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Magazine of the Peterborough and District branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. Issue 173, October to November 2013


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    Issue 173 | October / November 2013

    Beer Around Ere

  • The fences are all down, the stillage hasgone and the road-way all lifted. With thenext showers of rain that fall the grass willrevive to a healthy looking green. So ends yetanother great Peterborough Beer Festival. We hadthe sunniest and warmest festival for over nineyears but, with a sting in the tail, the irritating rainon the Saturday afternoon and evening. In spiteof that we managed to attract over three thou-sand more people than last year. All the statsabout the festival are in this issue on page 14 and15. It just remains for me to extend a great appre-ciation and thank you to all our volunteers, whoonce again made the festival still one of the cityspremier events of the year.

    As if we needed any proof that real ale is themost successful sector of the UK beer market, wecan back that up with the fact of the membershipof CAMRA has now topped the 150,000 mark.This has grown steadily since 2003 when our totalmembership was 65,000. The number of drinkersnow trying real ale is over 50 per cent with women(34 per cent) the largest increase.

    On the 23rd September CAMRA will launchWhatPub to the public on a new web in which they can access details ofpubs within a specific area. There are currently35,800 pubs that serve real ale on WhatPub. This is far more than any other on-line guide.CAMRA branches have provided full details forover 21,000 of these pubs which include details ofbeers, opening hours, pub description plusfeatures and facilities. This number will increase intime as branches survey and provide more detailsof pubs in their area.

    The launch of WhatPub has coincided withchallenging people in Britain to celebrate ournational drink during Cask Ale Week which runs

    from 27th September - 6th October. Pubs arebeing urged to involve their CAMRA branch in anevent and get cask ale drinkers to introduce afriend through sampling or promotions. Alsothroughout October pubs are being asked toimpress on customers the important role thatlocals play on peoples lives, as part of CAMRAscampaign to raise the profile of pub-going.

    Our congratulations go out to the EllandBrewery in West Yorkshire for achieving thecoveted Champion Beer of Britain prize at theGreat British Beer Festival, just a week before ourown PBF. So what, I hear you say well, we dohave a connection, our current Branch Secretary,Dickie Bird, is an Elland Brewery Director. Sowell done to him and his team.

    We would like to give a welcome to all of the newmembers who joined CAMRA at the PBF thisyear. We would like to encourage you to becomeactive within our branch. Delivering BAE to afew pubs, updating WhatPub data or volunteeringto help at next years PBF, these are just a few ofthe helpful things you might consider. Ourmonthly branch committee meetings welcome anymembers who wish to attend. Venues arepublished in each issue of this tome and on theweb site.

    Finally, as the nights close in, a visit to the localfor a good pint of ale can disperse the wintergloom. Buying just one extra pint a month couldmake the growth of the British brewing industry areality after years of decline. The pub is a far morevulnerable than other sectors of the leisure industrybut, it wouldnt take much to tip the scales theother way.

    CheersDavid Murray - Branch Chairman.

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    Chairmans Corner | 3

    Chairmans Corner

  • So the Peterborough Beer Fest is over foranother year and what a Fest! It was greatto meet up with so many of our LocalLandlords and listen to how things are going andwhat plans they have for the future.

    One thing about the Festival that got peopletalking was the opening times. Should it stay openall day? Should it shut? Speaking to many of thecitys Landlords the Festival was a great successfor them, bringing people in to the pubs when theFestival shut. Which can only be a good thing!

    The Peacock on London Road has had a majorfacelift and is looking fantastic. One real ale isusually available and is normally Sharps DoomBar.

    The Ram in Whittlesey has also under gone afacelift and is looking splendid. Two real ales arenormally available.

    Staying in Whittlesey, in August, the GeorgeHotel held a very successful Woodfordes meet thebrewer event and beer festival. This is just one of meet the brewer events the pub has seen andlong may they continue.

    Great news for Stuart, landlord at The Vine inCoates. The pub is now officially a free househaving been signed over from Charles Wells withthe backing of a private investor. The pub is toundergo a 50k refurbishment and will continueto sell four real ales Bombardier, Golden Newt,plus two changing beers. A new website has beencreated

    The Drapers Arms continues to break newrecords. Not only is it currently theWetherspoons Real Ale Pub of the Year, itrecently became the top Wetherspoons in thecountry for selling the most pints of real ale in aweek. This is something Chris and the team canbe really proud of having been close on a numberof previous occasions.

    The Office on Oundle Road has reopened underEnterprise Inns. However, there is no real ale onsale but its good to see the place open rather thanshut or becoming another supermarket!

    Some sad news from Stamford as The Dolphinin North Street has closed its doors, probably forgood. Wells and Young have no plans to reopenthe pub and it will almost certainly be sold as aprivate dwelling.

    The Landlord of the Shoulder Of Mutton,Weldon is pleased to report great support fromthe community for the Shoulder of Mutton,Weldon. Real ale particularly has been the saviourand they now have four hand pumps on the bar.Food has also been popular and there is now anew chef at the pub. Revised figures reveal theysold 2600 pints at their beer festival in July.

    Pub News Around Ere

  • On a happier note, The Drum and Monkey onCasterton Road has re-opened under the steadyhand of Yorkshireman, John Davison. The pub isowned by Smart Inns, a subsidiary of EnterpriseInns, and ales that have been on offer are MarstonsPedigree and Sharps Doom Bar. We wish John well.

    The Cross Keys in Upwood is for sale with aNo Reasonable Offer Refused sign on it. This isthe only pub in Upwood.

    Neil Holmes - Pubs OfficerEmail:

    New Beer, a new online beer website for breweries in the UK, have contacted thePeterborough Branch of CAMRA with a fantasticoffer of 15% off all orders until October 31st 2013.

    EaBria claim to not like mediocrity and only sellfrom the best breweries. After taking a look at theweb site they do seem to supply a range which is

    different from the usual supermarket offerings.The breweries are grouped by location and whilethe range is currently limited, it is of a high standard and we imagine will grow with time.Eebria showcase not only beer but the best inBritish cider, wine and spirits all directly fromsource to your door.To claim the 15% CAMRA offer add the codeCamraMembers at the checkout.

    Cheers to Mr ShillingChris Shilling, who was the sales manager of BeerAround Ere, is moving on and we would like tosay thank you for all his hard work and contributions to the magazine for the past fiveyears. Cheers and all the best for the future.

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    Award winning village local in historic Castor.

    Close to the Nene Valley Railway& Ferry Meadows

    Serves 6 guest ales & craft beer. Walker & dog friendly. Home cooked food lunchtime & midweek evenings

    The Prince of Wales FeathersCastor, Peterborough Tel: 01733 380222

    29 North Street, Stanground PE2 8HR. 01733 753544

    Up to 4 Real Ales available

    Friendly village pub with riverside mooring

    Large garden Dogs welcomeFood served:

    Tues to Sun 12 - 2.30pm, Mon to Sat 6pm - 9pm

    Live MusicSATURDAY 30th NOVEMBER


  • Awet start to the second days play in thefinal test match of the summer againstour hapless antipodean foe at The Ovalsaw four intrepid souls go hunting for the newOakham Ales venue, The Mansion House.

    A six hit and a bus ride, Nos 133, 155, & 333 servethe route from near the ground (its a twentyminute walk but there was persistant precipitation)the Mansion House is situated at 48, KenningtonPark Road, SE11 4RS, a short walk fromKennington tube station on the Northern line.

    From the outside it has the appearance of acertain national pub chain with dark wood frontdoors, large sliding patio doors with outsidewooden seating and a welcome large canopy.Inside, an L shaped venue with the front set outmore for drinkers, with a smart large wooden barserving area with the familiar polished steel beerengines in pride of place, plus various type oftables and informal leather stools. The side sectionhas lots of wood and mirrors giving a nice moderntwist to a traditional decor with tables set for food.Its slightly smaller than I envisaged with the plushtoilets downstairs playing piped T.M.S. (Test MatchSpecial) giving us updates on the state of play backat the cricket. The Pan Asian cuisine is provingvery popular and while we were there the placesoon filled mainly with eager diners.

    As for the beer its from the Oakham stable, Ithink there were seven on when we visited and Ihave to say those sampled were in excellent nick.The regular range are usually on with a rotation ofOakadamy and seasonal specials. A word ofwarning: the J.H.B. is priced at 3.80 a pint,others rising in price depending on strength but I understand this is the norm in these parts. I know many locals are delighted to have goodbeer available in an area which isnt exactly brim-ming with good venues.

    So that was that, an hour and a half enjoyed byall and then the rain relented so it was back to thecricket. If you are in this part of town for thebeautiful game, or passing by, give The MansionHouse a look. Its a welcome addition to the area,even though were all a little older than when theplans were first submitted.

    Dave Allett

    Pub Review | 7

    The Mansion House & MoreThe main bar and dining area of The Mansion House,Kennington Park Road, London

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    ElgoodsSeptember saw the launch of a new range of330ml bottled (not bottle conditioned) beers.The range is called the QE range (QuintessentiallyEnglish) and consists of the following five beers:-

    Apple and Vanilla Wheat (4.0% ABV)Cherry and Raspberry Wheat (3.6% ABV)Cherry Stout (4.1% ABV)Black Beer with Port (5.5% ABV)Talon Russian Stout (6.6% ABV)

    The next seasonal beer will be Billy the Squid at4.8% ABV. The October beer will be a PlumPorter called Harry Trotter and the DeathlySwallows. The Lambic beer is maturing well andthere was another Lambic brewing day at the endof September.

    Tydd SteamDr Foxes Cunning Linctus won beer of thefestival at the Sheringham Beer Festival for thesecond year running. The entire batch ofCamarillo Honey (brewed for Peterborough BeerFestival) sold out to the trade in a day! This beerwill be entering the brewerys occasional portfolio.The next available beer from the occasional port-folio will be Quench with Leveller making its annualautumn appearance soon. As part of the ongoingplan to improve the brewery, Will is looking toinstall a larger chiller unit in the near future.

    Bexar County Brewery Bexar continues to brew both on the full sizeplant and also the test kit. The beers appear invarious places including London and Cambridgeoccasionally. The beers were well received at thePeterborough Beer Festival where, despite anaggressive marketing and tee shirt campaign thebrewery only managed a Silver award in the Newbrewery category for Anciano (AKA MJF)!

    Steve is currently brewing a selection of beers forthe Nottingham Beer Festival in October where

    eight different brews have been requested. Thesewill be specifically brewed and not rebadged ortweaked beers from the existing portfolio. A delegation from Peterborough will be attendingthe festival for quality control purposes!

    OakhamGilberts Fridge, 4.1% ABV, is the latest Oakadamybeer which is available from 9th September.Perun, 5.5% ABV, beer is the latest vintage beerand is now available. Endless Summer has beenbrewed for the third time this year and will beavailable until Asylum, 4.5% ABV, appears inOctober, with old favourite Black Hole Porterreturning mid-September.

    Gongs have been won at the International BeerChallenge with a Gold for Citra and BishopsFarewell and Bronze for Inferno and ScarletMacaw. Also two beers bottled for M&SCambridgeshire Golden Ale and Citra IPA wonGold and Silver respectively. These bottled beersare all filtered but are excellent versions of theircask cousins. The brewery has celebrated twentyyears on 13th September. A full account will be inthe next edition.

    Finally, a visit to the brewery for CAMRAmembers and associated friends of Oakham Aleshas been arranged for 26th October at MaxwellRoad, Woodston with an 11am start until 3.30ish A look around the brewery with one of the brewersor an informal chat and a pint or three, its always agood day! There will be a small charge of 2 asfood will be provided. Please contact John Hunt inthe normal manner to confirm numbers.

    Nene Valley BreweryThe appointment of Jacky Rees, as SalesDirector, in March has resulted in a doubling ofsales over the quarter. Production has, as aresult, undergone a similar increase. Turnover ofthe business as a whole has doubled in the past12 months. Planning for the Brewery Tap

  • /Restaurant on the site has taken longer thanexpected and the opening has been delayed untilApril /May 2014.

    Three new beers have been added to the port-folio, Dark Mild (MLD) 3.8%, Jims Little Brother(JLB) 3.8% (a lighter version of JIP) and AustralianPale (OZP) 4.4%. Wharf Anniversary Gold (WAG)5.8% was brewed as a Festival Special forPeterborough Beer Festival 2013. Mild will bebrewed again in October with a stout planned forthe Christmas period.

    Bottled beer sales at the Brewery Shop arebuoyant and after a quiet August, cask sales arenow returning to previous levels. A selection ofthe brewerys bottled beer has been shortlisted forthe final of this years Carlsberg UKNorthamptonshire Food and Drink Awards2013/2014. These are Artisan Local Drink: NeneValley Bitter (NVB) and Blonde Session Ale(BSA) and New Local Drink: Jim Irving Pale (JIP).

    Nene Valley are also producing a chestnut brownbeer, as yet un-named, for the 2013 World ConkerChampions...