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  • 1. Production of mymusic magazinefront cover

2. This is the main image and background of my magazine front cover. 3. I then added the masthead using the font Impact and added the Bevel and Emboss for effect. Then i copied theimage to make the masthead appear behind the image rubbing out around the head. 4. I then added all my cover lines4/6 to keep to the codes andconventions with the main titlein bold capitals and then thesub-coverline underneath. 5. Also I added the This is the slogandate which is that I used whichlocated under the is located undermasthead. the masthead. 6. I created a small circle shape and inserted text to advertise winning tickets for a festival- Creamfields in order tocatch the readers attention to buy the magazine. 7. I created a rectangle shape at the bottom and added text on what other artists where going to beinside the magazine. 8. I then added the main cover line carrying on with the colour theme and made the artists name bigger than therest of the text on the page as it is the main article.