click Add and select Question

  • Select an Answer Type to begin creating the question.

    • Name: Enter your question to the vendor

    • Include in cost: Select No

    • Answer Type: Select from the available options (e.g., Text, Date or Attachment)

    • Acceptable Values: Select Any Value

    • Response Required?: Select Yes, Participant Required

    • Refer