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Crown Holdings, Inc. Identity Guidelines

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Crown Holdings, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of packaging products for consumer marketing companies around the world. They make a wide range of metal packaging for food, beverage, household and personal care and industrial products and metal vacuum closures and caps.


  • Crown Holdings, Inc.

    Identity Guidelines

  • Crown Holdings, Inc.

    Identity Guidelines

  • Shaping your brands future


    Identity mark

    Color usage


    Voice usage






    Work application

    Crowns way














    Building elements



    Applying details

    Displaying the look

    Table of Contents

  • SHApInG your BrAnDS fuTureWhen you face a new person, you would start to talk to him to know who he is. Before talking to him, however, you would first look at his appearance such as his clothing, his hair style and even his gesture while hes talking. This could be another way that you perceive his personality. Therefore, ones character can be determined by appearance. Crown is the company that builds other companies look and better appearance. We are a tailor making better and suitable clothes for other companies and their new brands.

  • Identity mark



    Tone of voice


    As a tailor, having a good and durable fabric is the most essential part for processing clothes. Then, what kind of fabric are we made of?

    BuILDInG eLeMenTS

  • Identity Mark

    The idea behind this mark is derived from water drop

    because what Crown does is very similar to the shape

    of water. Water normally doesnt take any shape and

    it easily changes its form based on its environment.

    Crown also should be flexible and changeable depends

    on their customers personality.

    Flexibility of water

    6 BuILDInG eLeMenTS

  • Acceptable usage

    Unacceptable usage

    The mark may be placed on the white background.

    The mark may be placed on the gray tone background which has lower value that doesnt distract the mark.

    When added a color, it should be colored in gray with gradient at the end tail of letter C.

    The mark may be placed on the blue background with gray the gradient symbol.

    The mark can not be cropped.

    The mark can not be streched in any direction.

    When coloring, do not change the color on the mark.

    Do not color them all solid color.

    Do not change the background with light or neon color.

    IDenTITy MArk 7

  • The color palette is comprised of variations of blues

    and grays. Blue is basically represents the color of

    water while gray is considered as the color of metal

    and aluminum. Those are dominant and yet significant

    colors for our strong industry and our highly

    innovative technology and invention.

    Harmony of nature and technology

    8 BuILDInG eLeMenTS

    Color usage

  • CMYK

























    Blues are more dominant than greys. Magenta can be vary on blues as long as others stay the same and black can be vary in numbers aon greys as far as oth-ers stay consistent.

    Additional colors such as white, green, and purple can be used as highlight colors. They are less dominant then blues and grays.

    Blues always dominant than grays. The amount of blues also takes larger part than grays.

    Highlight colors can be added but should always take small amount than others.

    Color palette

    Additional colors

    Color combination

    CoLor uSAGe 9

  • Simplicity and uniqueness

    Customers have their own different needs. In order to

    fulfill their needs, Crown should stand neutral and

    discover their uniqueness as well as their characters.

    Therefore, we should start with our simplicity and

    develop customers uniqueness.


    10 BuILDInG eLeMenTS

  • Univers LT std


    Univers LT std 55 Roman

    Univers LT std 45 Light

    univers LT std 65 Bold

    Constantia regular

    Constantia italic

    Constantia Bold

    Constantia Bold italic

    Although there are lots of type families in Univers, we only use 55 Roman, 45 light, and 65 bold.

    All four different styles of Constan-tia can be used but italic maybe used more than others.

    Primary typeface

    Secondary typeface

    TypoGrApHy 11

  • Resonance of confidence

    We are the company that builds other companies

    brand and their images. This indicates that we are also

    a part of customers brand and striving for the same

    goal. We are responsible for their appearance.

    Therefore, our voice should contain confident,

    straighforward, and proud tones.

    12 BuILDInG eLeMenTS

    Voice usage

  • Projects a realistic, credible, attractive future for Crown Holdings

    Shows a clear sense of purpose, direction and desired future.

    Style of voice




    CaringRespects people and the diverse perspectives they bring.

    Fosters an inclusive culture.

    Demonstrates our commitment to social responsibility.

    Focuses on finding solutions and uncovering possibilities.

    Talks about familiar topics in new, creative ways.

    Keeps business jargon and acronyms to a minimum.

    Creates enthusiasm about what we can achieve together.

    Conveys excitement about ideas and possibilities.

    This is how we greet and treat our customers. The way of speaking to customers should contain all those four categories.

    VoICe uSAGe 13

  • Maintaing exiciting moments

    A dynamic motion will give you a confident feeling and reliable

    impression. when you wear clothes that you wanted to have,

    you would feel exicting and somehow want to show off your

    look to people around you. Pictures which express dynamic

    working environment, consumers who enjoy the products, and

    our people working at the place at work would appeal to our

    potential customers.

    14 BuILDInG eLeMenTS


  • Photos should appeal the idea of people with the dynamic motion on bright background. The angle and perspective of photo need to deliver interesting message.

    Photo usage

    pHoToGrApHy 15

  • Illustration



    When the fabric is ready, the tailor would add some details and decorations to give better impression and appearance.

    This is one of the ways that distinctively expresses ourselves.

    AppLyInG DeTAILS

  • Process of ideation

    When you are on the process of making something,

    you would probably think of how you develop the

    ideas. We are always thinking about better apperance

    for your brand and identity. line work, and illustration

    include our process of thinking, and sketching.

    18 AppLyInG DeTAILS


  • Illustrations mostly are comprised of line works and our products are the ones that illustrated. The outermost line is thicker than inner lines which describe the details of the product we produce.

    Line works

    ILLuSTrATIon 19

  • Measuring trends

    Our diagrams and charts are based on the style of

    illustration. They should have contain the simple

    appearence by having hierarchy in emphasizing

    elements, such as numbers and words.

    20 AppLyInG DeTAILS


  • By applying hierarchy on our llustration, chart can be explained more effectively.

    Diagrams are comprised of illustration with line works. Hierarchy on scales and colors are included to show its effectiveness.

    Diagram usage

    Chart usage


    Specialty product62%


    bottle can tab17.3%

    Food and beverage


    CHArT/DIAGrAM 21

  • Treating with consistency

    Well-organized layout and grid is required to show our

    consistent and honest attitude toward our customers.

    An effective and fucntional communication can be

    delivered in consistent layout and grid system.

    22 AppLyInG DeTAILS


  • Grid system

    layout system

    Grids in single page consists of a pair of horizontal thresholds and several lines of vertical thresholds.

    Two 9x 9 pages consist one spread and it follows similar format of single page. Most texts live in a right hand page on a spread.

    Layouts are flexible, and easier for viewer to follow by saparating two proportional size of page.

    GrID/LAyouT 23

    Single page (9x 9) Single spread (18x 9)

    Single spread (18x 9)

  • Stationery

    Work application

    There are several ways to display our brand image and look. An effective

    exhibition would appeal shoppers to be a part of our customers.

    DISpLAyInG THe Look

  • Spreading the message

    Business card, letterhead, and envelope are the way that express our business

    concept. In stationery, we are showing our potential to grow with our custom-

    ers and the reliable corporate partnership.

    26 DISpLAyInG THe Look


  • Stationerycomponents


    STATIonery 27

    U.S. lettersize (8.5 x 11)Strathmore Writing 25% Cotton Wove, Ultimate, 28 lb.

    April 12, 2010

    Mr. Joseph TaylorChief Executive OfficerHagin Investment Management645 Madison Avenue9th floorNew York, NY 10022

    Dear Joseph,

    We have worked hard together to establish an appropriate brand that expresses the nature and personality of your business. However, branding goes far beyond the design of your identity marks and stationery. In order to maximize the time, effort and dollars you have invested in this brand development project, it will be necessary for you and all of your employees to be vigilant in your use of these materials. You may argue that no one will really notice if a margin is a quarter inch wider or narrower, or if the typeface you use is a slightly different serif that the one used here. However, these seemingly small details all work together to establish a look that places your business appropriately in its category, and creates the impression of order and professionalism. The following is a guide for the use of this stationery system. Business cards will printed as a shell and you will have your printer change the name and title as appropriate. For your business cards, set the name in 6.5 Aeropor-tal in caps and small caps with regular spacing. The title will be set in 8.5 Aeroportal in small caps. Envelopes should be addressed using 9.5 point on 11.25 leading Aeroportal, and should be placed 0.45 inches from the left edge and 0.45 inches from the top edge of the envelope. Set the address information flushed left/ragged right. When writing a business letter on this stationery, Type will be set in 8.5 point on 10.2 leading Aeroportal, flushed left/ragged right. The column width will be 5 inches wide. Paragraph indents will be .375 inches. Skip two line spaces between the date and address block. Skip only a single line between the address block and the saluta-tion, and between the salutation and the body of the letter. The first line of the first paragraph will not need to be indented. Skip a single line between the body of the letter and the complimentary closing and two lines between the complimentary closing and the your typeset name, leaving room for your signature. The letter should set no closer to the bottom edge than 1 inch. If the letter runs longer, then you should use a second page. Strict and consistent use of these formal guidelines will be instrumental is making the most of this identity system.


    Byungjin ChoiCreative Director, B.C. Design

    One Crown Way, Philadelphia, PA 19154-4599 | P (214) 657-2130 | F (214) 687-1530 |

    Crown Holdings, Inc.

  • Envelope

    One Crown Way, Philadelphia, PA 19154-4955

    Crown Holdings, Inc.

    One Crown Way, Philadelphia, PA 19154-4955

    Crown Holdings, Inc.

    28 DISpLAyInG THe Look

    20 lb No. 10 envelope size.(4/1/8x 9/1/2)Strathmore Writing 25% Cotten Wove, Ultimate White 24 lb.



  • Business card

    STATIonery 29

    U.S. Regular business card size(3.5x 2).Strathmore Writing Cover Bristol Wove, Ultimate White, 110 cb.



    Michael F. DunleavyVice president of Corporate Affairs

    D (214) 423-7869M (214) 657-2130

    F (214) 687-1530M (214) 897-3240

    [email protected]

    Crown Holdings, Inc.One Crown WayPhiladelphia, PA 19154-4599

  • Applying a new and better look

    Showing ourselves with a new and better look will

    refect the way how our customers see us. By applying our

    concept on various aspects, we can be more hamonized

    and also could appeal to our potential customers.

    30 DISpLAyInG THe Look

    Work Application


    Working uniform

    Work AppLICATIon 31


    Back close-up

  • 32 DISpLAyInG THe Look



    Crown Holdings

    Crown holdings

  • Work AppLICATIon 33

    Office supply

    Employees G


    April, 2010

    c r o w n

  • We are the company that dresses others nicely and attractively. When you wear nice and handsome clothes, you would get more attention than anybody else. This works the same on a product packinging. Consumers will pay more attention on a better and nicer packaging and it eventually makes them want to purchase and try it.

    Our goal is to help launch successful new brands, to invigorate existing brands, and to drive business regionally and globally. Shaping a better future for others brand is Crowns way.

    CroWnS WAy

  • Contact Information

    Corporate Headquarters

    Crown Holdings, Inc.One Crown WayPhiladelphia, PA 19154-4599 USAMain Tel: +1 (215) 698-5100

    Global Investor Relations InquiriesThomas A. Kelly, Senior Vice PresidentTel: +1 (215) 698-5341Email: [email protected]

    Global Media Relations InquiriesMichael F. DunleavyVice President of Corporate Affairs& Public RelationsTel: +1 (215) 698-5051Email: [email protected]

    Americas Division Headquarters

    Crown Holdings, Inc.One Crown WayPhiladelphia, PA 19154-4599 USAMain Tel: +1 (215) 698-5100

    Asia-pacific Division Headquarters

    CROWN Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd.10 Hoe Chiang Road #19-01/02Keppel TowersSingapore 089315Main Tel: +65 6423 9798

    european Division Headquarters(includes Middle East and Africa)

    CROWN Europe S.A.Le Colise Irue Fructidor75830 Paris Cedex 17FranceMain Tel: +33 1 49 18 40 00