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brand-identity-guidelinesExt.NET Brand Identity Guidelines
Please take the time to look over this document. It is brief and
can help reduce the need to rework completed design.
If there are questions about proper implementation of the
logo or if logo files were not included with this document,
please contact Ext.NET.
This document is for anyone who uses the Ext.NET logo in any way.
Ext.NET Brand Identity Guidelines
The Ext.NET logo’s primary and only colour is black.
R=0 G=0 B=0
The Ext.NET logo is provided in vertical and horizontal versions
in order to help use the logo in various applications.
If the logo is to be used on a dark background, primary colour
should be white as displayed in below samples.
Logo Versions & Colour Options
Ext.NET Brand Identity Guidelines
logo to ensure that issues like crowding, illegibility, and brand
dilution do not occur.
Minimum spacing is obtained by measuring the height of the
letters in the logo and multiplying the value by two. Same rules
applies to both vertical and horizontal versions.
To smooth this process a file called "extnet-spacing.pdf" can be
provided by Ext.NET. This file may be placed into any layout for
reference. After position and sizing have been determined, a
proper logo file may be used to replace the spacing reference
logo. This is done visually and is not automated. The spacing
document simply verifies proper spacing in a layout. After
verification, please delete the spacing logo from the layout.
Proper Spacing
Ext.NET Brand Identity Guidelines
The Ext.NET logo consists of two main parts: The mark and the
text. 99% of the time, the proper way to use the logo is to include
both of the main parts.
In special cases, the mark may be used alone. The text portion
of the logo must never be used alone.
Logo Display
Ext.NET Brand Identity Guidelines
Below are example of how to NOT use the logo. These
are common mistakes made by people without design
backgrounds or who are in a hurry to complete a task.
Please guard against this kind of use of the logo as it
has the potential to damage the brand or worse, the
render logo illegible. These are just some of the more
extreme examples of incorrect logo usage. If there are any
questions about proper logo representation, please
contact Ext.NET.
Alternate Typefaces
Ext.NET Brand Identity Guidelines
All proper logo alternatives in various file formats can be downloaded from