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OMSI: Brand Identity GuidelinesOMSIGNITES
OMSI is a gem in Oregon’s rich landscape. Our reach extends from the city to the coast, from the forest to the high desert, and to our rural communities as we provide hands-on experiences that bring science learning to life for hundreds of thousands of Oregonians each year.
Whether it’s a museum exhibit, a traveling program, a camp experience, or a hands-on class, there is no better way for kids to explore ideas in a creative environment, ask questions, and learn problem solving skills. The fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) come to life through OMSI exhibits and programs, igniting curiosity and risk taking—essential skills needed to face the challenges of the 21st century.
Science literacy and 21st century skills are key for our region’s future leaders. We can’t predict the jobs our children will hold, but we know building these skills now will prepare them for whatever opportunities come their way. We don’t know who
our future scientists, teachers, and community leaders will be, and so we must preserve our
commitment to making OMSI experiences accessible so that all of our children
have the opportunity to succeed.
We have achieved many things this year in Portland and across the state. With your help, we:
• Created new bilingual exhibits and programs exploring renewable energy
• Delivered health and wellness programs in our renovated eatery, Theory
• Launched events and activities on new technologies, engineering, and inventions
• Expanded museum, school, and camp partnerships with underserved communities across the Northwest
• Began development of the new Coastal Discovery Center marine science camp in Newport, Oregon
The future is bright for OMSI. The opportunities are many and the need is great. With your help, we will continue to change lives and create a healthy, thriving Oregon. It’s an extraordinary time to be a part of OMSI. Let’s share the journey.
Nancy Stueber, President
We are connecting scientists and professionals with the public to share the science behind today’s issues, stimulate new ideas, and equip people with the knowledge to make informed choices.
Touching over 1 million people each year, OMSI offers exciting pathways for inspiration and exploration. OMSI reaches communities across Oregon and five states through school programs, summer camps, star parties, library partnerships, and fairs.
OMSI prepares young people to embrace the future with a deeper understanding of science, sparking imaginations that will propel tomorrow’s innovations.
Outdoor experiences open the door to the natural world, build skills and self- confidence, and foster stewardship of our environment. Seeing, feeling, creating, and exploring connects kids to their passion and their potential.
Science Pubs, OMSI After Darks, exhibits, theater programs, volunteer opportunities, and community events such as Portland Mini Maker Faire all foster lifelong learners.
OMSI’s hands-on exhibits invite people of all ages from all walks of life to experience the wonder of science and discovery. Exhibits developed, designed, and built by OMSI travel the world.
Groundbreaking partnerships deepened OMSI’s impact, like the Rosa Parks Tech Challenge which created a yearlong opportunity for students in an underserved urban community. Students at Rosa Parks Elementary learned engineering, innovation, and technology through classroom programs, activities, and demonstrations. The inclusive approach involved students, parents, and teachers, and resulted in increased understanding of engineering and technology concepts.
Energizing the way we learn and grow is OMSI’s hallmark. In 2013, we expanded key themes of Energy and Environment, Health and Wellness, and Innovation and Engineering in ways that connected with diverse communities.
Our annual Portland Mini Maker Faire showcased innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness, offering a family-friendly place for people to share their hobbies, do-it-yourself projects, and inventions ranging from robots to recycled jewelry art.
We reinvented dining and turned it into an educational experience. Our remodeled eatery, Theory, offers a daily menu of delicious food and is the hub for events that explore food science. Learning about healthy ingredients, food sources, and cooking techniques helps people make better food choices. We added Renewable Energy/Energía Renovable, a bilingual exhibit where visitors of all ages explore energy sources and tradeoffs, and how wind, water, and the sun support our needs. We are now taking this information on the road across Oregon with mobile tabletop exhibits and classroom programs.
Students & families awarded financial aid in 2013 by program
In 2013, we raised $209,000 for financial aid which allowed 31,000 students and their families to participate in OMSI experiences ranging from summer classes to residential camps.
CAMPS: 126
It only takes one spark to ignite the future for a child. By securing funds to provide scholarships and offer financial aid, we are proactively investing in the potential of our youth.
OMSI welcomes all learners. We are committed to making OMSI friendly, accessible, and meaningful to everyone who wants to participate in our programs. We listen to and include the voices of the communities we serve in planning science experiences to meet their needs.
OMSI knows no age limit because natural curiosity and the desire for lifelong learning exists in all of us. From toddlers to grandparents, the shared experience of exploration brings people together.
With your support, families with financial need are able to participate in OMSI’s unique informal science learning environment. In the past year alone, we welcomed more than 36,000 people through our doors during $2 Days on the first Sunday of each month.
Building on the success of Theory, we will expand our Health and Wellness theme through enhanced demonstrations and programming on growing, preparing, cooking, and eating food to encourage healthy lifestyles.
OMSI’s expanding Maker activities will leverage the excitement generated by the Portland Mini Maker Faire. As a cornerstone of our Innovation and Engineering theme, programming dedicated to the art of “making” will inspire the creative thinking, problem solving, and building and testing skills necessary to turn ideas into products.
At the museum, we seek to surprise and delight our guests at every turn. Innovative demonstrations and programs will augment our new Renewable Energy/ Energía Renovable exhibit in OMSI’s Earth Hall.
In addition, our monthly Meet a Scientist program connects visitors with local science-based professionals who share their latest research and personal stories of science in action.
Planning is well underway for the Coastal Discovery Center, the newest addition to our outdoor science camps, located in Newport, Oregon. This new facility will consolidate OMSI’s marine science camps in a beautiful stretch of coast next to a thriving education and research community.
We share the vision of philanthropist John Gray who wanted every child in Oregon to experience learning in the outdoors. His gift helped us buy the land, and we’ve launched the capital campaign and design planning that will make the vision a reality.
We are fortunate to have dedicated leaders working to ensure OMSI’s long-term success. Our Board of Trustees, Emeritus Board, and leaders within the museum are committed to our programmatic vitality and fiscal stability. Our appreciation for their work is best exemplified in the faces of children who discover a whole new world when they step through our doors.
April Sanderson, Secretary Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group
Trond Ingvaldsen, Chair-elect/Treasurer ScanlanKemperBard Companies
Robert (Bob) Beal Oregon Iron Works
Jennifer Bruml
Blake Hedinger Bruun American Industries, Inc.
Kimberly Cooper Fortuna Group
Thomas Hutchinson Bullivant Houser Bailey
Susan Keil
Penny Serrurier Stoel Rives LLP
Tom Sperry Rogue Venture Partners
Andy Teich FLIR Systems, Inc.
Carol Van Natta Oregon State University Foundation
Walter Weyler
TIM MACK Vice President, Finance & Administration
MARK PATEL Vice President, Marketing, Retail, & Sales
Judy South
Nicholas Stanley
Hank Swigert
William Tagmyer
Gerri Tisdel
David Vernier
Andy Wihtol
Richard Wollenberg
From his family to his resort guests to the beneficiaries of his philanthropy, John D. Gray wanted Oregonians to enjoy what the state and region have to offer. John’s appreciation for outdoor experiences at the coast was a key motivation for his contribution which allowed OMSI to acquire land for a year-round marine sciences camp. OMSI’s Coastal Discovery Center will become a reality because of John’s foresight, generosity, and enthusiasm for Oregon.
Photo Courtesy of Special Collections, Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library, Reed College
FRED FIELDS Fred Fields was a dedicated advocate of science and engineering education, and served for many years as an OMSI trustee. He was fascinated by how things worked and he loved watching children light up over their own discoveries. He was particularly proud of OMSI’s exhibit shop and took delight in the ingenious ways our exhibit builders met the challenge of making interactive exhibits durable. Fred’s exceptional bequest is testimony to his dedication to lifelong learning opportunities for future generations.
Photo Courtesy of Lewis & Clark College
Martha and J.W. Rosacker were community leaders who believed strongly in the power of education and civic responsibility. They cared about Oregon and the protection and well-being of its children. The Rosackers’ extraordinary dedication to the community is evident in their generous bequest to OMSI which will make science learning available to more children.
OMSI’s legacy grows because of the generous donors who include us in their future giving and estate plans. Their enduring commitment makes hands-on science learning possible for future generations.
Anonymous Jean M. and Ray B. Auel John Beckman Hobart M. Bird Nancy Dotterer William A. Furman Chris Iwai Gary Maffei and Marcus Lintner June McLean Claris and Corlee Poppert Dick and Mary Raub Robert Scheuchenpflug Nicholas Stanley Hank Swigert
OMSINSPIRES VISIONARY INVESTMENT IN OMSI’S FUTURE This year marked a milestone in legacy giving at OMSI. We extend heartfelt thanks to John Gray, Fred Fields, and Martha and J.W. Rosacker for their extraordinary generosity. Through visionary planned gifts, they have opened up exciting new possibilities for OMSI and for Oregon.
INDIVIDUALS OMSI donors stand by our side as collaborators in Oregon’s future. They value the role science plays in inspiring young people to explore their potential, and they demonstrate this commitment through their financial contributions. JUNE 1, 2012—MAY 31, 2013
* Multi-year gift | ** In-kind | *** Cash + In-kind
$100,000+ Jean M. and Ray B. Auel*
William and Nancy Blount
Fred and Suzanne Fields
John and Betty Gray
J.W. and Martha Rosacker
Christine and C.F. Swigert, Jr. Endowment Fund for the Benefit of OMSI of The Oregon Community Foundation
$50,000+ John and Toni Stevens
$25,000+ Backes and Roberts Family
Nancy and Walter Weyler
Truman Collins
John and Robin Jaqua Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Heather Killough
Wes and Nancy Lematta Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Dorothy Lemelson
Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation of The Oregon Community Foundation
$5,000+ Anonymous Fund #16 of The Oregon Community Foundation
Bob and Diane Beal
Frank Foti
Charles Goodman**
Janice Orloff
Gary and Karen Takahashi
David and Christine Vernier
Marian and Don Vollum
Robert and Deborah Zagunis***
Dan and Sallie Dutton**
Dan and Patricia Holmquist
Robert and Syndi McIver
OCF Founder’s Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Mary Anne H. Peterson
John and Traci Wheeler
Richard and Barbara Wollenberg
Brian and Shirley Bevens
Lawrence S. and Susan W. Black Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Patty Boday and David Estes
Krista and Rex Breunsbach
Ruth and Carnett Falconbury
Brent and Kimberly Gale
Teri and Paul Graham
Rob and Marian Griffiths
Jeffrey and Sandra Grubb
Jay and Renee Haladay
Mike and Rochelle Hart
Ed and Fran Hepp
Jake and Linda Hopkins
Monroe A. Jubitz Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Susan Keil
William W. Lyons
Jim and Jennifer Mark
Sir James and Lady Anne McDonald Fund
Patricia McDonald and James Esquibel
Jennifer McLaughlin and Matthew Austin
June McLean
John Mosser Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Deborah Mrazek and Michael Niquette
Neilsen Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
John and Ginger Niemeyer
John and Joke Noordwijk
Larry and Caron Ogg
Dolores and Nick Orfanakis
Harold and Jane Pollin
Claris and Corlee Poppert
Bloor and Patricia Redding
Julie and William Reiersgaard
Greg and Lisa Rudisel
Eric and Elizabeth Schneider
Elmer and Linda Seeley
Penny and Peter Serrurier
Steve and Danonne Smith
Nancy and Daniel Stueber
John and Jan Swanson
Aggie and Chick Sweeney
Gloria and Paul Swick
John and Karen Thompson
Carol Van Natta and Robert Burdick
Robert and Katherin Voll
Larry and Dorie Vollum
Kim and Debra Burchiel
Rick and Robyn Dillon
Neil and Marjorie Dreiseszun
Elaine Edgel
Joseph and Judy Hanna
John and Pamela Harmon
Howard and Molly Harris
Janine and Matthew Harris
Janis and Robert Harrison
Alex and Rachael Hofmann
Natalie Hunter
Jon Inouye
Adela and Richard Knight
Robert and Denise Koury
Cindy and Curtis Larson
Eric and Julie Leuvrey
William and Rosella Lindblad
Tim and Jessica Mack
Michael and Gloria Olds
Kishore and Subha Pathial
Ronald and Patricia Peterson
Gayle and Carol Post Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Russell Ramsey
Russ and Patricia Repp
Hal and Pat Smith**
Randy Squires III
Ted and Julie Vigeland
Shelley and Joe Voboril
Linda and Richard Ward
CORPORATIONS AND CORPORATE FOUNDATIONS Corporate philanthropy makes it possible for OMSI to create and innovate. Our corporate donors are true partners in our mission to make science exciting and relevant. JUNE 1, 2012—MAY 31, 2013
* Multi-year gift | ** In-kind | *** Cash + In-kind
$100,000+ Investors XII, LLC**
KGW Northwest NewsChannel 8**
Clear Channel Outdoor**
Clear Channel Radio**
Dick Hannah Dealerships*
FLIR Systems, Inc.
GBD Architects Incorporated**
Energy Trust of Oregon
Blackrock Micro**
Esight Corp**
Hyas Group**
NW Natural Gas Co.
Sock Dreams
ZGF Architects LLP
ARC Oregon**
Ossur Americas**
Boedigheimer Consulting**
Firstenburg Foundation
National Park Service—Fort Vancouver National Historic Site
Phillip Murthe Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust
Spirit Mountain Community Fund
Jackson Foundation
Oregon Health & Science University
Coit Family Foundation
$500+ ESCO Foundation
Holland Family Foundation
FOUNDATIONS, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, AND STRATEGIC PARTNERS The power to do more and be more for Oregon is grounded in funding from foundations, government agencies, and strategic partners. Their core support is integral to our pioneering programs and unique activities. JUNE 1, 2012—MAY 31, 2013
* Multi-year gift | ** In-kind | *** Cash + In-kind
$1,000,000+ Hedinger Family Foundation*
National Institutes of Health*
National Aeronautics and Space Administration*
$150,000+ James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation*
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust*
$25,000+ Demorest Family Foundation
JFR Foundation
OMSINFORMS OMSI volunteers contribute their time, knowledge, and passion in countless ways. They expand our capacity to share the wonders of science with children, enhance our programs, and streamline our operations. From June 1, 2012, to May 31, 2013, over 4,700 OMSI volunteers contributed 113,963 hours of service throughout the museum.
24 , 8
Tom Prewitt
Will Fessler
Larry Abney
Dean Abney
Darrell Desper
Collin Kaeder
David Herzog
Janet Kretzmeier
Bob Wyant
Hank Becker
Roger Eiss
Dick Pyne
Bob Scheuchenpflug
Gareth Wilson
Garret Abney
Don Bardel
Al Beale
Martha Brady
Brian Hamilton
Fran Hein
Ray Hein
Eric Johnson
Joni Jones
Sarah Kaeder
Don Kendall
Ted Liljeholm
Harriet Myers
BJ McIntosh
Mike Salmon
David Baerwald
Gerry Breese
Fred Carneau
Scott Carneau
Genie Currier
Nancy Dotterer
David Dunham
Sandy Frederick
Keith Holmes
Brian Hamilton
Michael Holst
Randy King
Dave Koch
John Kovach
Ed Lee
Vince Meyer
Ed Nusbaum
John Purrett
Margie Rikert
Nina Rust
Terri Seiler
Chris Stafford
Stephen Summers
Lamar Tilgner
Merlia Tilgner
Otto Tzevelekos
Linda Babcock
Jim Birchard
Richard Burt
Francie Casey
Jerry Dodson
Bill Dolan
Margo Edinger
Marie Hopper
Chris Knoll
Jonathan Leung
Chuck Macaluso
Mark Manzer
Robert McCutchen
Janice Moore
Hal Smith
Mel Stearns
Ralph Strom
Ron Tipper
Gary Webb
Michelle Wilson
Frank Anzalone
Heidi Austin
Lois Beilke
Ronald Bell
Hank Bennett
Jim Berger
Johanna Blackford
Tim Booze
Steve Brown
Steve Van Dusen
OMSI turns resources into action. Admissions, memberships, and donations make our work possible. As an independent, nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, OMSI receives no state or local tax support.
Tax # 93-0402877
REVENUES Admissions Memberships Educational programs Auxiliary activities Exhibit fees Contributions and grants Change in value of perpetual trust Contributed services of volunteers and in-kind donations Interest and other income Gain (loss) on sale of land, buildings, exhibits and equipment TOTAL REVENUES
EXPENSES Program services Museum activities Educational programs Total program services
Supporting services Management and general Fundraising Total supporting services
Auxiliary activities TOTAL EXPENSES
Year Ended May 31, 2012
5,268,456 2,336,295 2,563,507 2,490,092
Note: OMSI's long-term debt balance as of May 1, 2013 is $4.2 million. It is a fixed interest rate loan held by The State of Oregon Department of Energy, and annual payments are covered by cash generated by OMSI's operations.
Year Ended May 31, 2013
4,204,482 2,251,721
4,238,972 2,193,432 2,621,564 2,373,876 1,632,902 7,326,470
43,129 1,587,718 859,195 533,319