mfmp u buyer sourcing manual equote training...the rules page controls how the event works. you need...

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    MyFloridaMarketPlaceManual eQuote Training

  • Agenda

    • eQuote Overview

    • Creating an eQuote

    • Vendor View

    • Managing eQuotes

    • Awarding & Viewing Results

    • Resources

  • eQuote Overview

    What is an electronic quote (eQuote)?

    • eQuotes are a transaction type within the MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) Sourcing application

    • Agency customers issue eQuotes to a small group of vendors

    When do you use an eQuote?

    • Create eQuotes using the following Methods of Procurements (MOP): – MOP B: Request for quotes off State Term Contracts (STC) requiring quotes

    – MOP F: Informal quote purchases not exceeding $35,000 (Category Two threshold)

    – MOP 16: Department of Lottery competitive quotes

  • Benefits of eQuotes

    • MFMP Sourcing is a web-based, paperless application that captures, stores and auto-saves all content

    • Similar look and feel to other MFMP applications

    • Small (i) icons throughout the screens display additional information

    • Detailed error messages

    • Provides consistency in requests to vendors

    • Vendors can be notified of events based on commodity codes

    • Event clock shows time remaining to respond

  • Agenda

    • eQuote Overview

    • Creating an eQuote

    • Vendor View

    • Managing eQuotes

    • Awarding & Viewing Results

    • Resources

  • • To begin creating a manual eQuote, login to MFMP Sourcing– If you do not have a username and password, contact your

    agency’s System Administrator

    Creating an eQuote

    Tip: Click the link above to open the website and then save it to your browser’s ‘Favorites.’;awsso_ru:aHR0cHM6Ly9zb3VyY2luZy5teWZsb3JpZGFtYXJrZXRwbGFjZS5jb20vU291cmNpbmcvTWFpbj9TeXN0ZW0mcGFzc3dvcmRhZGFwdGVyPVBhc3N3b3JkQWRhcHRlcjE%3D;awsso_lu:aHR0cHM6Ly9zb3VyY2luZy5teWZsb3JpZGFtYXJrZXRwbGFjZS5jb20vU291cmNpbmcvTWFpbi9hZC9jbGllbnRMb2dvdXQvU1NPQWN0aW9ucw%3D%3D;awsso_ap:U291cmNpbmdQUkQ%3D;awsso_arid:MTM3OTcwOTgzNzEzNA%3D%3D;awsso_ku:aHR0cHM6Ly9zb3VyY2luZy5teWZsb3JpZGFtYXJrZXRwbGFjZS5jb20vU291cmNpbmcvTWFpbi9hZC9jbGllbnRLZWVwQWxpdmUvU1NPQWN0aW9ucw%3D%3D;awsso_fl:MQ%3D%3D&awsso_ap=SourcingPRD&awsso_hpk=true&passwordadapter=PasswordAdapter1&awsr=true

  • Begin creating your eQuote from the dashboard by selecting Sourcing Project.

    Creating an eQuote

  • Create a Sourcing Project

    Complete all required fields marked with an asterisk:

    • Name

    • Project (Quick)

    • Event Type (eQuote)

    • Departments (Agency)

    • Notify Vendors?

    • Commodity

    It is best practice to leave No for the Notify Vendors field. You will select vendors in a later step.

  • The Rules page controls how the event works. You need to complete the following sections:

    Step 1: Rules Page

    • Timing Rules: Select the timing for your event; how long you will accept responses

    • Market Feedback: Select whether you will be able to view responses in Sourcing before the event closes

    • Message Board: Select which email address you will use to receive messages from vendors

  • • Sourcing automatically adds the eQuote creator as the Project Owner

    • Additional Team Members can be added to the eQuote by clicking the Plus (+) button

    Step 2: Team Page

  • • Add vendors to the eQuote by clicking Invite Participants

    • Use the following sites to find a list of vendors:

    – VIP Admin:

    Username and password: publicuser

    – Office of Supplier Diversity: directory of certified minority vendors

    Step 3: Supplier Page

  • • Search and add vendors by Supplier Name, Commodities Supplied, FEIN, etc.

    • Add additional search options using the Search Options link

    • MFMP recommends inviting a minimum of three and maximum of 12 vendors

    • Once you’ve selected your suppliers, click OK

    Step 3: Participant Search

  • Demo and Practical Exercise

    • Next there will be a demonstration on completing the Overview, Rules, Team and Suppliers pages

    • Follow along by completing Activities 1 – 4 of the Manual eQuote Practical Exercise

  • • Build content that vendors can view and provide responses

    • Typical content includes:

    - Introductory text, contact information and instructions

    - Scope and purpose of the eQuote

    - Terms and conditions

    - Questions for participants to answer

    - Requirements participants must meet

    - Attachments for participants to view

    • MyFloridaMarketPlace recommends adding line items for each type of good or service solicited

    Step 4: Content Page

  • • Section 1.1: Enter contact information that the vendor should use regarding this eQuote

    • Section 1.2: Enter shipping information, if necessary

    • Sections 2 & 3: Add details regarding the goods or services you wish to procure (for example, Scope of Work)

    • Section 4: Add questions for vendors to respond to (e.g., yes/no, text, attachment)

    Note: MFMP recommends that customers add line items in this section

    Step 4: Content Page

    The Content page includes nine required fields that must be completed before the eQuote can be published.

  • Add content to the eQuote by selecting the section/area you wish to update and clicking the Add button.

    • Section: Add new sections to organize additional content as needed

    • Line Item: Add to provide a space where vendors can enter a unit price

    • Question: Add to provide a space where vendors can enter a response

    • Requirement: Requirements are read-only text that should be used for any absolute conditions that the vendors must meet

    • Attachment: Upload attachments for vendors to download and view

    • Content from Library: Copy content from previously created eQuotes

    Adding Additional Content

  • • Customers will need to add questions to most eQuotes for vendors to respond to with information specific to that eQuote. Example of questions include:– Do you offer an extended warranty?– What is your company’s annual sales in U.S. dollars?

    • See an example of adding a question to Section 4 below:

    Adding Questions

    • Select the checkbox next to the desired Section

    • Click Add and select Question

  • Select an Answer Type to begin creating the question.

    • Name: Enter your question to the vendor

    • Include in cost: Select No

    • Answer Type: Select from the available options (e.g., Text, Date or Attachment)

    • Acceptable Values: Select Any Value

    • Response Required?: Select Yes, Participant Required

    • Reference Documents: Attach applicable documentation

    • Visible to Participant: Select Yes

    • Participant can add additional comments and attachments: Select Yes if you allow vendors to upload additional supporting information

    • Use participant-specific initial values?: Select No

    • Team Access Control: leave as (no value)

    • Click Done

    Adding Questions (Cont.)

  • Line items allow you to capture price and quantity of the goods/services begin purchased.

    Adding Line Items

    • Select the checkbox next to Section 4

    • Click Add and select Line Item

  • Enter details about the line item.• Name: Enter title of good/service

    • Description: Enter item details

    • Visible to Participant: Select Yes

    • Team Access Control: Keep (no value)

    • Participants bid per unit: Leave as defaulted

    • Item Terms: Enter or update the Quantity, Price and Unit of Measure (if applicable)

    Adding Line Items (Cont.)

  • • View the eQuote as a participant to confirm that participants are able to respond to the questions

    – From the Content page, click Actions and select one of the participants

    View As Participant

    • Select End Preview at the top left to exit and return to the eQuote

    • Then click Next to view the Summary page

  • Review the eQuote content on the Summary page before publishing the eQuote.

    Step 5: Summary Page

    • Use the left navigation panel to return to a step to make edits

    • To edit the Overview, in the Summary section, click Actions and then select Edit Overview

    • If there are no more edits, click Publish

  • Demo and Practical Exercise

    • Next there will be a demonstration on completing the Content page and publishing the eQuote

    • Follow along by completing Activities 5 and 6 of the Manual eQuote Practical Exercise

  • Agenda

    • eQuote Overview

    • Creating an eQuote

    • Vendor View

    • Managing eQuotes

    • Awarding & Viewing Results

    • Resources

  • Vendors that accept to participate in electronic solicitations in their VIP (Vendor Information Portal) account, can login to Sourcing to participate in the solicitation events.

    Vendor View

  • • The event clock shows the eQuote’s remaining time

    - Vendors who wish to respond must click on Review Agreement and accept the terms of the agreement

    • Vendors can download content, print event information or decline to respond to the event

    Vendor View

  • • Selecting the Review and Accept Agreement link will display the terms of the agreement vendors must accept to submit an official response

    • Vendors that are registered in MFMP have already accepted the terms of use

    Vendor View

  • Vendor View

    • Vendors review the content of the eQuote

    • Vendors respond in the Submit Response section

    • After drafting a response, vendors must select Submit Entire Response to submit their bid for evaluation

  • Demo and Practical Exercise

    • Next there will be a demonstration on how to respond to the eQuote as a vendor

    • Follow along by completing Activity 7 of the Manual eQuote Practical Exercise

  • Agenda

    • eQuote Overview

    • Creating an eQuote

    • Vendor View

    • Managing eQuotes

    • Awarding & Viewing Results

    • Resources

  • Access and manage eQuotes from the dashboard via the My Documents or Recently Viewed queues.

    Managing eQuotes

  • Use tabs and notifications to monitor eQuotes.

    Managing eQuotes

    A yellow envelope appears when there is a new message.

    Overview tab looks like the Summary page before the event was published.

    Content tab contains the content you have entered for vendors.

    Suppliers tab shows the vendors you added to the eQuote.

    Team tab provides a list of the Team Members associated with the eQuote.

    Report tab contains information on the eQuote’s financials, invitation summary, lot details, etc.

    Messages tab contains messages you received from vendors.

    Log tab tracks all activity related to your quote.

    Scenario tab is where you can create and view all scenarios (manual or optimization) associated with the eQuote.

    Award tab is where you will make the final award once the event closes.

  • • The Messages tab is used to monitor vendor messages:

    – Project Owners and vendors exchange messages within Sourcing

    – Use the Messages tab to see received messages

    – Sourcing sends messages to each recipient's email address

    • Unread messages display in bold

    • Select Messages and click View, Reply or Delete as desired


  • To reply to a message, from the Message tab, select the radio button next to the message and click Reply.

    • Select recipients (Participants and/or Team Members)

    • Update subject line. The event ID is the default prefix

    • Compose your message

    • Click Send

    • When you send a message, the recipients see:

    – A pop–up in the lower right hand corner of their browser windows if they are logged in to Sourcing

    – A message in their My Messages tab – And they will receive an email, based on

    the main contact email addresses in their vendor registration profiles


  • Use the Actions button to make and manage event edits.

    Editing eQuotes

    • Use the Actions button to:

    – Pause, extend, reduce, stop and cancel timing

    – Edit and export content– View version changes

  • Always pause an event before edits are made.

    Editing an Event

    After pausing the event, select Edit under Actions and proceed with necessary edits.

  • Update the event and select how or if you want to notify vendors about changes.

    • The Summary page displays your pending changes

    • Click Update to incorporate your changes into the event

    • Sourcing provides four options for participants’ responses and on how to communicate changes

    • Click Update Event

    Managing eQuotes

  • Confirm the that the event has been updated and then resume the event.

    Managing eQuotes

    • From Content tab, click Actions

    • Click Resume Event

    • Clock resumes from when you paused it

    Select the Monitor link to return to the Overview tab.

  • Agenda

    • eQuote Overview

    • Creating an eQuote

    • Vendor View

    • Managing eQuotes

    • Awarding & Viewing Results

    • Resources

  • • Review vendor responses via the Content tab

    – Yellow star icons indicate lowest price offered

    Review Vendor Reponses

  • • To award an eQuote, select the Award tab and click Award

    • Use the drop-down menu for each line item to select the awarded vendor(s)– You can award all items to one vendor or one vendor for each


    • Click Submit for award

    Awarding the eQuote

  • • Notifying participants on the Award Confirmation page is optional

    - Use Customize Award Emails to customize email messages to the awarded and/or non-awarded participants

    - When customizing the messages keep the bracketed information unchanged

    • Click Done to complete the award process

    Notifying Participants

  • • From the Award tab, click Excel Export to download the results of the items and vendor(s) you selected

    • From any tab, click Actions to export the vendors’ responses, attachments and the event information

    Exporting Content

  • Demo and Practical Exercise

    • Next there will be a demonstration on how to award the event in Sourcing

    • Follow along by completing Activity 8 of the Manual eQuote Practical Exercise

  • Agenda

    • eQuote Overview

    • Creating an eQuote

    • Vendor View

    • Managing eQuotes

    • Awarding & Viewing Results

    • Resources

  • • Usernames and passwords in Buyer will be synchronized to Sourcing twice a day at 12:45 p.m. and 6:45 p.m.

    • Customers will maintain their passwords (and secret questions) in Buyer

    • MyFloridaMarketPlace recommends that customers work in the Sourcing training environment to apply the knowledge gained from this training

    Helpful Hints

  • • Buyer production environment

    • Sourcing production environment

    • Buyer training environment

    • Sourcing training environment

    • Sourcing vendor training environment

    • State Contracts and Agreements

    • Upcoming Customer Trainings

    • Upcoming Vendor Trainings

    – Agency customers should encourage their vendors to complete eQuote training


  • Contact the MyFloridaMarketPlace Customer Service Desk:

    Phone: 866-352-3776

    Email: [email protected]

    Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.,

    Eastern Time

    Contact Information

    mailto:[email protected]