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  • 1. Juha PaananenTeam work based document processing:Google DocsSocial Media Coordination Project/ Lapland Road Show4.9.2012 Salla5.9.2012 Rovaniemi6.9.2012 Kemi

2. Content of the Workshop Background and Google services- Cloud services- Google services > Google Docs- Logging to Google services, Creating a GoogleAccount (if necessary) Creating document- Creating a Google Document(5 rules how to use social media services in myworkplace) Team work based document processing- Sharing and commenting a Google Document- Creating a shared document 2 3. In the Cloud Cloud services: Skydrive, DropBox, Facebook, GoogleApps Cloud = metaphor > internet/network Early stage 2005, became common 2008-2009 (ASP, SaaS >cloud) Cloud Computing:Cloud Computing is data processing that happens inthe internet: servers produce softwares, data andresources, that users need." (Wikipedia) 3 4. Google AppsSearc: scientific PicasatextsGoogle+4 5. Creating a Google Account > free account 5 6. Creating a Google Account -1 6 7. Creating a Google Account -2 7 8. Creating a Google Account -3 8 9. Google Docs Send to CloudNew Document 9 10. Google DocsWord ProcessingPresentationsSpreadsheetsFolder10 11. Google Docs:Sharing a Document 11 12. Google Docs: Comment2. Choose Insert(Lis)/Comment(Kommentti).1. Choose thetext you wantto comment on. 3. Write a comment. 4. Click the Comment button (Kommentti).12