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  • 1. Screenshots of Front Cover Hannah bq

2. This is the original photograph before it was contrasted and developed to make the photo more interesting and to grab the audiences attention. I have chosen to use this shot because even though she isnt looking directly at the audience the fact she is looking away links to the cover line- in her words. This refers to that the audience knows she is revealing something important to her and with the distant look but with an emotion of conceal. Although, the distant and dramatic look grabs the audience to buy the magazine to read more about her. 3. I used layers of contrast and brightness to make the photo more professional. This grabs the attention of the audience wanting them to buy the magazine to read more about her. 4. This the masthead of my front cover. I have used a box to illustrate the importance of the magazine. The colours, white and blue contrast and link in with my genre of music I have chosen. Moreover, the font is Bauhaus 93. This also links to the genre of Indie/Rock. 5. The tagline is placed underneath the masthead, this gives the audience more of a taste to what the magazine is about. The font is Eras Demi ITC. This is because it is easy and clear for the viewers to read but also with a twist of my chosen genre of music which is Indie/Rock. It has that sharpness and that upbeat, rounded text. 6. The date is placed under the masthead and tagline because on all of the magazines I have research have the date near the masthead and the tagline. The font is the same font as the tagline Eras Demi ITC. Although, I have slanted the date to give an interesting effective and draw the reader into knowing what day and year this magazine was published.The strapline is placed at the top of the magazine and for my magazine I have illustrated that exclusive offers which is Arctic Monkeys Tickets. For this the audience will be attracted to the stapline as it is free tickets. In order for them to win them they would have to buy the magazine and subscribe to website of the magazine. The font is Arial Rounded MT Bold. Also with the words in capitals makes the strapline interesting. 7. These are the coverlines for my Front cover of the magazine I am producing. The coverlines are one of the main attraction for the magazine in which engaging the readers to buy the magazine to find out more. The font is Arial Rounded MT Bold 8. This is the main coverline for the magazine. This links to what the magazine offers to the public in which the target audience will like to read. The style of the font is outlined in white to give the refined look and so that the main coverline looks more interesting. In which links to the main image of the picture looking all mysterious and dramatic. 9. This puff draws the reader into the magazine by the bright colours and with the puff talking about festivals links to many peoples interest of going to festivals in which they will be encourage to buy the magazine so they can see what happens at each festival which could influence them of going to one or if they have been to one of them they will have that connection. 10. The barcode is placed at the left hand side at the bottom as this links to the codes and conventions of magazines I have research to help create my magazine. 11. This is the improved version of my Front Cover, I have change the coverlines by adding subheading to give more attraction to the front cover. Reduced the size of the barcode, make the star for the puff fit onto the page and also the changing the date to the website for the magazine. Moreover, the font I have changed to link to the publication Plan I created in which the font was Arial Rounded MT Bold to Eras Demi.