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  • 1. Front Cover Progress

2. The first thing I did for my contents page was to open a new document and then I selected the new option in File and I made the measurements so that they were A4. I then inserted my main image into the page, I had a few choices of images but in the end I settled for the image in the document to the right. 3. I added in a strapline I had seen a lot of straplines that were just completely straight so I wanted one that be a bit more different hope- fully making it a bit more interesting for the targeted audience. I then added a coloured box this coloured box is going to be for my logo to make I stand out a bit more, because on its own the logo didnt seem to look right. After making the box for the logo I then placed my logo into it. 4. I then added my text, for my text I used the warp tool in order to make the text fit the purple box I had created, however that was only needed for the white text, the other text was a lot straight forward because all I had to do, to that bit was type it, I then added my image of the featured band around the image I but a bold inner white glow and a lighter opacity in black on the outside of the image 5. I then added another strip but this time I added it to the bottom of the page, I had to make sure that I left a big enough gap so I could insert the barcode later on, I made the strip by using the rectangle tool and then filling it with the same colour as the strip at the top. After that my next step was to add in the text using the text tool, I made the text white because I knew that it would stand out well against the purple. 6. My next step was to add a right hand third, from my research I knew that this was a key component that I needed to incorporate into my own work, I created this in a very similar way to the bottom strapline. I then added the text in a different font so that it would stand out and hopefully I will use font throughout the rest of The magazine. I also added a drop shadow to the bottom of the text box My next step was to add the band name who were the main feature in the magazine I also added a line to title to make it stand out more, I also put a caption underneath the band name. 7. Next I added a left hand third using the same techniques as the one I had learnt for the right hand third. Then I put the text in the left hand third Then I added another small section underneath with more initial information 8. I then added the price of my magazine into the box where I had positioned my logo. Using the text tool I again made it white a reasonable size so that it would stand out. My next step was to add a promotional plug I did this by creating a rectangle and filling it with a grey colour I then used the rubber tool and erased the corners of the rectangle making it more of a ticket/token shape I then added a pink border around it. I the added my text to the second plug to show one of the promotions that my magazine featured. 9. My next step was to add a plug onto my front cover I did this by using the circle tool and filling it with a maroon/burgandy colour. I also added a white outline... it and some text, the festival bit was smaller than the leaks bit to emphasise the LEAKS 10. My next step was to add more information to my second hand third so I started by creating my coloured boxes that would go behind the text I then added my text to the coloured boxes. 11. I then inserted my barcode into the bottom left hand corner. After that I inserted the image I chose that was linked with my right hand third in this case it was a image from Florence And The Machines My final step was to add the last bit of key information, this involved creating another shape using the rectangle tool, which I then coloured in with the paint bucket tool, I made the colour of it the same as the coloured box behind the logo. I then added my text into the shape but I didnt like the angle that it originally faced which was horizontal so I rotated both the shape and the text so it looked a little bit like a banner. 12. This Is My Final Design For My Front Cover