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  • MyFloridaMarketPlace

    Reporting 101 Workshop

  • • MFMP Reporting Options

    • System Searches – General

    • Secure Reports – Operational

    • MFMP Analysis – Analytical

    • Review

    • Resources


  • • System searches

    – Customer created searches for MFMP transactions

    • Secure reports

    – MFMP operational reports located on a secure site

    • MFMP Analysis

    – A reporting application allowing customers to create reports for purchase orders, contracts, invoices and more

    Reporting Options

  • • MFMP Reporting Options

    • System Searches – General

    • Secure Reports – Operational

    • MFMP Analysis – Analytical

    • Review

    • Resources


  • System Search Basics

    • System searches are simple to execute

    • Any customer with MFMP access can create system searches

    • Query group enables customers to see transactions enterprise-wide

    • Use a minimum of three search filters for example:

    – Date range

    – PUI (Purchasing Unit Identifier)

    – Other

    • Save System Searches you use frequently

    • You can export search results to Excel

  • System Search Basics

    Click Search on the menu bar

    • Click the drop-down arrows to view all available search types

    • Click on the type of search to create a search

  • Enter a minimum of three search filters:

    – Date range

    – PUI (Purchasing Unit Identifier)

    – Other, e.g., requisition number, order number, invoice number

    Add additional search criteria

    System Search Filters

  • Saving System Searches

    Click ‘Save Search’ to save the search, the search parameters, and save time in the future

  • Export System Searches

    Click the ‘Table Options’ icon to export search results to Microsoft Excel

  • Add System Searches Tabs

    Add new tabs to your Dashboard

    • Step 1: – Click "Configure Tabs“ from the Home Tab – Select "Add New Tab"

  • Add System Searches Tabs (Cont.)

    • Step 2 - Enter a Tab name (e.g., Saved

    Search) - Click "OK"

    • Step 3 - Click "Saved


  • Adding Search Tabs

    • Step 4 - Select the "Saved Searches" you want to see on your new tab - Click “Done”

  • Adding Search Tabs

    • Step 5 - Arrange the searches on your screen

  • Demo and Practical Exercise

    Practical Exercise #1

    • I will now demonstrate creating a System Search in the MFMP Buyer Training Environment

    • Complete the ‘System Search’ section of the Practical Exercise in the Training Environment

  • • MFMP Reporting Options

    • System Searches – General

    • Secure Reports – Operational

    • MFMP Analysis – Analytical

    • Review

    • Resources


  • Secure Reports Basics

    • Secure reports generate from MFMP data

    • Operational reports that assist with daily activities

    • Reports are in an .csv format and require zip file utility


    • Secure reports run regularly based on the report

    parameters (daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly, etc.)

  • Log into Secure Reports

    • For username and password credentials, please see your system administrator

    • Click on your agency OLO

    • Enter your username and password

    Secure Reports website

  • Secure Reports List

    • Double-click the desired report name and click "save"

    • Save the report to an easily accessible location

    • You will need access to a zip utility to open these files

  • • Reports available to all agencies

    • Key information about each report, including:

    – Intended report purpose

    – Included fields

    – Frequency that the reports are updated (daily, weekly, bi-

    weekly, monthly, and quarterly, etc.)

    – Intended audience

    • Secure reports job aid:

    Secure Reports Job Aid

  • Report Requests

    • Complete the MFMP Report Request form

    − MFMP Agency Customer Forms

    − Email completed form to the MFMP Customer Service Desk

    • MFMP processes report requests as an Operational Data Update mailto:[email protected]

  • Secure Report Assessment

    Practical Exercise #2

    • Take a few minutes to complete the Secure Reports Assessment, located within the Practical Exercise handout

  • • MFMP Reporting Options

    • System Searches – General

    • Secure Reports – Operational

    • MFMP Analysis – Analytical

    • Review

    • Resources


  • MFMP Analysis Basics

    MFMP Analysis is a custom reporting application

    • Data Update Frequency

    - Separate Data Updates

    • Daily: Buyer and Vendor Information Portal (VIP)

    • Weekly: FLAIR Encumbrance

    • Monthly: FLAIR Payment

    • Data Update Time

    -After 6 p.m. Eastern time

    • Includes data from Fiscal Year 2008-09 to present

  • Analysis Fundamentals

    • Custom reporting application

    – How much are we spending?

    –Where are we spending it?

    –What products and services are we buying?

    • Information needed to analyze spending data can come

    from several sources within MFMP Analysis:

    - Purchase orders

    - Invoices

    - Contract/Master Agreement

    -Registered vendor data (VIP)

    -FLAIR payment data

    -FLAIR encumbrance data

  • MFMP Analysis Fundamentals

    MFMP Analysis reports are based on:

    • Fact – Basic transaction data that you are investigating

    • Available Measures – Data Field or Measurable numerical data value

    • Dimensions / Hierarchy – Details about the fact

    Fact Available Measures Dimension / Hierarchy

    Invoice PO Spend Ordered Date

    PO Count Supplier

    Agency Name

  • Analysis Fundamentals

    Dimension/Hierarchies let you specify how you want to present data

    Dimensions Hierarchy

    • Encumbered Status

    • Encumbrance ID Encumbered

    • Calendar

    • Fiscal Ordered Date

  • Log into MFMP Analysis

    MFMP Analysis access is associated with your user profile from Buyer – MFMP updates Analysis passwords every day, every hour from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

  • Report Creation

    The Dashboard is your home page in MFMP Analysis • Click ‘Analytical Report’ on the Common Actions menu

    to begin report creation

  • Analysis Wizard

    Assist with report creation steps

  • Select Fact

    • Use the menu bar to navigate the steps required for

    report creation

    • The title and description fields describe the report

    • Fact is the transaction data you are analyzing, i.e., your

    base “data source”

  • Select Available Measures

    Available Measures are data fields dependent on

    the selected Fact. Add fields using: • Drop down menu and clicking ‘Add to Report’ or

    • Drag and drop the measure(s) to the data section of

    the report

  • Define Report Layout

    Add more detail to your report by adding

    additional dimensions • Add up to two dimensions to the Row/Column Fields

    • Add unlimited dimensions to the Page Field

    • View additional dimensions using ‘All Available Fields’


  • Filters

    Apply additional filters; click the drop down arrow

    Column Field

    Row field

    Page field

    Data field

  • Refine Data

    Refine your data by selecting specific values for

    each field selected • View additional fields by clicking the Customize link

  • Prepackaged Reports

    • Agencies can utilize Prepacked Reports as a starting point for their reports

    • Prepacked Reports can be modified and will display the most recent data

  • Public Reports

    Public Reports contains a list of agency folders that MFMP customers can access

    • Access your agency’s folder to view all of your agency’s public reports

    • Agency customers can save reports to their Agency’s Public Reports folder or their personal workspace

    • Any agency customer can access any agency’s public reports