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Magazine of the Peterborough Branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. Issue 181 - Feb-Mar 2015


<ul><li><p>ALSO INSIDE PUB &amp; BREWERY NEWS DIARY DATES JOIN CAMRA</p><p>Peterborough &amp; District Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale February / March 2015</p><p>181</p><p>BERMONDSEY REVISITEDJohn Temple suggests a seachange occurring in the</p><p>brewing industry</p><p>WHATS IN A NAMEKings Cliffe Brewery pays</p><p>homage to 20th Fighter Groupwith commemorative porter </p><p>COALIES ON TOURThe Coalheavers Arms </p><p>gang visit Ely</p><p>The Hand wins POTY for 2015!</p></li><li><p>Ten Real Ales from 2.00 a pint</p><p>Permanent range of ales</p><p>Four Real CidersLive Sky Sports</p><p>Live Entertainment</p><p>Happy Hour Monday - Friday 5-7pm</p><p>P ETERBOROUGH CAMRA PUB OF THE YEAR 2014 &amp; 2011</p><p>CAMRA Gold award 2013</p><p>The Ploughman Staniland Way, Werrington Centre Tel: 01733 327696</p><p>The Dragon Hodgson Centre, Hodgson AvePE4 5EG Tel: 01733 578088</p><p>Six Real Ales from 2.50 a pint</p><p>Proud supporter of </p><p>Live Sky Sports </p><p>Live Entertainment</p><p>Cash Quiz every Sunday from 8pm</p><p>P ETERBOROUGH CAMRA PUB OF THE YEAR 2014 Runner Up</p><p>CAMRA Gold award 2013</p><p>Both pubs are in the CAMRA GOOD BEER GUIDE 2015!</p></li><li><p>Visit our web site for up-to-date news: February / March 2015 |BEER AROUND ERE</p><p>Editor: Jane</p><p>Published by: Peterborough &amp; DistrictBranch of the Campaign for Real Ale. </p><p>Produced on behalf of CAMRA by:Orchard House Media LtdSuite 30 Eventus, Sunderland Rd,Market Deeping. Tel: 01778 382758</p><p>Magazine Design &amp; Production: Daniel Speed</p><p>Advertising Sales Manager:Jane 01778 382718</p><p>Distribution:David</p><p>Proof Reading:Bob Melville - 07941 246693</p><p>Printed By:Precision Colour Print LtdHaldane, Telford, Shropshire TF7 4QQ</p><p>Circulation: 7,000 copies distributed topubs, clubs and members throughout thePeterborough and District CAMRABranch area. A digital version of thismagazine is available to view and download at</p><p>Cover Image: The Hand &amp; Heart, Peter-borough Branch Pub of the Year 2015</p><p>Editors ramblings |3</p><p>New year, new beers and new awards</p><p>Beer Around Ere is publishedby the Peterborough &amp; DistrictBranch of CAMRA Copyright 2015, The Campaign forReal Ale Ltd. </p><p>Views or comments expressed in this publi-cation may not necessarily be those of the Editor or of CAMRA.</p><p>The next issue of Beer Around Ere will beavailable on the 20th March. We must have your stories, news and advertisements by 1st March. Please sendyour stories and other copy to the editor,Jane Brown.</p><p>Greetings! Even though thefestive season is just a distantmemory, I hope it was a goodone! Pub of the Year has beendecided, Straw Bear has beenand gone, so what next? NewYear, time to look forward. </p><p>Firstly, this year there are two new, additionalbranch awards, to go alongside Pub of the Year.There will now be a branch Cider Pub of theYear and a LocAle Pub of the Year. Pubswithin the branch that permanently stock a realcider or are LocAle accredited are eligible for theseawards. For more information check website or Peterborough CAMRAFacebook page.</p><p>Secondly, having a read through brewery news I cansee that there are some new beers on the horizon, plusthe re-brewing of old favourites. So I would urge youto have a look at the brewery news page and see ifanything takes your fancy and of course, give it a try!</p><p>Hopefully this year will see fewer pubs in the areaclosing their doors. Ideally, of course, none at all. </p><p>Wishful thinking? Cheers. JB</p><p>Are you missing out?Get Beer Around Ere delivered to your door! For a year (6 issues) send 3.48 for second class or 4.02for 1st Class or multiples thereof for multiple years. Pleasesend a cheque/PO payable to Peterborough CAMRA andyour address to:- Daryl Ling, 19 Lidgate Close, PeterboroughPE2 7ZA</p><p>IN THIS ISSUEWelcome from the editor 3Chairmans corner 5Pub news 711Pub of the Year 2015 13Brewery news 1417Farewell Stella 17Bermondsey mile revisited 1821Coalies in Ely 23Whats in a name 25CAMRAs NWAF 2015 26Diary dates 27Membership matters 28Join CAMRA 29Contacts 30Pub merit and gold awards 30</p></li><li><p>Chairmans corner |5</p><p>After ten years of campaigning by CAMRA, MPsof all parties voted for tenants of the large pubcosto have a market rent only option (MRO) and theywon! The MPs were backing a CAMRA supportedamendment at the Report Stage for Small Business,Enterprise and Employment Bill, which allows tiedtenants of companies with more than 500 pubs tohave their rent reviewed independently. It wouldalso give tenants the option of being able to buybeer at competitive prices in an open market, withthe possibility of beer prices in their pubs beingreduced. The Chief Executive of CAMRA, TimPage, thanked the 8000 plus CAMRA memberswho lobbied their MPs to help make this happen. </p><p>CAMRA is now hoping the vote which should beaccepted by MPs will become law in the very nearfuture and the legislation will be finalised by theforthcoming General Election. This latest successfollows on from CAMRAs victory two years ago inpersuading the government to scrap the destruc-tive Beer Escalator. </p><p>So what does this mean for our under pressurelicensees? If the Bill becomes law (and we see noreason why it should not) then it will give themmore flexibility in choosing a better business relationship with their pub company and a fairershare of their profits. What about us drinkers Ihear you cry? Well, with a fairer share of runningtheir business publicans may choose to pass on anysavings to customers, or invest in the business andimprove the pub. In both of these scenarios thecustomer benefits. Will it mean more pubs closing?It should stop the continuing loss of pubs by thepubcos by encouraging investment and, a fairer tiewould attract high quality licensees to run prof-itable pubs. We can but wait and see and hope thatthese reforms happen sooner rather than later. </p><p>As this is an election year we will be getting theusual bout of promises from our prospective MPs.We would hope that the present government willcontinue to support our drinks industry in their lastbudget before the election. One local brewery,regrettably, has jumped ahead and announcedprice rises from February before any budgetchanges. We would hope not to see any dutyincreases this year, if the powers that be are sincerein carrying out the reforms already mentioned. </p><p>We must congratulate our new Pub of the Year,The Hand and Heart, in Millfield, Peterborough,for coming out top in the vote that took place atthe end of last year. Bram and wife Sue havecontinued to fight a long battle to keep the pubrunning in an area that has, over the last few years,seen the closure of many a pub. A time and date forthe presentation will be announced in the near future. </p><p>I've had to rush this report due to being out ofthe country in recent weeks. Two weeks in Spain tosee in the New Year was a new experience which Ican recommend. Although a decent beer was hardto find we did discover an excellent Belhaven Stoutat 7% in one British run bar. The licensee eventook a couple of bottles from the store to make theice cold ones in the fridge more palatable. We didreturn another day.</p><p>Our holiday was only marred by some sad news.As we were about to pass through the airport onour last day I received a phone call from ourWebmaster, Harry Morton, saying that his wife,Stella, had passed away the previous night. Ourcondolences go to Harry and all the family fortheir sudden loss. </p><p>Thats it for now folks.David Murray </p><p>Branch Chairman </p><p>Chairmans Corner</p><p>Visit our web site for up-to-date news: February / March 2015 |BEER AROUND ERE</p><p>First a belated Happy New Year to all our readers. Also Im pleased to report that CAMRA scored another historic victory at the end of last year. </p></li><li><p>BEER AROUND ERE | February / March 2015 Visit our web site for up-to-date news: </p><p>6 | Please support our advertisers</p><p>Tel: 01778 560238 Barholm, Stamford, Lincs PE9 4RA</p><p>A Traditional Ale House with an open firefreshly made pizzas cooked in an authenticwood-fired pizza oven </p><p>every Friday from 5.30-10pm and the last Saturday of the month from 5.30pm - 9pm</p><p>Matt and Emma welcome you to the</p><p>Opening Times Open from 4pm weekdays, </p><p>1pm Saturday and 12pm Sundays</p><p>Six Real Ales with four on rotation3 Ciders 2 Lagers Fine Wine &amp; Spiritslarge beer garden Pool room</p><p>Awarded by the Stamford Mercury</p></li><li><p>Pub news |7</p><p>Well I said I would scour the remotest regions andyou cannot get much more remote than Weldon.That is, of course unless you live there, in whichcase it is right on your doorstep. My target was theShoulder of Mutton where I heard they hadrecently opened a new micro brewery.</p><p>Although steadily expanding, Weldon is stilltechnically a village, as established by its exquisitethirteenth century St. Marys church. Lured by anarc of spent tree trunks, now standing erect likeCorinthian columns, I decided to take this route tothe pub. Imagine then my astonishment as I wasgreeted by the incongruous sight of a cupolamounted on the perfectly preserved Normantower! How was I to know that some propheticsoul had anticipated that the local brewer wouldname a beer after it some eight hundred years inthe future?</p><p>For that is indeed the name of one of the fourregular beers brewed by Graham Moorhouse (norelation) in the cellar of the pub. The others areWindmill and Dragline, both at 3.9 ABV, and adelectable dark, malty beer called Rosies SweatBox at 4.2. Veterans of the Second World Warwill be familiar with the name of Rosie the Riveterwho was used as a recruitment figure for the facto-ries producing warplanes. All of the beers fromthe brewery are named after local landmarks and Iassume that this name is intended to reinforce theconnection with the local Deenesthorpe airstrip,which was the home of a USAAF bombardmentsquadron. </p><p>Graham has a two firkin plant and rolls his beersout in firkins and pins. Knowing that they arerelatively expensive, I asked him why he used pins.He said that quite simply landlord, Bogdan, refusesto sell beer that is not in top condition and heneeds to reduce wastage. If the beer goes stale hejust tips it. </p><p>Bogdan Vugnovic is the man responsible for</p><p>regenerating this pub and he is the most congenialof hosts. He features home- made Serbian food onhis menu and if you are lucky he will give you ataste of his own red wine made from theMontepulciano grape. I would definitely recom-mend this pub. Weldon can be reached by a 40minute ride on the X4 bus from Peterborough busstation.</p><p>Whilst there you might want to call into theGeorge, another historic coaching inn where thecourtyard has been annexed into part of therestaurant. They have two real ales, JHB andDoombar, rotating to ensure good condition. Thispub claims to date back to the eighteenth century.</p><p>Just along the road is theWoolpack. I suspectthat it dates back to the same period, althoughnobody in the pub could tell me. It is a friendly,family run pub, with a cosy, stone built main barwarmed by an open fire. Beers available wereCastle Rock Harvest Pale and a guest from thePurity stable. Another feature of the pub is theauthentic oak beams in which are lodged severalcoins dating back to the war. A local informed methat they were good luck tokens placed there bythe pilots flying from Deenesthorpe. I wonder howmany of them made it back.</p><p>Oundle outingIt is always good news when a new pub opens andeven better when it fits the description of amicropub (see page 18). The Tap &amp; Kitchen,brewery tap of the excellent Nene Valley Brewery,opened on the 24th November. It is a refurbishedwharf side warehouse in which the proprietorshave succeeded in recreating its industrial revolu-tion ethos: chrome and wood, cogs and wheels.The pub has eight hand pumps dispensing most ofthe NVB range and plans guests in the future.They also serve craft beers and craft ciders fromacross the country and beyond. Surrounded as weoften are nowadays by a sea of citrus, it is grati-fying to find a new brewery featuring</p><p>Visit our web site for up-to-date news: February / March 2015 |BEER AROUND ERE</p><p>Pub News</p><p>F</p></li><li><p>8 | Pub news - continued</p><p>traditional beer styles: Dark Horse, Lone Star,Starless Stout, DXB; ruby, amber, brown, andBible Black; PBF champion beer!</p><p>Whilst in Oundle I thought I should check outthe Angel, as the last time I was here it was prettyrun down with no drinkable beer. For the past yearit has been run by Dave and Wendy Cook, and thetransformation is remarkable. No real ale when they took over, now they have upto four. But the most impressive thing is that theyhave recreated the pub in their own idiom,bringing in their own antique furniture andcreating the ambience of a rustic cottage. The useof this furniture is ably supervised by their six cats,but dont count on getting a seat on the mostcomfortable settee as this is normally comman-deered by a local Labrador. It is truly a pub whereyou would feel comfortable enough to take yourshoes off.</p><p>Dave and Wendy informed me that on a recentpilgrimage to Great Walsingham they were incul-cated into Paul Strettons famous, award winningpies and in the New Year they intend to introducethree varieties: meat, fish and vegetable. The pubalso has a weekly beer raffle where completeimpartiality is ensured by allowing one of the catsto pick the winning ticket. </p><p>No visit to Oundle would be complete without avisit to the magnificent Ship Inn. Veterans of thebranch will know that this pub has been in theLangridge family for thirty years. The whole pubhas now been redecorated and there have beensignificant structural changes. The snug has beenmoved forward to allow easier access to thekitchen. It is still there but it is smaller. Thechanges have been designed sensitively and theyhave by no means altered the character of theplace, with of course the magnificent Grade 2listed fireplace still intact. I am sure this will be agreat comfort to all those who are in the habit ofinspecting their inglenook.</p><p>The Oundle jungle drums were decidedly offbeatwith their message on the George allegedly on thepoint of being swallowed up by Tesco. I am</p><p>pleased to be able to report that Enterprise at thetime of writing were interviewing prospective newmanagers. Oundle can also be reached on the X4.It is high time that this bus was nominated for agold award.</p><p>Stamford strutSimilar concerns about closure surrounded theKings Head in Stamford. The problem with therumour mill is that it spreads so wildly that theonly way to be sure is to visit the place itself. Thepub is now under the enterprising management ofDavid Waycot. David has extended the real alerange from three to five, mainly from the Marstonportfolio. He has also opened the courtyard,which provides a wall-surrounded refuge seatingabout 30 customers and will provide an attractivevenue for the warmer months. The Kings Head isthe oldest pub in Stamford, dating back to 1602. I fondly imagine that it was built for the masonswho worked on the adjoining St. Michaels churchwhen it was...</p></li></ul>