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Visual Identity Guidelines March 2014

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Power Tool Company


  • Visual Identity GuidelinesMarch 2014

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    Torq Visual Identity GuidelinesContent Page

  • IntroductionTorq products are designed with superior quality and unsurpassed reliability, therefore, to compliment our products, we have a few guidelines that will ensure a consistent design scheme for marketing our brand.

    The manual has three purposes To preserve our brand promise and value To reveal the personality of Torq It will serve as a guide for implementing Torqs brand identity system by assisting you in designing and marketing powerful and professional communications.

    Help us help you shape Torqs future.We encourage you to share your suggestions or ask questions because our guidelines are always evolving. Were here to help as well as listen.

    Email Torqs visual team help desk at:


    Torq Visual Identity Guidelines

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    About Us

  • To make Torq a destination for users who seek high quality products that lasts for a lifetime.

    We aim to Meet a professional tool users standards. Give amateurs a sense of what quality tools are like. Embrace the future by creating innovative new technologies. Integrate users with the tools they use; user driven products.

    Residents Businesses Professional tool users

    Torq products are designed with superior quality,unsurpassed reliability, durability that allowsfor multiple rebuilds, ease of serviceability andreparability and outstanding support.We are always progressing forward and that is part of our competitive strategy. Our brand promises on delivering innovative, user-driven products that is guaranteed to last.

    Our brand essence isthat we have high qualityproducts that lasts alifetime.

    Quality means Strength Precision Speed Sophistication Portability Efficiency Professionality

    Lifetime means Heavy Duty Reliable Unwavering Innovative

    High Quality Precision Strength Innovative Thinking

    Brand Purpose

    Brand PromisePrimary Target Brand Essence

    Brand Values


  • The Brand ExperienceWhen customers interact with our company, we want their experiences to be

    The companys communications should beWelcomingReal StraightforwardProfessional

    Our products and services should beHigh QualityLong LastingPowerfulUser-FriendlyUnique

    Torqs relationship to customers should beStraightforwardRespectfulFriendly Experienced






  • To summarize who we areTorq is reliable, durable and innovative. We aim to not only deliver the best toolsin the industry but also provide friendly customer service.

    Our tagline quality for life, applies towho we are and not just our products.


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    Brand Identity

    Brand Identity

  • The creative idea behind the visual mark of Torq begins with the core values and our brands promise to our primary target.

    The clean cut lines convey quality characteristics that is minimalistic and modern.The sharp edges of thelines show strength and the rounded corners illustrate precision and how our tools could create the utmost detail.

    With a constant weight throughout the word, it enables the eyes to travel comfortably. The opening of the q creates a unique visual mark in itself with two openings and a triangular point which creates visual impact.

    Our Logo


    Brand Identity

  • The torq logo should be able to fit on all applications and we make this possible by giving a range of different systems. The style chosen will depend on the environment in which the logo exists in. There are logos without a background, a reversed style as well as one on a white background. So, whether the Torq logo is on a web screen, in print, or packaging, there are flexible design choices.

    for the extended logo palletelocated on page 15

    CMYK no background

    Greyscale no background

    B/W no background

    Pantone no background

    Secondary no background

    CMYK reversed

    Greyscale reversed

    B/W reversed

    Pantone reversed

    Secondary reversed

    CMYK white background

    Greyscale white background

    B/W white background

    Pantone white background

    Secondary white background


    Logo Colors

    Brand Identity

  • Our tagline embodies the essence of our company therefore we want to showcase it with pride. With a size that is rougly 25% of the logos size, it compliments and does not overwhelm the logo.

    quality for life

    quality for life




    Logo with Tagline

    Brand Identity

  • The nameplate is meant to contain torqs logo, the tagline as well as the trade in which the promotional material focuses on. Torq keeps in mind the different trades and designs our tools accordingly.

    *Grey border is for presentation purposes. Omit the stroke on promotional materials.

    quality for life

    quality for life

    quality for life

    power tools




    Logo Nameplates


    Brand Identity

  • 12

    quality for lifepower tools

    The nameplate usually exists with a photographic image behind it, describing the trade. It is always placed on the bottom left. The box is placed in proportion to the size of the white box from the bottom up.

    Nameplate Location

    Brand Identity

  • Logo The minimum sizing for the logo is 2.5 cm horizontally.

    Logo with TaglineThe minimum sizing for the logo with the tagline is 5 cm so that the tagline is legible.

    NameplateThe torq nameplate should be a minimum of 9.5 cm.

    Minimum Sizes

    quality for life


    quality for lifecarpentry

    9.5 cm

    5 cm

    2.5 cm

    Brand Identity

  • Logo The clear space around the logo should be equivalent to the size of the O in Torq. The treatment for the left, right and top is the same but the bottom is measured from the baseline and the clear space for the q is measured by the triangle found on the q.

    NameplateThe whitespace in the logo portion is measured by the triagular point of the q.

    Clear Space

    quality for lifemetalwork


    Brand Identity

  • Our Torq logo can exist in 7 different color choices in 14 different ways. Each color can be either in a full 100% fill or have an opacity of 50%. This allows for you to dial up or dial down the intensity.

    Primary Color PaletteOur preferred palettes for the logo is the top 3 colors. Secondary Color Palette The secondary color palette is there to help accent information or can be used to bring out our graphic elements.

    to see our Graphic Elements located on page 23

    Our Color Palette


    100% 100% 100% 100%

    100% 100%

    50% C 85M 50Y 0K 0

    C 100M 0Y 100K 0

    C 24M 100Y 100K 0

    C 100 M 89Y 10K 26

    C 0M 78Y 100K 0

    C 0M 33Y 100K 0

    C 0 M 0Y 0K 70

    50% 50% 50% 50%

    50% 50%


    Brand Identity

  • These are some possible misuses that should be avoided when dealing with the Torq logo. Maintaining the identity of Torq is vital to keep the brand consistent.

    Logo Misuses

    Dont mix colors from the secondary palette.

    Dont put letters on different baselines.

    Dont mix colors within logo.

    Dont condense.

    Dont make a pattern out of the logo.

    Dont use textures. Dont isolate letters on their own.

    Dont use colors that are not on our guidelines.

    Dont use drop shadows. Dont outline.

    Dont use a photograph with the same color as the logo.

    Dont use a photograph as fill of the logo.


    Brand Identity

  • To summarize our identityTorqs identity is unique and iconic. Our logo works across different applications and media and with a flexible color palette, this enables us to create dynamic material that reinforces professionality, quality and strength.


    Brand Identity

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    Torq Identity Guidelines


  • Univers LT Std is our primary typeface. It allows us to communicate our message in a clear and simple way. There are a number of different weights within this typeface that allows us to create clear visual hierarchy.

    Univers 46 Light is used when information needs to be mentioned but is not the focus. Univers 55 Roman is the main weight used in Torq body copy applications.Univers 65 Bold can be used for headlines.Univers 75 Black is used if great emphasis is needed on a certain application.

    The Univers Font family can bepurchased if you

    Our Typeface Univers 45 LightABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 &*#@?!/+(.,:;)

    Univers 55 RomanABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 &*#@?!/+(.,:;)

    Univers 65 BoldABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 &*#@?!/+(.,:;)

    Univers 75 BlackABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 &*#@?!/+(.,:;)


    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • Adjust kerning and tracking based on application. As a rule, the smaller the pt size, the larger the leading, the larger the pt size, the smaller the leading should be

    9 pt / Leading 12 pt / Tracking 0Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.Donec vestibulum in magna eget consectetur.

    10 pt / Leading 13 pt / Tracking 0Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec vestibulum in magna eget consectetur.

    22 pt / Leading 18 pt / Tracking 0

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

    Communication with proper heirarchy is more meaningful and clear.

    Same weight / Different sizeThe heading size must be at least 2 pt sizes bigger than the body.

    Heading: 12ptBody: 10 ptLorem ipsum dolor sit ametConsectetur adipiscing elit.Donec vestibulum in magna eget consectetur.

    Same size / different weightThere must be a significant contrast between the weights to be able to tell them apart.

    Heading: BoldBody: Roman Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametConsectetur adipiscing elit.Donec vestibulum in magna eget consectetur.

    Elevate the typography personality by using color.

    Subhead and body copy in greyLorem ipsum dolor sit ametConsectetur adipiscing elit.Donec vestibulum in magna eget consectetur.

    Subhead in color and body copy in greyLorem ipsum dolor sit ametConsectetur adipiscing elit.Donec vestibulum in magna eget consectetur.

    Creative copy


    Heirarchy Leading / Tracking Color Usage


    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • To summarize our typographyWe create applications that is used with a typeface that exudes modernity and also functionality. It needs no ornamentation because of its ability to exist on its own. Our typography is integrated into our identity that it does not overpower graphic elements, photography or our products.


    Torq Identity Guidelines

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    Torq Identity Guidelines

    Visual Elements

  • Our company produces tools that are strong, precise and high quality. We want our graphic language to convey the same attributes.

    The elements within our logo such as the sharp edges, curved lines and strokes play a large role in our graphic language.

    The main focal point we focus on is the descender of the q. It conveys this power and preciseness that embodies our identity.

    Graphic Elements


    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • There is a variety of different ways in which the graphic can be used.

    You can use the reduced opacity method to mute the graphic so it exists as a background accent.

    You can enlarge it so the headlines can exist around and within the form.

    You can also enlarge it completely where only part of the graphic is visible, abstract yet bold.

    How we use it


    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • Torq imagery should show the power and capabilities of our products. We show strong men to help us convey this message.

    The personality of the photograph should feel masculine but alsosophisticated.



    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • To summarize our visual elementsThe graphic language and photography are all approached in a creative and dynamic way. The graphic elements are there to compliment the photography and mainly connect the photography to our brand. Our photography is shot in sucha way that it conveys the power and quality that is found in our products.


    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • Design Applications


    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • Torq Identity Guidelines

    With a simple letterhead or envelope, a simple graphic canadd a significant impact.

    Staying consistent with the torq identity is important therefore adding this small details can make a huge impact.


    March 14, 2014

    Dear Joanna Lu,

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque molestie nunc id ante blandit suscipit. Vestibulum tristique metus dolor, eget pellentesque nisi iaculis a. Vestibulum lacus diam, luctus vitae tortor at, semper pharetra justo. Suspendisse tristique mi ut metus sollicitudin cursus sit amet vitae orci. Fusce at orci felis. Integer ac risus vitae magna lacinia rhoncus. Praesent rutrum nulla pretium risus interdum, eu pretium augue pretium. Nullam mi magna, mollis eget purus eu, pulvinar venenatis risus.

    Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.Proin rhoncus urna nunc, sed mollis ipsum volutpat tincidunt. Cras a erat fringilla, fringilla ipsum non, ultrices turpis. Phasellus porttitor consequat adipiscing. Cras sollicitudin arcu ac dolor commodo, eu tempus risus fringilla. Vestibulum aliquam velit non mauris vehicula rhoncus. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Etiam non ligula fermentum, tempor diam eget, egestas tortor. Integer et ligula vitae felis fringilla vehicula. Sed bibendum ullamcorper eleifend. Nunc porta tincidunt metus id suscipit. Integer rutrum erat id leo fringilla dignissim. Nulla eu tincidunt tortor. Pellentesque pellentesque justo eu egestas gravida.


    Chris Fields

    T: 416-779-0921F: 416-779-0291E: [email protected]

    Chris Fields LLC, 100 Circuit Drive.Toronto, Ont. M3K 5J9.


  • To create cohesive as well as efficient web pages, there should be a consistency as well a format that makes sense for different screens.

    Today, responsive web designs are more and more common since web pages are viewed across all devices. Making the Torq website available in different interfaces, can allow for a smoother experience for the user.

    Web Applications


    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • A simple design on items such as a T-Shirt and a pair of gloves. The graphic language is an accent that does not over power the apparel creating a nice sleek design.



    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • Balancing between graphic elements and strong photographs create a more energetic and vivid package. The graphics and textures create a rich contrast.

    The product itself is sleep and mimics the appearance of our identity with curved and sharp lines to accent it. The power tools are dark with vivid lines giving an aura of energy and strength



    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • The video concept portrays the purpose and attributes of Torq. It embodies the idea of quality by showing it as a 3 dimensional form first hand and then transforming into a 2 dimensional form that conveys innovation.

    Torq Video Concept


    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • Torq Identity Guidelines


    Click the video to play or watch it in HD on our vimeo by

    Torq Video

  • To summarize our design applicationsConsistency is key in all our design applications whether it goes from print to web to merchandising. Depending on the context, the design should be creatively customized accordingly but it should still fall within the same template.


    Torq Identity Guidelines

  • A Final Thought These rules can always be referred back to if unsure of certain things. It is important to us that the identity is consistent and focused which requires dedicationsince communications is a vital part in our brand experience.

    Again, for any questions or concerns, dont hesitate to email the helpdesk at:


    Torq Identity Guidelines

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