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  1. 1. Harry-Stephen Weedall
  2. 2. I started by creating a background by using the shaded fill tool. This allows me to make a fade between the colour I have chosen for my background into white.
  3. 3. I designed my title by using the text tool. I put the text size at size 150pt and set the style as Engravers MT. I added effects by double clicking the layer style. I added drop shadow to bring the text forward and add an outline. I also added a red rectangle to go around the text to make the title stand out to the target audience.
  4. 4. I inserted my dominant image by saving the image in my files as a J.PEG and then importing it a dragging it over to my work. I created a strap line my creating a rectangle and then putting text in, listing the different bands which are contained inside. I created a shape in the top right and used buzzwords to attract the audience to the content of the magazine. I chose the colour yellow because many other music magazines use it as it goes well with the other colours used.
  5. 5. I created my main coverline and the rest of my coverlines with text and rectangles. I moved the rectangles to the bottom of my layers so that they were sent to the back of my coverlines to make my coverlines stand out more. On my main cover line I used a quote from what Ben had said. I used effects on this quote like drop shadow to bring the quote forward more.
  6. 6. As you can see in the bottom right of my magazine front cover, I have created another shape with the shape tool, to draw the audiences eyes towards it, as it is presenting free things in the magazine. This is an example of a buzzword which is used commonly on front cover magazines. My barcode contains, the price of the magazine, the date of release and the issue number of the magazine. This was all created with the text tool, pushed the text layer forward so it is seen over the barcode, by pulling the layer further down on the right of this screenshot.