Genocide i n Darfur

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Genocide i n Darfur. By Bassma Saeed. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Genocide in Darfur

Genocide in DarfurBy Bassma Saeed

BackgroundDarfur is a long-neglected province in western Sudan.Two major groups:Farmers or Peasants PastoralistsFarmers and pastoralists live in symbiotic relationship of mutual dependence.Background ContinuedPastoralists see themselves as Arabs and look down upon the sedentary farmers as lesser people. Discrimination of status is seen developed in these two groups.All pastoralists have guns, despite the amount of poverty in Darfur.

Due to economic needs, farmers and pastoralists are put under pressure by wealthy local Jellaba merchants to produce more quantizes of products. Is No Help Briagdier Omar Hassan Ahman al-Bashir is elected as Governor of Darfur.Instead of helping its people, the Government encourages Janjaweed, or horsemen to live out their fantasies against the peasants. such as the Sudan Liberation Army and the Justice and Equality Movement took up arms in an attempt to change the way farmers were being treated.The government shut them down by executing their power on them.This problem is yet to be resolved as the Government of Sudan is doing so little.


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