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Headline : Obama to unveil Afghan strategy review


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    Friday, December 17, 2010

    16 Pages Number 63rd Year

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    But no changes to US strategy areexpected, despite critics complaintsthat US policy in war-torn Afghani-stan is too ambitious, challenged bycountrywide corruption and that po-litical fragility may make US gainsunsustainable.

    I doubt there will be, in all hon-esty, a lot of surprise at what the re-view lays out, White House spokes-man Robert Gibbs said.

    There has been some importantprogress in halting the momentumof the Taliban in Afghanistan. Wehave seen, through counterterrorism,success at degrading senior Al-Qaeda leaders. And we?ve seengreater cooperation over the courseof the past 18 months with the Paki-

    Obama to unveilAfghan strategy reviewAgence France Presse

    WASHINGTON President Barack Obama is expectedto declare Thursday that his strategy in Afghanistan and Pa-kistan is on track, despite record combat deaths and publicUS tensions with the two countries. Obama will unveil anunclassified version of a sweeping two-month review of USmilitary and civilian operations likely to claim importantprogress against the Taliban admit severe challenges remainin the nine-year war.

    AFP PHOTO/Massoud HOSSAINIUS Marines from 1st Battalion 8th Marines watch a US MarineCH-53 helicopter drop flares as it leaves Musa Qala in Helmandprovince on December 14, 2010. The US-led NATO alliance inAfghanistan warned December 13 that foreign soldiers willface further violence in 2011, capping what has been the dead-liest year of the war on record.

    stani government.You will also see in the review

    an enumeration of the continuedchallenges that we have in that re-gion, Gibbs told reporters on Tues-day.

    Administration officials onWednesday played down two intel-ligence reports cited by two news-papers, which apparently paint a lessoptimistic picture of the war than thatseen in the administration report.

    US intelligence agencies believethe US-led war effort could bedoomed unless Pakistan cracksdown on militant sanctuaries insideits border, the Los Angles Times andNew York Times reported. The in-telligence reports point to a

    longstanding problem cited by mili-tary officers, that Afghan Taliban andother militants move across the Paki-stani border with impunity, allowingthem to stage attacks against coalitiontroops.

    The reports, or National Intelli-gence Estimates, reflect a consensusview of all 16 intelligence agencies,including the CIA and the DefenseIntelligence Agency.

    Agence France Presse

    SYDNEY Hope dwindled forsurvivors of a refugee boat wreckoff Australia Thursday which killedat least 28 people, including seven

    Aussie PM warns asylum boat toll to rise in grim huntchildren, renewing debate on theplight of boat people travelling fromAsia. The wooden craft, crowdedwith up to 100 Iraqi, Kurdish andIranian asylum seekers and theirchildren, hit rocks at remote Christ-

    mas Island Wednesday and was shat-tered by huge waves as residentswatched in horror.

    Traumatised survivors pulledfrom the sea after the disasterhuddled in a hospital and receptioncentre Thursday, with the most seri-ously injured flown to Perth as hopefaded of finding their fellow passen-gers alive in wild seas.

    We have got to prepare ourselvesfor the likelihood that more bodieswill be found and there has been fur-ther loss of life than we know now,warned Prime Minister Julia Gillard,who cut short her holiday to respondto the emergency. Cyclonic condi-tions hampered search and rescueefforts which resumed at first lightbut yielded no further bodies or sur-vivors by late Thursday, Customssaid.

    Home Affairs Minister BrendanOConnor said 28 bodies had beenrecovered, including four infants,three children and nine women, un-derscoring the tragedy thats oc-curred here. Among the 42 survi-

    vors were eight children, one unac-companied minor and three Indone-sian crew, he added.

    Immigration Minister ChrisBowen earlier said there had beenbetween 70 and 100 people on boardthe leaky fishing boat, according tosurvivors, adding that the exact num-ber of dead would probably neverbe known. Medical personnel believeas many as 50 people may have per-ished on the jagged limestone out-crop, some 2,600 kilometres fromAustralias mainland.

    Yesterday we saw a truly hor-rific event, a terrible human tragedyon what is a very dangerous coast-line at Christmas Island, saidGillard. I know the nation isshocked by what we have seen.Gillard was forced to defend borderpolice as questions mounted abouthow the boat managed to cross themost closely-watched people-smug-gling corridor between Indonesiaand Australia without being inter-cepted.

    AFP PHOTO / THE WEST AUSTRALIAN / HOA Channel 7 TV framegrab of a photo released by The WestAustralian on December 15, 2010 shows an asylum boat fullof refugees being smashed by violent seas against the jaggedcoastline of Australias Christmas Island.

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    Continued on page 6

    Sunni rebels claimIran suicide blasts,39 dead

    Getting in Touchwith Local CulturePAGE 8

    Veteran CNN hostLarry King hangsup suspenders

  • InternationalFriday, December 17, 20102

    Bali News

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    The incident shocking the peopleof Taro Kelod who were working toprepare a ritual in the Mount RaungTemple was estimated to occur at02.00 a.m. Local Time. According tothe priest of Puseh Temple whosehome located in the south of thetemple, at that time he heard a quiteloud noise. Unthinkably, such a loudnoise was the sound of falling treescrashing the temples buildings. Thefalling tree was just known in themorning at around 07:00 a.m. I wastold by residents that meeting hallwas missing, he explained.

    When checked to the temple, in factthe meeting hall had been destroyedas crashed by the large enough fallingtree. Such an incident was then re-

    Semarapura (Bali Post)The development of tourism sector in

    Klungkung Regency starts to move. It is dis-cernible from tourist visits to a number of tour-ist objects like Kerthagosa, Goa Lawah andsome others. However, the development has notgiven significant impact on the increase of theregionally generated revenue (PAD) ofKlungkung. It is caused by less optimal appli-cation of the regional regulation (Perda) No. 5/2008 regarding to tour guides resulting in quitea few illegal tour guides operating and theywere uncontrollable by local governments. Thematter was revealed by a legislator of BaliHouse from Klungkung, Ketut Mandia, inKlungkung, Wednesday (Dec 15).

    According to Mandia, it was time for re-gional government to discipline those illegaltour guides so that they would be controllableand give contribution to the region. As set forthin the Regional Regulation No. 5/2008, everysingle tour guide was required to have certifi-cation issued by the authorities of Bali Gov-ernment Tourism Office.It is valid for manylocal and foreign tour guides flocking to Bali,said Mandia while adding that the regulationalso governed the tour guides in charge of thelocal tourist object.

    There are special tour guide who only op-erates around the particular object and a gen-

    IBP/darThe tempel damage by the tree fall down due to the bad weather.

    Crashed by tree, buildings ofCrashed by tree, buildings ofCrashed by tree, buildings ofCrashed by tree, buildings ofCrashed by tree, buildings ofPuseh Temple severely damagedPuseh Temple severely damagedPuseh Temple severely damagedPuseh Temple severely damagedPuseh Temple severely damaged

    Mangupura (Bali Post)Justiciary team of Badung Regency Gov-

    ernment began to perform execution againstthe buildings violating the green belt alongthe Jalan Raya Canggu until Jalan RayaPererenan on Wednesday (Dec 15). Suchgradual dismantling targeted 30 violatingbuildings. Meanwhile, the demolition was ledby the Head of Badung public order officers(Satpol PP), I Wayan Adi Arnawa.

    According to Adi Arnawa accompanied bythe Division Head of Investigation of theSatpol PP, I Ketut Muliasa, out of the 30 vio-lating buildings listed, 23 of which locatedalong the Jalan Raya Canggu. In the mean-time, the rest sat on the Jalan Raya Pererenan.Demolition of the 30 buildings would be car-ried out gradually or not simultaneously. AdiArnawa reasoned that such an action wastaken with consideration of time and insuffi-cient personnel.

    He explained that before