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  • 1. Tools for collaboration in HelvetasInterim Findings
    March 2010
    Pete Cranston

2. Menu
ToR, Activities and Assumptions
Perception of Helvetas
Use of ICT
Approaches to Knowledge and Information
Usage and perceptions of Donyaso
International Office Capacity
Option Models
Next Steps
3. Brief: Evaluation of Helvetas use of Collaborative Technologies
take account of current uses and functionality of the Helvetas intranet (Donyaso), as well as other collaborative technologies which are currently being used on a regular basis (ie., PBWorks, Dgroups)...
not to outline application functionality ( but) to
examine and analyze current uses of specific applications
identify usage and functionality gaps
provide input into deliberations around whether future investments would build on the existing Lotus Notes/Domino core infrastructure or consider moving to a substantially different platform.
4. Research activities to date
Background documentation
including the KS strategy; ICT Board briefing presentations and papers by Riff and Manfred; PMS evaluation; single sign on proposal; interviews with three Zurich based staff; personas
Status and content of current reviews into PMS, Accounting and Internet/F&C systems
6 Interviews
Manfred Berger, Barbara Hahn, AndreasHekler (Controller), Walter Leissing, Stefan Stolle (Head of C&F), Riff Fullan
Online: approx. 200 resp., average 105 complete
International Offices ICT capacity
5. Assumptions
Organisationally the coming together of Helvetas and Intercooperation is generating significant additional workload in terms of process and system harmonisation.
Helvetas is in the middle of a series of ICT reviews, including of the PMS, Accounting, Fund Raising, and the external-facing online presence, all of which bear on this review. As of 28/2/10:
Andreas Hekler confirmed that Helvetas is likely to choose AbaProject as a replacement for the current PMS, Pacaya
Helvetaswill continue to use FunTrade
The review of tools to support external facing web platforms is still to report
developing or replacing the current toolset to support collaboration is unlikely to be a major focus until the end of 2010 at the earliest, and probably later
6. Online Survey - headlines
People use ICT tools to communicate
Knowledge Sharing
islands of collaboration, limited inter-island traffic
echoes the good practice of fundraising, we talk, we use a commonly understood shared file system
Most staff appreciate some functions, few are enthusiastic, some very frustrated
Usage of core collaborative spaces is low, suggesting overall usage focus on PMS, personnel information and static information
7. International Offices - Googlisation
Roughly equivalent to European broadband
A - Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan (electr.)
B Afghanistan (VSAT), Vietnam (Hanoi + HCMC)
C - Ethiopia (Addis), Benin, Tajikistan (Dushanbe), Mali, Laos
All with electricity issues
8. Development NGO system choices
Rule Based
9. Options
Invest in Donyaso
Invest in integrated corporate collaborative tools
Full featured
Open Architecture
10. Donyaso a lost opportunity
Lost champion
Platform limitations (not insoluble)
Lack of investment in available improvements
Significantly limited Notes mail implementation
Low level of confidence, usage and interest
Notes infrastructure under question (PMS, Accounts, external Internet/Communications environment review)
Availability of quality, free/public alternatives
Interest in and support for alternatives
11. The challenge of moving on from Donyaso
12. Invest in Donyaso
Supplier & Helvetas
Leverage existing infrastructure and staff capacity
Integrated System
Infinitely (though expensively) configurable
Intricacy and complexity of the solution
Need for major improvements
No momentum
Move to AbaProject
IBM commitment
Range of other packages available
To date poor multimedia handling
Less effective without Notes client
13. Fully featured corporate solution Lotus Connections
Integrated System
Infinitely (though expensively) configurable
Developing a good reputation
Integrated system
Major bespoke development
Integration with current Notes environment (IDESO)
14. Fully featured corporate solution -the Microsoft family
Integrated solution
Low risk in terms of company and product life
Modern, familiar, evolving interface
Integrated Solution (AbaProject)
Tightly organised, less reputable as a CoP solution
15. Integrated solution lite e.g. Karl
Managed in-house, effective security and user management
Well designed and featured collaboration package
Open Source
Data held in-house
New development
Small user base
Multimedia content handled moderately
Internet access, though wiki and blog can be updated by mail
16. Open Architecture
17. Open Architecture
Best of breed in each situation
Continuing development within each platform
Can be loosely coupled and linked
Flexible in response to complexity
Attractive, modern interfaces
Possibly multiple sign in
Multiple interfaces
Data held offshore
Internet Access only
Probably sizeable internal investment in adaptation, culture change and capacity development
18. How can ICT tools support and increase collaborative behaviour?
Treat Accountability and Learning differently
AbaProject, will have all the core accountability documents; mandatory, formal reviews and evaluation
Learning is a social process
Only conversations bridge the islands
Tools to support conversations
Welcome redundancy of content
19. Quick wins
Simplify, simplify, simplify processes & systems
80% of international offices to the standard of European home broadband by end 2011
Minimise documentation, archive and delete ruthlessly
Invest in conferencing software
Invest in Training
20. Summary of findings
Donyaso should be phased out and Helvetas future investments should consider moving to a substantially different platform
Implement quick wins
Examine alternative options in more detail
Develop 24 month road map for replacement
Achieve consensus on priority requirements
Review solutions & prototype options
Plan and implement
21. Next Steps
Costing Estimates?
6 further interviews of staff identified from online survey, to help develop checklist for priority improvement
Final report