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Magazine of the Peterborough & District Branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. Issue 179, October/November 2014



    LOCALS SAVE PUBShuckburgh Arms, South-

    wick gets a new lease of lifewith community backing

    FENLAND BREWINGBrewday with Xtreme Ales

    CAMRA CYCLE RALLYClimbing hills andfinding treasure



  • Ten Real Ales from 2.00 a pintLive Sky Sports Live EntertainmentHappy Hour Monday - Friday 5-7pm


    CAMRA Gold award 2013

    The Ploughman Staniland Way, Werrington Centre Tel: 01733 327696

    The Dragon Hodgson Centre, Hodgson AvePE4 5EG Tel: 01733 578088

    Six Real Ales from 2.50 a pintLive Sky Sports Live EntertainmentHappy Hour Monday - Friday 5-7pmCash Quiz every Sunday from 8pm


    CAMRA Gold award 2013

    Both pubs are in the CAMRA GOOD BEER GUIDE 2015!

    Price: 10 per ticket. Pre-purchase only, not available on the door. Please buy from the venue from November. Ask at the bar for more details.


    Editor: Jane

    Published by: Peterborough & DistrictBranch of the Campaign for Real Ale.

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    Circulation: 7,000 copies distributed topubs, clubs and members throughout thePeterborough and District CAMRABranch area. A digital version of thismagazine is available to view and download at

    Main Cover Image: John Moore

    Editors ramblings |3

    Another great beer festival!

    Beer Around Ere is publishedby the Peterborough & DistrictBranch of CAMRA Copyright 2014, The Campaign forReal Ale Ltd.

    Views or comments expressed in this publi-cation may not necessarily be those of the Editor or of CAMRA.

    The next issue of Beer Around Ere will beavialable on the 20th November. We must have your stories, news and advertisiements by 27th October. Pleasesend your stories and other copy to theeditor, Jane Brown.

    Bar 2, Bar 4, Wine Bar, SoftDrinks Bar, CAMRA shop, I,along with all other volunteers,had a busy PBF this year! I even got involved in thebuild!

    Most enjoyable and in lessthan 49 weeks itll start over again! It was alsogood to meet people, both those volunteering fromoutside the area and those visiting. I was told,several times, by volunteers and visitors alike whata friendly atmosphere the festival had and it wasone of the reasons (the beer obviously also camehigh on the list) that they came back year after year.Always good to get that type of feedback.

    Top Tips - the idea is to get readers involved andask you to forward your odd/funny drinkingrelated tips which can be passed on in futureeditions. No you dont have to provide a caricature,leave that to us! Its a bit of fun! A big thank youto Kenny Baker for providing Bicycle Bell drawing.

    The sun is still shining so its off to enjoy a pint ina pub garden whilst the weather lasts!

    Cheers JB

    IN THIS ISSUEWelcome from the editor 3Chairmans corner 5CAMRA cycle rally 7Message from Jackie Rice 7Shuckburgh Arms saved! 89Pub news 10Brewery news 1113Beer Festival round up 1517Membership matters 18CAMRA cricket 19Brewing fenland style 20Top tips 23ITV Live at the beer festival 23Peterborough morris 24Gig dates 25Diary and beer festival dates 27Beer-lin! 29CAMRA contacts 30

    Are you missing out?Get Beer Around Ere delivered to your door! For a year (6 issues) send 3.48 for second class or 4.02for 1st Class or multiples thereof for multiple years. Pleasesend a cheque/PO payable to Peterborough CAMRA andyour address to:- Daryl Ling, 19 Lidgate Close, PeterboroughPE2 7ZA


    Real traditional ale house in the heart of the city

    North Street, behind Westgate House, Peterborough Tel: 01733

    5 Regularly Rotating AlesOpening Times :- Sunday to Thursday 12noon - 11pm

    Friday and Saturday 11am - 1.30am

    Live Music Fridays and Saturdays - ring or check facebook for details!





    WINNER 2013

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  • Chairmans corner |5

    Another Peterborough Beer Festival has passed byand most indicators appear to be pointing in apositive direction. Attendance figures were up onlast year, with almost 30,000 passing through thegates. Beer sales were at a satisfactory level withalmost every bar sold out by closing time onSaturday. Yes, we did have a problem with thesewers on Friday evening, which was completelyout of our control, however we managed to overcome it. It is now up to the local authorities tofix the problem to ensure there is no risk of ithappening again. We always seem to have aproblem with liquid at the festival. We either gettoo much dumped on us, we sometimes cant sellenough of it and this year we were having a bit ofa problem getting rid of it! Our thanks go out toall the visitors who came and supported our greatfestival. Also to our dedicated volunteers that buildand run the event, which would not take placewithout their help. The winners of the beercompetition at the PBF are published within thisissue.

    CAMRA has launched a campaign to urge thegovernment to close some of the national planningloopholes. The campaign, Pubs Matter, so whycant we have a say has the aim of giving powerback to communities by ensuring planning permis-sion is required before the pub can be demolishedor have a change of use. With two pubs every weekbeing converted into supermarkets without anyconsultation or planning permission from the localcommunity, we are asking the government to stepin and close these loopholes as a matter ofurgency.

    Many people would say that any pub that isthriving will be supported by the local communityanyway and a pub that does not get the support ofthe local community deserves to fail and nobodygives a hoot if it closes for good. However, ulti-

    mately that diminishes the choice of pubs to drinkin. In the end maybe only one pub remains withinthe community and if not well supported, this willalso eventually disappear. So giving our support toall of our local pubs is vital.

    Our AGM will be taking place on the 10th ofDecember (see diary dates on page 27). We wouldwelcome any new or established members whowould like to join our Branch committee.

    I have a number of copies of the new 2015 GoodBeer Guide available to members for a considerablediscount. Anyone who wishes to purchase a copycan get in touch with me at the number on thecontacts page. Thats it folks for now.

    David Murray Branch Chairman

    Chairmans Corner


    Peterborough Pubs Crib LeagueCalling all crib players! The PeterboroughIndependent Crib League is looking to change itscurrent season format. At present we run both asummer and winter league but are looking toextend our winter season to approximately 8 - 9months and drop the summer season. To this endwe require some new teams and both pubs andclubs are welcome to join.

    Currently we play on Wednesday evenings with a20:30 start. Play is 3 teams of doubles eachplaying 5 legs and we also have the usual doubles,singles, KO cup etc. We are an extremely friendlyleague with an emphasis on sporting openness andmutual helpfulness but we also remain competitive.

    If this could be for you please contact me byearly October. Email: cribbage@virginmedia.comor phone 07971 229865.

    Ross Parton

    With two pubs every week being converted into supermarkets withoutany consultation from the local community, CAMRA has launched acampaign to to close some of the national planning loopholes.


    Hubs PlaceEasy to get comfortable, a challenge to leave!

    Serving two permanent real ales from Fullers & Woodfordes, come and enjoy our friendly bar and a well kept pint.

    Opening Times Monday - Thursday: Noon to Midnight

    Friday - Saturday: Noon to 1am. Sunday: Noon - Midnight

    12 Market Place, Whittlesey Nr. Peterborough PE7 1ABTel: 0844 683 9742

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  • CAMRA Cycle Rally |7

    Congratulations to the Danny Dinosaur team whowon the rally on 19th July 2014 despite strongcontention from Team Simmo. Many thanks to allwho competed and made the event a success.

    Slight difficulties started when Cathedral Squarewas double booked with teams struggling to find

    each other in theensuing crowds.That resolved wetook off and headed west.

    The battle raged over south west Peterboroughwith visits to The Beehive, Ramblewood, Drag-onfly, Moorhen, plus Fletton Ex Service Club andfinished in the Coalheavers. Challenges involvedsolving clues, climbing hills and finding treasuresuch as a plectrum, dolly peg and most unusualtreasure.

    Many thanks to all the landlords and landladiesinvolved who helped make this a memorableevening.

    Thanks also to the customers of these establish-ments who tolerated our search for clues withtheir usual polite helpfulness.

    Ross, Chez & Paul

    Long Lost Dinosaur Reunited (CAMRA Cycle Rally)

    Danny Dinosaur, long lost member of thewinning team of this years CAMRA Cyclerally was reunited with his team afterbeing discovered under a table.

    On behalf my family and me, I feel we must thankeveryone involved with Peterborough CAMRA forall the kind things said about John Rice and theamazing amount of donations given in hismemory.

    Firstly the beer donated by Bexar County andMilton Brewery raising 634, which John himselfwas able to present to Mandy Gray, the managerof the Oncology ward at Peterborough CityHospital, the staff who saved his life at Christmas.This money will go to providing new bedsidechairs. Then there were the donations made at his

    funeral, of which we donated 300 to RNLI onthe Saturday of Beer Festival and 823 to SueRyder, Thorpe Hall, who looked after John and hisfamily. This money is to go towards the newbuilding at Thorpe hall.

    Everyone has been so kind and thoughtful andwe are humbled by the tributes to John both beforeand at the Beer Festival. Your kindness will remainwith us always. John was a special person to us, aloving husband, Dad, Granddad and GreatGranddad. Thank you everyone.

    Jackie Rice

    Message from Jackie Rice


  • 8 | Pub news

    In June 2014 David Dixon left the ShuckburghArms, Southwick, near Oundle in Northampton-shire saying to locals that the pub was unviable andcould close to become a private house.

    The locals and regulars, lead by Tim McLean,decided they wanted to keep their village pubopen, so immediately investigated how it waspossible to take over the pub, which is leased fromlocal landowners, the Capron family. Theyreceived enormous help from the Plunkett Founda-tion, which helps rural communities to set up andrun a range of community-owned co-operativesincluding community shops, co-operative pubs andcommunity food enterprises. For more informationsee their website,

    The Plunkett Foundation helped the locals set upa limited company through a Community BenefitScheme under the supervision of the FinancialConduct Authority. Locals and villagers wereinvited to invest in order to buy the stock, fixturesand fittings as well as funds to redecorate the pub,refurbish the gents toilets etc. 30 locally based

    investors raised over 21,500 and grants of2,000 from the Plunkett Foundation to assist withlegal matters etc; a member empowerment grantof 1,000 from East Northants Council, obtainedto help with the gents toilet refurb, and a further1,000 member empowerment grant fromNorthants County Council for kitchen improve-ments. The Capron family also helped by creatinga fresh lease in favour of the new communitycompany. Shares are still available until December31st 2014 at a cost of 50 per share.

    During a 10 day closure, a band of volunteerssmartened up the pub and its ample gardens.These included local builder, Peter Prior, whohelped with fencing, and Barry and Zach Wallis,with the toilets, flooring, decking and doors. Localsolicitors and accountants have given their timewithout charge. Some volunteers have evenadopted parts of the pub such as the flowerborders to keep them in good order.

    Pub Saved by the LocalsShuckburgh Arms, Southwick


  • Pub news |9

    The pub is run by a management committee ofjust 5, voted by the investors, with Charles Whalleyas Chair and Tim McLean as Secretary. They planto meet once a month and all the investors areeligible to attend the AGM and a 6 month reviewmeeting. Former barman Roger Guttridge wasasked to act as pub manger and is ably assisted byhis partner Helen Jefferies. Any profits, after all theexpenses, have to be re-invested in the pub or inother community benefit projects. These are notconfined to Southwick, so potentially could helpother communities take charge of their pub!

    The pub has a small, cosy interior with a largeinglenook fireplace on the left, a 1930s brick andwood surround fireplace on the right, both withopen log fires in winter. There is also a side passagewith tables. There is a covered patio with heatersat the rear and beyond are extensive gardens. Thegardens are the new venue for the World ConkerChampionships held on the second Sunday inOctober each year. Also at the rear is a cricketground, home to the Southwick Strokers. Popular with cyclists and walkers, this is also a dog-friendly pub.

    With a member of the management committeealso involved with the running of the village halland the cricket field, it is possible for outsideorganisations to run their own events using all thevillages facilities.

    There is a Bluegrass session every 3rd Thursdayof the month, starting at 8.45pm. Other events areplanned, so for more up-to-date information pleasevisit their website pubs opening hours are Tue 4pm to 11pm;Wed to Sat from 10am to 11pm; Sun from 10amto 8pm and closed on Mondays. The pubs phonenumber is 01832 272044.

    Real ales on sale are Nene Valley NVB (the pubclaims to be the first to sell a Nene Valley real ale)and Brewsters Hophead; also 3 guest beers from(usually local) microbreweries all sold at 2.80 apint. A full-time chef is now renting the kitchenand so now food is served from 12 noon to 2.30pmand also from 6pm to 9pm with Sunday lunches

    served from 12pm to 4pm; no food Sun evening.On Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm Fish & Chips areavailable for just 5 eat-in or take away theyrecently sold 48 meals on one Thursday! Breakfastis available from 10am to 11ish on Saturdays andSundays.

    The Shuckburgh Arms has always attractedcustomers from near and far, but Tim points outthat the support of the villagers and the improve-ments to the facilities has meant they have, so far,seen a huge increas...