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MFMP U Searching for Vendors in VIPHow to Take this Training
• Move forward and backward through the presentation by clicking on the section titles in the navigation panel. Select the drop down arrow to expand sections.
• Use the menu bar to adjust the volume, review your progress, play/pause, and move forward and backward.
• Interactive sessions throughout the presentation will be in several formats including: information buttons you can click to learn more about a specific topic, true/false and multiple choice questions.
Overview of MFMP
• MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) is the state’s online purchasing system and continues to be a significant tool for buyers and vendors of the State of Florida.
• MFMP provides a source for centralized procurement activities focusing on best practices and maximizing the state’s buying power to support efficient government.
• Further information on the MFMP System is available in the MFMP System Overview Online Training.
MFMP Vendor Information Portal (VIP)
• The Vendor Information Portal is where vendors go to register to do business with the State of Florida.
• Agency customer should use VIP to search for vendors.
• VIP provides both agency customers and vendors 24/7 access.
• Agency customer may access VIP through the public user account.
• Agency customers may have previously used MarketView to find vendors.
• Agencies can search for vendors in MFMP VIP. The login information is: – Username: publicuser
– Password: publicuser
Tips for Searching
• Alphanumeric characters may be entered into blank text fields. The blank text fields can be searched using a wildcard (%) in combination with a series of letters. – For example, if somewhere in the name of the vendor there is the
word "flower", the wildcard may be used in the following method: %flower% - for vendors who may have flower anywhere in their name.
• Depending on how the vendor entered their information, it is often better to use less information when searching. – For example, searching for the vendor name "Acme Office Stores, Inc"
will not return any results if the supplier registered as "Acme Company - Office Stores Incorporated". Using just the word Acme is a better entry.
Search Results
• The search results will appear under the Vendor Search box.
• Buyers may click each Vendor Name for further, detailed information about each vendor and the email address is hyperlinked to open using your Outlook email account.
• Resources
When quick searches do not contain enough search filter to find a specific vendor set, buyers many use the ‘Advanced Searching’ option in VIP.
Advanced Searching
Advanced Search
• MFMP recommends that agency customers use at least two search criteria.
– For example, when searching for a vendor who provides a janitorial services for your local agency, please use the applicable UNSPSC commodity code and location county. This will return a list of vendors who offer janitorial service in your county.
• The next slide will give descriptions of each advanced search fields contained in VIP.