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  • 1. ScreenshotsCover, contents and double pagespread

2. My cover pagestarted outthrough megaining images,choosing theimages that Ithought werefeasible and thenchoosing a finalimage that wasused as mybackground tomy contentspage. 3. The next stage was mymasthead. I went to anonline text designer andgot a text off thewebsite, downloaded itto the PC and used it formy masthead. Later on Ideveloped a skill to bringthe man in the middleshead in front of themasthead. To do this Icut around his head,copied the layer andthen placed the layerabove the layer that mymasthead is on. 4. The next 4 layersshown show thecurve tool beingused to adjustlighting andcontrast to thebackground image.The shape 1 thatyou can see is thewhite banner inthe centre at thetop which is thebackground to thetext that is on topof it. The whitebackground is usedto make thefeatures of themagazine standout more. 5. The bottom layer is thetag line that reads indiemusic, for indie peoplewhich is situatedunderneath the INDIE inthe masthead. The redbanner makes the nameof the band stand outmore and this is morelikely to grab somebodyseye when its on the shelf.The Controllers and theline underneath that areon separate layers as theyare different styles of textand layer 11 is thebarcode, which is situatedin the bottom right handcorner, which follows theconnotations of a normalmusic magazine. 6. The next 4 layers shown are the price, dateand issue number and the cover lines. Theissue number, price and date is situatedjust below the PENDENCE in my masthead.This information is also available to viewon my contents page. The 3 cover lines areon different layers as they are differenttypes of text. This is shown with the insidethis issue feature. This type of text is initalics and smaller than the other text. Thisis purposely done as the other cover lines are more important than the things that are in smaller text. 7. When I started my contents page I started with my text. Icreated my text and then inserted the red lines to go with myhouse style. This separates the text out nicely and its easilyreadable which is what you want on a contents page. The nextthing that I did on my contents page was to categorise mystories to mirror the magazines of today. Below is how Iseparated them into categories. On the cover, News, Reviews,Upcoming and Arctic Monkeys special were how I separatedmy stories. 8. Next I added in a black shape and then put a photoonto of it. The effects on the photo have been donein Photoshop and the black shape acts as a boarderto make it stand out more.Next to be added was the contents, the this weekand the red box with text in it underneath this week.The red background is just another shape that Iveput in to act as a background and the red boarderwas created as an actual boarder. The this week wasadded to create a more contents feel to it. The blackbox with red text says the date, the issue number, thetwitter name and the web address. 9. The next part of my magazine that I created was thepage number thats situated in the bottom right handside of the contents page. This is so that it compliesand mirrors the music magazines of today. After thatput my page number on my photo to direct people tothe main article in my magazine, which was also mydouble page spread. The text underneath my photo issome of the text from my article on my double pagespread, and the text in the red box on my image is adirect quote from my article. 10. The final addition to my contentspage was the black box in thebottom left hand corner. The text inthe box is offering you theopportunity to subscribe to themagazine at a fraction of the cost,which is a common feature in themagazines of today. The imagebelow shows how I edited the colourof my text and the colour of all myboxes and lines that separate thetext. The long and thin image showsthe tools that I used to create mycontents page and my double pagespread. The top tool is the tool youselect when you want to movesomething around the programme,the tool below that is the text toolfor when you want to insert text. Thetool below that is the image tool. Youselect this tool when you want toinsert an image in and then draw thebox and import an image. The toolthat looks like a square is the shapetool. This was used to create all myboxes and shapes. 11. After some careful consideration Idecided to put another imageonto my contents page. Thebackground to the image is just ablack square created with theshape tool. The text has beencreated with the text tool and theimage has been cropped aroundin photoshop and imported intoQuark. 12. My double page spread started out withme getting an image and placing it overone half of the page. The image that Ichose can be viewed to the right of thistext. 13. The next thing that I did when creating my double page spread was to create theheader. This needed to stand out as this is the band name and the band are themain focus point in this double page spread. 14. The next part of my double page spread that I created was my text. This sitsnicely next to the full page image and gives the double page spread theconnotations of a music magazine. The image to the right shows how I changedmy text colours throughout my process.