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  1. 1. Screenshots of Edge front cover production process
  2. 2. The first step I took towards making the front cover is creating a blank grey background, as I received audience feedback stating that grey was a colour which they associated with the indie genre.
  3. 3. I then cut out the picture I took of my artist. I used the exposure and contrast settings to manipulate the image so it looked brighter and clearer.
  4. 4. For my masthead I used a large, clear font which I made white to stand out against the grey background. I also flipped the last E and made it a capital letter so it was a unique title.
  5. 5. After the masthead I added the positioning statment Living on the musical edge which I chose because it links to the masthead. I also added a website for the magazine as I have seen them on the actual indie music magazine that I studied.
  6. 6. I then added a puff to entice the audience to read the magazine. I suggested that there are posters included inside which adds to the appeal of buying the magazine as it gives the impression that you get more for your money.
  7. 7. The next thing I did was add coverlines to give the audience an idea what artists would be featured in the magazine. I made them red as it is a colour that I use continuously throughout each of my products.
  8. 8. I then added the sublines that elaborate on the coverlines.
  9. 9. I then added the main coverline which is clearly the name of the artist on the front cover as it is directly underneath her face and across her body. I also put a quote that is mocking a well known pop artist which is a contrasting genre to indie so many fans may not be fond of the pop genre.
  10. 10. I added a bar across the bottom of the page next to the bottom to add in further information about the content of the magazine.
  11. 11. Lastly I used the word Plus to make the magazine sound jam-packed and like it had even more to offer the reader. I then listed multiple indie artists and added the date and price.