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Brand Identity, Brand Personality, Brand Image Sunny Bose

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Brand Identity, Brand Personality, Brand Image

Brand Identity, Brand Personality, Brand ImageSunny Bose

Brand Identity Brand Image

Brand IdentitySet of brand associations that the brand strategist aspires to create and maintain.The associations imply promise to customers from the organization and its members.Used for driving all brand building efforts.Not an advertising tagline or positioning statement.Establish relationship between the brand and the customer.Create value proposition functional, emotional or self- expressiveAlternatively, provide credibility for the endorsed brand.Brand identity involves: core identity; extended identity; and brand essence.

Aakers Brand Identity System

Kapferers Brand Identity Prism

Prism ElementsPhysiqueSalient objective features that gives the brand its identity. Example Symbol of Coca Cola bottle on Coke cansPersonalityHuman personality trait(s) relevant for the brand(s). Example Levis ruggednessCultureSet of values that feed the brands inspiration. It is the source of the brands aspirational powers. Example German efficiency behind Voks Wagen - Das Auto

Prism ElementsRelationshipThe mode of conduct that most identifies with the brand. It is a logical extension of the personality. Example Bacardi Life is callingCustomer reflectionHow the customer wants to be seen as a result of using the brand. Example Scooty Pep + customer reflection is stylish, trendy and coolSelf imageIf reflection is the outward image then this is what the customer sees within himself as an user of the brand. Example Van Heusen users attach themselves with the brand through power, and sophistication

Budweiser vs. Heineken

Brand PersonalitySet of human characteristics associated with a brand.Personality traits associated with a brand, such as those associated with individual, tend to be enduring and distinct.Brand personality is developed through the brand users imagery. The imagery can be defined as the set of human characteristics associated with a typical user of the brand.Brand personality may refer to personality characteristics as well as demographic characteristics.

Brand PersonalityAaker brand personality dimensions

DimensionTrait(s)SincerityDomestic, honest, genuine, cheerfulExcitementDaring, spirited, imaginative, up-to-dateCompetenceReliable, responsible, dependable, efficientSophisticationGlamorous, pretentious, charming, romanticRuggednessTough, strong, outdoorsy, rugged

Brand ImageCurrent view of the customers about the brandUnique bundle of associationsThese associations result in developing perceptions about the brandPerceptions create imageryWoodland associated with outdoor activities, mountaineering, trekking, hiking etc. These gives makes the customer perceive it is in outdoor, adventure, rugged lifestyle brand. Thus, the image of woodland is that a people engaged in adventure sport and outdoor lifestyle.

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