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The magazine of the Peterborough and District Branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. Issue 176. April May 2014


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    Beer Around Ere

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    Issue 176 | April / May 2014

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    Chairmans Corner

    A pril has once again been designatedCAMRAs Community Pubs Month andso I start this issue with a specialmessage, nay a plea, to all our pub licensees! The promotion is designed to encourage pubs toorganise events that will appeal to their localcommunity and to try new marketing initiatives,which will encourage more people into their pub.

    We are asking all our pubs not to ignore thisinitiative, which seeks to raise the profile of pubgoing and increase the number of people poppingout for a pint during the month. Participatingpubs will have their event promoted by CAMRAusing social media and email, providing we areinformed of what they are planning ! If we dontknow we cant help. Pubs that sign up to thiscampaign will receive a free promotional pack fromCAMRA. All pubs that are in the 2014 Good BeerGuide plus those that have shown interest in theCampaigns previous initiatives, will automatically geta free promotional Community Pubs Month Pack.

    The campaign is aimed at licensees, who may notbe quite experienced in marketing, to encouragethem to try a number of different principles toattract more trade. The promotional packs includecampaign posters, empty belly posters and flyersto distribute locally. This years creative logo uses achameleon and the slogan Great CommunityPubs the perfect blend for everyone. Pubs that wish to participate should go to As I have stated,GBG pubs will be sent a pack automatically. So, pub licensees, CAMRA has started the ballrolling; now its up to you to promote your pub.

    CAMRA has once again run a vigorous campaignto persuade the Chancellor not to increase the taxor duty on beer. We applauded him last year forscrapping the Beer Duty Escalator and knocking apenny off the beer duty. We hope he will continue

    supporting our pubs by not increasing taxes. We have the full support of over 100 MPs whochampioned beer and pubs in the scrapping of thedamaging tax.

    With the coming of spring and, hopefully, warmerdays, our local pubs will be once again be lookingto hold beer festivals in their premises. There willinevitably be a few clashes but, by looking wellahead and planning, clashes with nearby eventscan be mostly be avoided, thus enabling a pub torun a very worthwhile and successful festival. We, as discerning drinkers, can try and give thesepubs as much support as possible.

    Its always good to report the re-opening of apub rather than closure, which is unfortunatelybecoming more common place. Recently known asThe Office, the Oundle Road pub, has had a newlease of life, as well as reverting to its original name,The New Inn. It is now under the stewardship ofLiam Scanlon, who has been successfully runningThe Ostrich, in the city centre, for around fouryears. Three cask ales are on offer at the time ofwriting, with more if demand needs. Live musicevents will be featured and the games room hashad a makeover along with the rest of the pub. Sky sports will encourage sports fans to come andwatch all the major games. We wish Liam goodluck in his new venture.

    Finally I remind our pub licensees to let us knowif theyre planning an event during April to supportthe Community Pubs Month. We cant give oursupport if we dont know what you are doing !

    Cheers Folks David Murray

    Branch Chairman.

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  • PUB NEWSApril is CommunityPubs Month, thismonth of action givespubs the chance to trynew promotions andmarketing initiatives to attract more custom. Italso gives you the perfect excuse to visit your localpubs in April and to keep your eyes open for pubsin your area hosting events and supporting thecampaign.

    Why not:- Join the emailing lists for pubs in your area Encourage your local to sign up by Share any events that you find out about withfamily, friends and via social media Visit your community pubs whenever you can inApril

    26 pubs close every week. Get involved inCommunity Pubs Month this April and makesure your local isnt next!

    We have a new pub in the City!Well a pub with a new name!Actually its a pub that hasreverted to its old name. TheOffice, now The New Inn, onOundle Road has been taken overby Liam from the Ostrich Inn,North Street, Peterborough, whichwas runner up in this years Pub ofthe Year Award. The New Inn hashad a makeover inside and out. Thereare three hand pumps in use, SharpsDoombar being a permanent and two changingguest beers from the Enterprise range. Live music,pool table and Sky Sports are also available.

    Staying on Oundle Road, work has started on

    the old Boys Head / Posh Pub turning it in to asupermarket!

    The Hand & Heart in Millfield continues tobe under threat. Paul Brammer, the licensee, iscurrently negotiating new terms withEnterprise to enable the pub to become afree-of-tie house. Hopefully this will happen

    and go a long way to seeing this National Heritage

    Pub, the only one in Cambridgeshire, remainopen. In the mean time regulars and localCAMRA members are getting together to raise anACV.

    What is an ACV I hear you ask?Under the Localism Act 2011, people

    living in England can nominate a pub tobe listed as an Asset of CommunityValue. Listing your local as an ACVprovides communities with the powerto stop the clock when faced with apub going up for sale, earning valuabletime to explore options for saving thepub.

    Increasing numbers of local councilsare taking into account Assets of

    Community Value when considering newplanning applications against the pub. Listing apub shows the value it has to the community.

    Listing your local means property developerswho are keen for a hassle-free purchase are lesslikely to show interest.

    If a listed pub goes up for sale, its ACV statushas the power to postpone the sale for up to six

    Pub News Around Ere

  • Editors RamblingsGreetings! Short and sweet this issue, just want tosay a big thank you to all contributors! I askedfor input in last issue and it has been forthcoming.I certainly enjoy reading reports on trips that havebeen undertaken and feel sure that they are ofinterest to our readers. Scarborough, lastedition, Paris, Texas and Northern Mystery Tourthis edition! Please keep them rolling in!However it not all about trips, its the regular infor-mation articles as well that are of interest andhighlight the CAMRA ethos.

    One last thing, give thought to joining CAMRA,or, if already a member, how about encouragingfriends or family members to join. Just take a lookat all the benefits listed on page 19 in MembershipMatters article! CAMRA has, and is, achievingreform via its campaigns and the more activemembers the greater the force behind thesecampaigns CAMRA needs you!


    Calling All YoungMembers!

    Getting one over on your oldman has got to be a fantasticfeeling. So what better waythan to get justice for all thecurfews and his embarrassingdad dancing in public bythrashing him at a selectionof pub games. Well, on the22nd April at 8pm, I am

    holding a Young Members v Old Gits GamesNight at The Dragon, Werrrington. The pubgames will include Darts, Pool, Shove Hapenny & Bar Skittles. No prizes, but the smug look onyour face when youve beaten the old gits at theirown games, would be priceless! Get involved byemailing me at

    Kara Jayne Williams - Young Members Contact.

    From our Editor| 5months. Thats just enough time for pubcampaigners to gather together a suitable bid tobuy the pub and run it as community-owned.

    If you believe your local is in any danger why notraise an ACV? More details can be found /listyourlocal or get in contactand as a local branch, we will be more than happyto help.

    The Crown, New England is hosting a competi-tion to find Peterborough and District Real AleExpert 2014. This will involve blind tastingrounds to be held during April /May. All firstround winners being invitedto the final which will be aquiz due to be held onSaturday 7th June.Questions will be beer-and-brewing related. Thewinner will receive anengraved shield. Furtherdetails will appear inlocal media.

    In Stamford work hasstarted on the new Wetherspoons pub, TheStamford Post, which is due to open on 27thMay.

    The Black Bull in Whittlesey has reopenedagain after a short period of closure. The peoplefrom the New Crown have taken over the runningof the pub.

    Charters will be celebrating its Annual EasterBeer Festival from 5:00pm on Thursday 17thApril to Monday 21st April 2014. The venue will beserving a selection of over 35 real ales and 15ciders from inside the barge. The popular weeklyQuiz Night will take place as usual on Thursdayevening from 8:00pm with a selection of live musicacts booked to perform over the weekend.Children are welcome and the venue will beholding an Easter egg hunt for the youngercustomers throughout the festival weekend.

    Entry to Charters Easter Beer Festival is freeand the venue would like to extend a warmwelcome to all.

    Neil Holmes

  • On Saturday 15th February, Landlord, AndySimmonds, of The Ploughman in Werrington, waspresented with the Peterborough and DistrictCAMRA Pub of the Year Award, 2014. The eventwas very well attended by both locals andCAMRA members alike. Everyone was in partymood! There was ale in abundance, 10 real alesand 2 ciders, plus a free buffet, which was kindlysupplied by mine host! All in all an excellentevening.

    This is the second time The Ploughman hasbeen voted Peterborough and District CAMRAPub of the Year. No mean feat for a pub that hashad the threat of closure hanging over it ! Thisachievement highlights the dedication and hardwork of Andy and his team and that of hissupporters.

    Ploughman Werrington winsPub of the Year again!

    Peterborough Branch Website |

    Ploughman wins POTY 2014| 7

    Presentation picture and front cover image kindlysupplied by Emma Bothamley at ESP magazine.


    Bexar County BreweryThe brewery was represented at local winter alesfestivals in Cambridge and Ely, with furtherappearances at Leicester and St Neots. The beers have been appearing in pubs andbottle shops near and far, including the House ofthe Trembling Madness in York.

    A special bitter was brewed for Pub of the YearAward at the Ploughman in Werrington and aspecially commissioned birthday beer was screated for Malcolm, the most regular of regulars,at the Hand and Heart. A house beer for the IronHorse Ranch House in Market Deeping marksthe first core beer for the brewery and is calledProspect.

    A recent meet the brewer event at theStamford Cheese Cellar provided an excellentopportunity to present the beers to a new audi-ence. The shop is currently stocking 13 varietiesof bottled beers from the brewery.

    Bexar are pursuing a series of collaborationswith other breweries including Xtreme Ales ofTurves where beer was brewed on their plant.Further ventures include Bartrams Brewery, BurySt Edmonds in early March, Hand DrawnMonkey of Huddersfield and Three Blind Mice anew brewery in Ely.

    The Brewery will continue to brew new andexisting beers but will also begin to revisit oldfavourites. A wooden barrel-ageing program will alsobegin in March with a Strong Dark Beer beingbrewed and then aged in a hogshead for a year.National press coverage was achieved in the newCraft Beer Rising magazine with a three page article.

    ElgoodsSpring Challenge is the new seasonal for Marchand April to replace Warrior. It will be a lightHoppy ale at 3.7%.

    The only other news is the Keg Irish Stouttrialled recently is now a permanent feature.

    Hopshackle Brewery - Market DeepingThe third fermenter is now operational enablingan extra two brews per month. A new beer calledZEN 3.8% abv, a traditional English bitter, is nowavailable. Hopshackle beers are being suppliedregularly to The Vine, Market Deeping; TheWilloughby Arms, Little Bytham; The GreenMan, Jolly Brewer and Tobie Norris in Stamford;The Crown, Peterborough and The Blue Bell,Easton On The Hill.

    The full selection of Hopshackle Bottled Beersare available permanently at The StamfordCheese and Wine Cellar.

    Hopshackle Brewery has a very good relationshipwith their new neighbours Simon and Tom at StarBrewing, regularly helping each other out. Maybewe can encourage an exciting collaboration brew!

    Mile Tree BreweryMile Tree Brewery are expecting a busy time asThe Secret Garden Touring Park opened on the1st March. A hop garden has been created in theMile Tree Kitchen Garden, a new venture that isbeing run by Danny Seeley where a hedgerowvariety of hop called First Gold has been plantedwith the view of producing green hop beer in thenext few years. Strawberry Blonde and Wellstreambeers are both back by popular demand and willbe brewed throughout the spring and summer.The 1850 Porter proved so successful in bottlesthat it will now be produced in cask. The brewerywill be represented at the following:- ChartersEaster Beer Festival, Cambridge Beer Festival andEly Folk Festival and will also be present atSacrewell Farm Spring Fayre, St Georges DayFestival, March, Midsummer Fayre, Chatteris andthe Ely Eel Festival.

  • Nene Valley BreweryNene Valley beers will now be a regular feature inthe Talbot Inn, Oundle and have returned to theShip, Oundle. Sales Director, John Blythin, isgradually making his way into pubs in the brancharea looking to introduce himself to potentialcustomers.

    Brewing has been going on apace to replenishstocks which were depleted over Christmas.Thursday 30th January saw the first Beer of theMonth club of 2014 and some 30 plus soulsbraved the elements to savour two new brews aswell as all of the regular brews. Big Bang Theory,a 5.2% golden beer, more heavily hopped thanother Nene Valley brews, was well received withpositive comments heard all evening. The othernew brew was a variation on Jims Little Brotherbut brewed using a saison yeast. The spicinesswas a revelation and proved an antidote to theinclement weather.

    Nene Valley Brewery were enthusiasticexhibitors at Craft Beer Rising 2014 which tookplace at the old Truman Brewery, Elys Yard, 15Hanbury St, London, from 21 to 23 February. Inall they took with them 5 beers, Australian Pale(4.4%), DXB (4.6%), Big Bang Theory (5.3%),Starless & Bible Black (6.5% - bottle-strength)and Fenland Farmhouse Saison (7.2%), describedas a Mutant Belgian Blond Ale.

    Oakham AlesOakham Belong to Glasgow! Oakham Alesrecently won two Battle of the Brewers competi-tions at the Henglers Circus, one of Glasgowseight Weatherspoon outlets, and from this we...