rwanda & darfur. what might be some reasons why genocide has occurred in africa?

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African Genocide Rwanda & Darfur

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  • Rwanda & Darfur
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  • What might be some reasons why genocide has occurred in Africa?
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  • Genocide is not unique to Africa but is a problem that persists even to this day. Genocide in Africa typically occurs over issues of religion or ethnicity. Africa has seen several genocides in the last 20 years in Sudan, Democratic Rep. of Congo, Somalia, Rwanda and Ethiopia.
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  • Two of the worst were/ are in Sudan and Rwanda Genocide in Africa has been abundant for two reasons: hundreds of ethnic groups that live close to each other lack of strong government since the withdraw of the colonial powers
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  • Rwanda is a tiny African nation in the heart of the Congo in central Africa.
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  • There were two major ethnic groups in Rwanda. Hutus vs. Tutsis: The Tutsi made up only about 14% of the population but were part of the ruling class when Belgium ruled the country. The Hutu were a majority but were oppressed under Belgian rule.
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  • The Rwandan genocide started in 1994 when President Jevenal Habyarimanas plane was shot down by most likely by a Hutu group, who then blamed the ethnic group the Tutsis.
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  • Most of the Tutsis that were killed in the Rwandan genocide were hacked to death by machetes.
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  • When the blood shed was over, hundreds of thousands of people were dead and thousands more displaced. Mass graves were discovered and the remains gathered.
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  • Thousands of people were hacked to death and the bodies were just left behind creating mass graves.
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  • 800,000: the number estimated to be killed by the Hutu during the genocide in Rwanda. It only lasted a few months. So many people were murdered because the government armed a militia that killed unarmed civilians. Many around the world including the U.N. and President Clinton would not acknowledge the atrocities as genocide and therefore would not intervene.
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  • Many men remain wanted by international authorities for the Rwandan genocide.
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  • The region of Darfur is mainly the southwestern part of the nation of Sudan in central Africa.
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  • The genocide in Darfur has been led by President Omar al- Bashir trying to eliminate the non Muslim population in Sudan.
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  • Attacks by the Muslim government on the Christian civilian population of Sudan have resulted in people being shot, hacked to death and burned alive.
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  • While the people of Sudan have been attacked by their own government, there are armed resistance groups trying to stop the genocide such as the N.R.F.
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  • One of the side effects of the genocide in Darfur is the mass exodus out of Sudan. Make shift towns likes these are made to house the 2 million or so refugees that have tried to flee the country.
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  • Because there has been little attention to the genocide in Darfur, actors like George Clooney use their fame to be very out spoken about stopping the genocide.
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  • The genocide has been masked by the ongoing civil war in Sudan with little help coming from outside of Africa. People around the world have asked whose responsibility it is to stop the genocide. A poll taken said that the U.S. & China should step in and help.
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  • In 2011 South Sudan won its independence from Sudan to form its own nation. Unfortunately it has not ended the violence in the region. Today the two countries continue to fight. To date about 500,000 have died in Sudan.
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  • Why has genocide occurred in Africa? Why dont we hear about genocide in Africa? How have the actions of Europeans aided in the advancement of genocide in Africa?