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  1. 1. Screenshots for Front Cover Draft
  2. 2. Firstly, I inserted my image onto a transparent background and cropped the image and edited the colours e.g satuartion, exposure.
  3. 3. I used the gradient fill tool to edit the background. I used the red/white ombre effect as it is seen on other r&b magazines and also applies to my colour scheme.
  4. 4. I then inserted my masthead, I have changed the original font I was going to use as I felt it wasnt relevant to the genre.
  5. 5. I included a bar code that I found from the internet and placed it on my image.
  6. 6. I also included the release date and price above the barcode.
  7. 7. I then made my main cover line, this was bigger than my other cover lines as it is to be noticeable thus why I placed it on the artist to show the relevancy of the image that links to the main cover line and content.
  8. 8. I then positioned my cover lines around the image.
  9. 9. Then I included my positioning statement being careful as not to make it too large but placing it close to the masthead.
  10. 10. I then made a strapline at the top of my front cover which includes extra information about the main cover line.
  11. 11. I inserted a puff that includes extra information about whats inside