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  • 1. Front cover screenshots and information
    Judah Chandra

2. Since a black background was needed I cut around the outline of the main image
3. I made a mistake with cutting the throat off so I started again
4. I used a magnetic lasso to trace around the shape to ensure accuracy and precision around the persons body.

5. I had to cut around my image again as I cut out some unnecessary parts.
6. It took various tries in order to successfully crop around the main image.
7. 8. I realized the image wasnt bright enough so
9. Beforeafter
I made it a lot brighter and adjusted the contrasts, colour balance, and image brightness as well as experimenting to get the best quality picture.

10. I erased the hair on the right side of the face as it made the picture look tackier and therefore unprofessional.

11. m

I started with my image and decided how it would work with my front cover.
Using magic wand on Indesign I cut out the unnecessary parts around my picture to leave a black background which would ensure my text stood out.
12. I checked the image and erased the little parts left from the background picture
13. All that was left was a black background which meant the image itself stood out. Therefore this is what I wanted in order to attract target audience and the text in white would definitely contrast.

14. I started to create fonts and experimented with fonts offered in Indesign. Istarted a blank page in order to organise my thoughts and decide on what the format should be.
15. I started building the page with the top strip that offers a free CD mix which would attract viewers wishing to gain something even more and a product they can take with them for purchasing the magazine and ensuring consumer satisfaction.
16. I added a masthead and inserted the picture
17. A barcode was then added
I added cover lines that were in my flat plans as well as some additional famous hip hop artists which would further attract viewers.
19. I experimented with a lot of fonts.

21. I started getting to the finishing stages of my front cover so only a few adjustments were needed. The main image overlaps the title and therefore is recognised as a hip hop magazine as magazines such as Hip Hop Connection and The Source both have similar overlapping techniques in their magazines
22. I added the top strip in a white background which contrast with black. The red font stands out additionally and therefore is more appealing due to the mixture of colours used.

  • I added the cover lines and ensured they stood out by using the titles, making them larger and adding a red glow around them which stood out against the background. I added the date of issue as well as number of issue which is a traditional code and convention for all magazines therefore making my product look more realistic and professional.

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