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  • 1. Presenter: Markus Ischer Country Programme Director HET Tunis, 11.10.2010 HELVETAS Helvetas at a glance


  • Founded 1955
  • First private Swiss organisation for development cooperation
  • Non-partisan, politically and denominationally independent
  • Supported by 85000 members and private donors
  • Working in 18 partner countries

Who is Helvetas ? 3. Vision Our vision is a just and peaceful world in which all human beings live in a self-determined way in dignity and safety and take care of the environment .Mission We support impoverished and disadvantaged people and communities in developing and transitional nations who want to actively improve their living conditions. Vision and Mission 4. Partner Countries 5.

  • Objectives
  • Access to clean drinking water
  • Access roads
  • Access tosanitation & hygiene
  • Success
  • Access to drinking water for 1 mio. persons in 5 years
  • Construction of 3000 trail bridges in Nepal, which shorten the journey to work, to hospitals and markets for about500000 persons a day.

Working Area: Infrastructure in Rural Areas 6.

  • Objectives
  • Food security
  • Generation of income trough market access
  • Conservation of natural resources and climate
  • Success
  • Organic cotton projects in Africa and Central Asia
  • Fostering producer cooperatives
  • Independence of credits
  • Enhanced health of producers
  • Additional incomes

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources 7.

  • Objectives
  • Basic education, professional training
  • Income generation
  • Promotion of intercultural dialogue
  • Success
  • 12000 people undergo professional training every year and alphabetization of 15000 persons per year
  • In Kyrgyzstan 625 farmers completed professional training in agriculture

Education and Culture 8.

  • Objectives
  • Participation/collaboration with the civil society
  • Decentralisation
  • Civil peace building
  • Success
  • Fostering of 4000 municipalities and development plans per year
  • Support to decentralisation plans for rural infrastructure
  • Promotion of transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of municipal administration

Civil Society and State 9. Application of resources 2009 10. Origin of resources 2009 11.

  • For more information please consult the following websites:
  • www.helvetas.org
  • www.helvetasnepal.org.ne
  • www.helvetasethiopia.org

Thank you for you attendance