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Headline : Preparations for new airport development to be accelerate


  • Monday, December 22, 2014

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    Monday, December 22, 2014

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    We will accelerate preparations in all stages because the project has been included in the National Mid-Term Development Plan, Ketut

    Artika, the head of Balis Transpor-tation Service, said on Sunday.

    He said that next year the proj-ect was expected to have entered

    a number of preparation phases, including its feasibility study and location.

    Although officially, no location has been decided, yet consider-ations tend to point to the eastern part of Buleleng, Ketut said.

    Other stages of the new airport project included master plan, en-

    vironmental impact analysis and other studies.

    The plan to develop the airport --which is expected to accom-modate passengers following the overcapacity of Ngurah Rai Air-port-- was initiated in 2010.

    Artika said his office had cal-culated that the number of passen-

    gers that could be accommodated by the international Ngurah Rai Airport would reach 14 million in 2015.

    Currently, the number of pas-sengers increased by 14 percent per annum and in 2025 the number of passengers is expected to soar to 25 million people, he said. (ant)

    IBP/Yudi Karnaedi

    Tourists arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport. The regional government of the tourist resort province of Bali will accelerate preparations in 2015 for the development of a new airport in Buleleng District,

    an official said.

    Preparations for new airport development to be accelerate

    DENPASAR - The regional government of the tourist resort province of Bali will accelerate preparations in 2015 for the development of a new airport in Buleleng District, an official said.

    LOS ANGELES Kim Jong Un isnt alone. Queen Elizabeth II, Saddam Hussein and Pope Pius XIII have also been the targets of wacky assassination attempts on film. But those world leaders actually made it to the multiplex, while the demise of the North Korean dictator in Sony Pictures beleaguered The Interview remains on the studio shelf.

    With no immediate plans to release the Seth Rogen comedy, fol-lowing threats of theater violence by North Korean hackers, holiday moviegoers with a hankering for an over-the-top plot to kill a real world leader can still do it on the download in the safety of their own homes. A few options:

    p Zoolander (2001): In a scheme to maintain cheap child labor in Malaysia, Will Ferrells tyrannical fashion mogul Jacobim Mugatu attempts to brainwash Ben Stillers spikey-haired supermodel Derek Zoolander into eliminating the countrys new prime minister. Mugatu programs Zoolander to do the deed whenever he hears Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

    p Team America: World Police (2004): A decade before he was a target in The Interview, Kim Jong Uns father was depicted as a sad-sack villain in this farcical marionette musical from the creators of South Park. A puppetty Kim Jong Il (voiced by Trey Parker) croon-ing in broken English about his loneliness at the top is one of the films funniest moments.

    p Foul Play (1978): In his first major movie role, Chevy Chase stars with Goldie Hawn as a San Francisco police officer tasked with protecting Hawns librarian divorcee as the pair uncover a plan to as-sassinate the visiting Pope Pius XIII during an opera performance. Cyril Magnin, a real-life department store tycoon and philanthropist, played the religious leader.

    p The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988): The original Naked Gun installment centered on detective Frank Drebin (the late Leslie Nielsen) similarly foiling an attempt to slay a public figure in a public place. This time, its a spunky rendition of Queen Elizabeth II during a baseball match-up between the Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners.

    p Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993): Before he was executed in the real world, Saddam Hussein (portrayed by Jerry Haleva) faced off against Charlie Sheens war hero Topper Harley in this wild spoof of cheesy action flicks. In Part Deux, Hussein is depicted as a bumbling leader with a penchant for doting on his itty-bitty dog and wearing womens underwear. (ap)

    The songs will appear on the pop icons first album in three years, Rebel Heart, which comes out in March. The six tracks show Madonna going further in a hip-hop direction and include a collabora-tion with leading female rapper Nicki Minaj.

    The Material Girl said she de-cided to put the songs on sale online after in-studio versions of her tracks dripped onto the Internet.

    I would prefer my fans to hear completed versions of some of the songs instead of the incomplete tracks that are circulating. Please consider these six songs as an early Christmas gift, Madonna said in a statement.

    Madonna earlier took a more

    livid tone on social media. On Insta-gram, she called the distribution of her unfinished songs artistic rape and a form of terrorism against the creative process.

    Madonna deleted the message but in a series of further postings -- including one accompanied by a scantily clad photo of herself off the Internet that she said had not intended to release -- she asked for leads to figure out how her demos got out. The leaks came as entertain-ment giant Sony suffered a major hack, linked by US investigators to North Koreans upset over mockery of their leader in the since-cancelled film The Interview.

    The leaks of Madonnas music are unlikely to be connected as she

    is distributed by rival music group Universal.

    Leaking has become an increas-ingly common problem for artists in an age where copying music takes little technical skill. Lady Gaga last year also released music early after leaks, while Beyonce avoided the problem by releasing an album with no prior publicity.

    The new songs show Madonna -- the creator of some of the most recognizable dance pop of the 1980s -- further going into an R&B style, which she had touched on going as far back as 1989s Like a Prayer and embraced on her 2008 album Hard Candy.

    One of the new songs, Living for Love, merges elements from Madonnas career. Her vocals show clear R&B influence as a funky urban beat builds into club-packing house music.(afp)

    Furious at leaks, Madonna releases songs early

    AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi

    NEW YORK - Madonna on Saturday suddenly released six new songs months ahead of schedule, furious that early versions had leaked online in what she had described as artistic rape.

    5 comedy alternatives to The Interview

    This photo provided by Paramount Pic-tures shows, from left, Joe, Gary, Chris, Lisa and Sarah in a Scott Rudin/Matt Stone production of a Trey Parker film, Team America: World Police, from Paramount Pictures.

    AP Photo

    A chance to breach divide for young in Cuba and US

    Nigerias home-grown Islamic uprising poses regional threat

    Real Madrid crowned world champ at Club World Cup

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