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Magazine of the Peterborough & District Branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. Issue 182, April-May 2015.


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    The Ploughman Staniland Way, Werrington Centre Tel: 01733 327696

    The Dragon Hodgson Centre, Hodgson Ave PE4 5EG Tel: 01733 578088

    Six Real Ales from 2.50 a pint

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    CAMRA Gold award 2013

    Both pubs are in the CAMRA GOOD BEER GUIDE 2015!

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    over 45,000 for charity in

    ve years!

  • Editor: Jane

    Published by: Peterborough & DistrictBranch of the Campaign for Real Ale.

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    Editors ramblings |3

    Beer Around Ere is publishedby the Peterborough & DistrictBranch of CAMRA Copyright 2015, The Campaign forReal Ale Ltd.

    Views or comments expressedin this publication may not necessarily bethose of the Editor or of CAMRA.

    The next issue of Beer Around Ere will beavailable on the 28th May. We must have your stories, news and advertisements by 3rd May. Please sendyour stories and other copy to the editor,Jane Brown.

    Greetings! Annual Pie Night at Letter B,Whittlesey has been and goneand as usual was a very enjoy-able evening. Good food andale, what more could you askfor! Now we have the localbeer festivals to look forward

    to. Spring must be on the way!

    April is Community Pubs month and I have readrecently that apparently 40% of people no longervisit a pub and only 14% of adults visit the pubonce a week or more. In independent research,published by CAMRA in January 2015, 23% ofpub goers said that they visit the pub less often thanthey did 12 months ago. Therefore, we should beencouraging people to visit their local pub and doit soon! Please support your local in CommunityPubs month and/or join us on the CommunityPubs Month Pub Crawl on Saturday 18th April.For further information on this and other socialevents see Diary Dates page 27 or visit the website

    Pubs really do need you to survive. They are notjust places to drink, they are places to meet peopleand to socialise. A press release in early Marchfrom the Department for Communities and LocalGovernment, Kris Hopkins MP and StephenWilliams MP stated that 23rd March would be a

    national celebration day for the hundreds of pubslisted as assets of community value. It also statesthat due to the passion demonstrated for pubs,ministers are in the process of changing the law togive communities a say in the planning processwhen changes are proposed to the use of theirlisted locals. A step in the right direction? Lets keep up the good work.

    Cheers JB

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  • Chairmans corner |5

    Hey-ho here we are again at the start of anothersilly season but I dont mean the annual festiveone. Every four or five years we have to endure thepolitical elite within our society babbling on aboutwhat they will promise to do, if elected, to improveour daily lives. The word promise features quiteprominently in their speeches.

    Now CAMRA has no alignment to or with anyof the political parties. We do however continuallylobby MPs on our main campaigns to protect thetraditional drinking culture of our country. Thisincludes pubs, breweries and real ale. The previousgovernment were a disaster for the pub and drinksindustry on the whole. The present governmenthave in some ways eased the pressure on the pubindustry by, for example, scrapping the hated dutyescalator and reducing the duty again in last yearsbudget. We have evidence that those two movesresulted in over 1000 pubs being saved fromclosure and pub beer prices may have increased,but by far less than if these measures had not beenimplemented. This comes from a report by theCentre of Economic and Business Research (Cebr)produced for CAMRA. With this evidence in ourgrasp we are calling on the Chancellor, GeorgeOsborne, to make it three George with anotherduty cut.

    There are still a lot of pieces of the jigsaw to beinserted to make a level playing field, forexample, the pubs versus supermarket disparity.This is a subject close to the heart of Tim Martin,chairman of the Wetherspoon chain. He has beenquoted as saying these frustrations are par for thecourse in a democracy, and would criticism such asmine be tolerated in several other so called demo-cratic countries. So we can be thankful that wecan make these comments about our rulers andnot get slung in prison for doing so.

    So having got our point across to the politicians, I now make a plea to you. I am aware that manypeople dislike politicians and yes some may appearto look down on us mere mortals with little regardand maybe, in some cases, with contempt. I dontcare who you cast your vote for, The RavingLooney Party, The Left Handed Bottle OpenerParty, The Beer is Nectar Party or even one of themain contenders just go out and VOTE! No vote no complaining, right. End of electioneering!

    One of our local spoons pubs has just celebratedits ten year anniversary. The Drapers Arms inCowgate, Peterborough, was opened on the 9thMarch 2005, having previously been The OldMonk and before that a drapers and carpet shop.They had sold over 100 different real ales frombeginning January this year to the end of Februaryand are continually in the top ten of thecompanys pubs selling the most real ale. Anotherone of their pubs in the Branch area, The Hippo-drome in March, Cambs has opened a hotelalongside the pub. The former cinema and bingohall now has 13 bedrooms, comprising of 10doubles and three family rooms, one being acces-sible for those with disabilities. You can read a lotmore about our local pub scene in the pubs newspage from our Pubs Officer, John Temple, (seepages 7-11).

    Thats it for now folks. Please do make the effortto vote in the election.

    David Murray Branch Chairman

    Chairmans Corner

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    Hey-ho here we are again at the start of another silly seasonbut I dont mean the annual festive one.

  • 12 Highbury Street, Millfield, Peterborough PE1 3BE01733 564653

    This Art Deco, backstreet local is a well kept secretjust one mile from Peterborough City Centre!

    Citi One Stagecoach Bus stops on Lincoln Road, just 150 yards from the pub.

    Umpteen years in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide including 2015!

    The only pub within Cambridgeshire to be listed in CAMRAs National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors.

    70+ Real Ales (including festival specials from LocAle breweries)

    Opening Hours for FestThursday 23rd & Sunday 26th - noon - 11:30pmFriday & Saturday 24th & 25th - noon - midnight

    Live music all evenings on the stage

    Presentation of Pub of the Year 2015 Award at 8:30pm on 23rd April

    Home cooked food available all sessions Fri-Sun

    In support of Help for Heroes & Coming HomeFriends of theHand & Heart

  • Pub news |7

    April is the cruelest month said the poet. Not forme, for this is the time of the year when beer festivals resurface like spring flowers: Charters,Green Man (Stamford) April 3rd-6th, Coal-heavers Arms, Hand and Heart, April23rd-26th. If you are lucky enough to live inCastor you can follow the host of golden daffodilsalong Loves Hill to the Prince of WalesFeathers. Simon and Kay are promising yetanother of their festivals on the 14th-17th May,many of which I have recollected in sobriety. Thetheme this time will be the two hundredth anniver-sary of the Battle of Waterloo. Meanwhile Roband Meri at the Heron in Stanground will beshowcasing Locales for the whole of April with aspecial focus on their anniversary on the 17th -18thwhen several bands will be featured. This is Roband Meris gesture towards all of the local brew-eries who have supported them over the past year.

    On the BrinkI am continuously told on my travels that theproblem with the branch is that we are too Peter-borough centered and that we do not get aboutenough. Considering that it is the home ofElgoods, the oldest commercial brewer in thebranch area, and that I hadnt been there sincethey brewed the celebrated Mousehole Porter forthe PBF cellar team (silver medal 2005) I thought itwas time I returned to Wisbech.

    Elgoods is an original Georgian brewery and islargely unchanged except for its closed fermentingvessels. It is fittingly located on the elegant Geor-gian terrace along the North Brink. The nearestpub to the brewery is the Rose Tavern whichlandlord Dave OConnell has run for the lastfifteen years. He told me, more than once, that hehas the biggest wet sales in Wisbech, and judgingby the quality of the Woodford Wherry and theLondon Pride which I drank I am not surprised.Batemans XXXB and Slaters Premium were alsoavailable and Dave will be running yet another ofhis beer festivals in the last week of June.

    Along the road is the Red Lion, an Elgoods tiedhouse promoting most of the range and servinggenerously-portioned Sunday lunches. The bar istraditional with photos and prints of old Wisbechand the restaurant is to the rear with accommodationfor over 50 diners. I drank the Cambridge at areasonable 3.20 and the barmaid told me thatthe Wi-Fi was free. Unfortunately she couldnt tellme who brewed it.

    I hope I did something to redress my failure toattend Straw Bear by drinking Elgoods specialbeer for the event, appropriately called Straw Beer,and, frankly, I was impressed. I found this in theHare and Hounds where, unfortunately, JackieOwens is leaving to concentrate on the farm.Elgoods Cambridge was also available here, and I was particularly impressed by the wood-panelledcorridor which flanks the bar and reaches back tothe hotel. I understand that this pub is likely to betaken over by Matthew Stewart of the KingsHead.

    Over the BrinkAs the town has become the home of manymigrant workers over the past few years I am notsurprised to see some of them filtering into thelicensed trade. The Kings Head is run by AigarsBulsevics who intends to reintroduce real ale and isalso considering a concessionary price forCAMRA members. He is currently domiciled inthe Angel where he has an Elgoods beer,currently Cambridge, constantly on gravity. Thebeer was so good here that we had to stay for asecond pint - it is good to get your tongue around atraditional English bitter. Another of Aigars pubsis the Three Tuns on the Norwich Road, and thelocals there have given him credit for completelyturning the pub round. I think it is the only pub Ihave been in where they have two fresh roses in asmall glass phial on every table in the public bar.Another Elgoods pub, and amongst the advertisedrange I noticed Greyhound which I havent seenfor some time. Aigars informed me that the

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    Pub News


  • 8 | Pub news - continued

    brewery intend to start brewing it again. He is anextremely congenial and enterprising host and Iam sure that his pubs will continue to prosper.

    Perhaps the best situated pubs in Wisbech are theRose and Crown Hotel and the Globe, eitherend of the Market Square. Unfortunately there isno real ale in the former but this is more thanadequately compensated by the Globe. LandlordPhil serves five beers from the Greene King stableincluding Golden Glow which is especiallytweaked for the pub. On St. Georges Day he willrack a further five beers in the bar for a minifestival and hopes that the event will continue forabout a week. Selling IPA at 1.90 a pint, OldSpeckled Hen at 2.00 and Abbot at 2.30, thispub was packed on a Friday afternoon. I wonderwhat his secret is?

    As the Great Lager Endarkenment draws to aclose, it is inevitable that we visit pubs where thisinnocuous product is being outstripped by realbeer. I am talking of course of the tasteless, gassydrink masquerading as real lager that has beeninflicted on innocent drinkers in this country forthe last few decades. I was therefore pleased todiscuss with the manager of the Wheatsheaf, MattThompson, the opportunity of furthering thisprocess by targeting the younger drinker. If thiscan happen in a Wetherspoons in Wisbech, Isuspect in future this product will be consigned todarkest Benidorm. Just to show that Wetherspoonsare aware of this invidious comparison, the chainis currently showcasing their International CraftBrewers range, which often features real lager. Ifound this the least food orientated Wetherspoons Ihave been in. Available were the usual suspects:Ruddles Bitter, Greene King Abbot, SharpesDoombar and Adnams Broadside and four guests,including on this occasion Ellands award winning1872 Porter.

    Stamford updateDean from the Jolly Brewer in Stamford hasfinally opened his microbrewery in Ketton.Further details to follow. The Stamford andRutland Mercury has awarded Best Bar of 2014to the Five Horseshoes in Barholm. Consid-

    ering the competition they have in the town itself,this is a considerable achievement. The Punch-bowl is still closed but I have picked up anunauthenticated rumour that it is being viewed bya microbrewer presumably intending to brew onthe premises. The facilities would...