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<ul><li><p>ALSO INSIDE PUB &amp; BREWERY NEWS DIARY DATES JOIN CAMRA</p><p>Peterborough &amp; District Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale December 2014 / January 2015</p><p>180</p><p>PUB AWARDSMerit Award presentations</p><p>and Pub Of the Year nominees inside</p><p>FOLLOW THE BEARCelebrate this old Fenland </p><p>plough custom in Whittlesey this January.</p><p>GOTTA HAND IT TO EM</p><p>Bram and Sue from the Hand and Heart win Gold Award</p><p>A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers!</p></li><li><p>Ten Real Ales from 2.00 a pintLive Sky Sports Live EntertainmentHappy Hour Monday - Friday 5-7pm</p><p>P ETERBOROUGH CAMRA PUB OF THE YEAR 2014 &amp; 2011CAMRA Gold award 2013</p><p>The Ploughman Staniland Way, Werrington Centre Tel: 01733 327696</p><p>The Dragon Hodgson Centre, Hodgson AvePE4 5EG Tel: 01733 578088</p><p>Six Real Ales from 2.50 a pintLive Sky Sports Live Entertainment</p><p>Happy Hour Monday-Thursday 5-7pmCash Quiz every Sunday from 8pm</p><p>P ETERBOROUGH CAMRA PUB OF THE YEAR 2014 Runner Up</p><p>CAMRA Gold award 2013</p><p>Both pubs are in the CAMRA GOOD BEER GUIDE 2015!</p><p>Price: 10 per ticket. Pre-purchase only, not available on the door. Please buy from the venue. Ask at the bar for more details.</p></li><li><p>Visit our web site for up-to-date news: DECEMBER 2014 / JANUARY 2015 |BEER AROUND ERE</p><p>Editor: Jane</p><p>Published by: Peterborough &amp; DistrictBranch of the Campaign for Real Ale. </p><p>Produced on behalf of CAMRA by:Orchard House Media Ltd9a South Street, Crowland, PE6 0AHTel: 01733 211933</p><p>Magazine Design &amp; Production: Daniel Speed</p><p>Advertising Sales Manager:Jane 01733 211410</p><p>Distribution:David</p><p>Proof Reading:Bob Melville - 07941 246693</p><p>Printed By:Precision Colour Print LtdHaldane, Telford, Shropshire TF7 4QQ</p><p>Circulation: 7,000 copies distributed topubs, clubs and members throughout thePeterborough and District CAMRABranch area. A digital version of thismagazine is available to view and download at</p><p>Main Cover Image: John Moore</p><p>Editors ramblings |3</p><p>A pub is for life not just for Christmas!</p><p>Beer Around Ere is publishedby the Peterborough &amp; DistrictBranch of CAMRA Copyright 2014, The Campaign forReal Ale Ltd. </p><p>Views or comments expressed in this publi-cation may not necessarily be those of the Editor or of CAMRA.</p><p>The next issue of Beer Around Ere will beavailable on the 29th January. We must have your stories, news and advertisements by 6th January. Pleasesend your stories and other copy to theeditor, Jane Brown.</p><p>Greetings! Cant believe itsnearly that time of year again!The Festive Season! (I like tothink all seasons are festive, butis that just wishful thinking?)At least its an excuse, if one isneeded, to meet up withfriends/family in your local or</p><p>meet them at theirs. The dark nights can be off-putting, and its easy to convince yourself not toventure out, but your local needs you!</p><p>I came across an article the other day inNovembers edition of CAMRAs Whats Brewing,entitled Drinking Beer is the Healthy Option.The article says drinking beer is good for you andthats official. Supping a pint of beer a day helpsyou live longer, cuts the chance of heart attack by athird and its not going to make you fat, experts atthe European Beer and Health Symposium inBrussels have found. They go on to say thatmoderate beer consumption can be part of ahealthy diet and lifestyle. Food for thought! ThinkIll go out for a pint even though it is dark anddamp, and mull it over. Merry Christmas and aHappy New Year to you all. Cheers. JB</p><p>IN THIS ISSUEWelcome from the editor 3Chairmans corner 5Coalies in Newark 7Pub of the Year nominees 89Pub news 1013Brewery news 1417Follow the bear 1821Disappearing boozers of Stamford 2325A big hand 26Telford ale trail 2931Gig guide 33Diary dates 35CAMRA Christmas party 36Top tips 37Contacts 38</p><p>Are you missing out?Get Beer Around Ere delivered to your door! For a year (6 issues) send 3.48 for second class or 4.02for 1st Class or multiples thereof for multiple years. Pleasesend a cheque/PO payable to Peterborough CAMRA andyour address to:- Daryl Ling, 19 Lidgate Close, PeterboroughPE2 7ZA</p></li><li><p>4 | Please support our advertisers</p><p>Two Beer Gardens (one V.I.P!)</p><p>Childrens Bouncy Castle every Sunday throughout the summer</p><p>Refurbished Restaurant</p><p>Opening TimesMon - Thurs: 11am-3pm &amp; 5-11pm</p><p>Fri - Sun: Open all day</p><p>Food Served All day Sunday</p><p>Huntingdonshire CAMRA Rural Pub of the Year 2014</p><p>BEER AROUND ERE | DECEMBER 2014 / JANUARY 2015 Visit our web site for up-to-date news: </p></li><li><p>Chairmans corner |5</p><p>A few with some enterprising skills do ride theperiod by enticing customers through their doors,in various ways, whether it is a charity night asrecently put on at The Heron in Stanground or, awinter ales beer festival. The point Im trying tomake is for licensees to make a greater effort anddo something to get customers through the doors,rather than just sit and moan about the lack ofdrinkers. </p><p>As the year draws to an end we can take stock ofhow many more pubs we have lost this year. Forexample, if you were to go on a pub crawl startingin Woodston/ Fletton heading towards Stan-ground, on leaving The Coalheavers in Park St.the next pub you would come across would be overa mile and a half away, in Stanground. This sceneis repeated in many parts of the city, where youhave to trek well over a mile between pubs. Its stillunbelievable that, in many areas of our city, peopledo not have a pub within a ten or fifteen minutewalk from their homes. A situation that was unheardof a few years ago. Our new Pubs Officer JohnTemple has been making a vigorous effort inchecking out many of these past and present pubs.</p><p>A survey by Dr Ignazio Cabras of NewcastleBusiness School has come up with several facts thatshow pubs (in particular rural ones), can have ahigh level of complementarity between pubs andsocial events and activities within the community.They are deemed to be more effective inpromoting community events such as sportsmatches, charity events and social clubs than otherplaces such as village halls. Nevertheless the mostpowerful solution for avoiding pub closures wouldstill rely on us as its a simple case of use it or loseit, maybe for good. </p><p>All our local branch members should havereceived a letter and voting form to cast their votes</p><p>for our Pub of The Year (POTY) and to list theirchoices for inclusion in the 2016 Good BeerGuide. As we have seven contenders this year forPOTY we expect a good return of votes and aclose competition. Your nominations for pubs to be considered as GBG entries are also of great importance. Please note the change of address toreturn voting forms and the deadline date. Itwould be advisable to send them in before theXmas post rush, or you may prefer to send themby email. Only present CAMRA members cancast votes and please only list pubs within ourbranch area. We would also like to see as manymembers as possible to our AGM on the 10thDecember at The Brewery Tap. Prior to that andone not to forget, our social night on the 6thDecember at The Ploughman, Werrington.</p><p>It just remains for me to wish you all the verybest compliments of the forthcoming season andto look forward to a healthy and happy New Year.</p><p>Cheers David Murray </p><p>Branch Chairman </p><p>Chairmans Corner</p><p>Visit our web site for up-to-date news: DECEMBER 2014 / JANUARY 2015 |BEER AROUND ERE</p><p>Award PresentationsOn 19th October a minibus of CAMRA stalwartsvisited Ramsey and Whittlesey to present JollySailor and Letter B with Merit Awards.</p><p>Darker nights have descended on us with the inevitable reduction inthe number of people going to the pub. Its a seasonal thing it seems!In the last few years the weeks leading up to the silly season,Christmas, have been somewhat slack for the pub trade.</p><p>Bruce receiving his award fromDave Murray our branch chairman.</p><p>Landlord and Landlady,Paul and Louise Craw-ford with Dave Murray</p></li><li><p>BEER AROUND ERE | DECEMBER 2014 / JANUARY 2015 Visit our web site for up-to-date news: </p><p>6 | Please support our advertisers</p></li><li><p>Coalheavers Gang off to Newark |7</p><p>A very small group of us headed off to Newarkrecently. None of us had been before, it`s not toofar away and we had heard good things about it.The only down side to the trip was the cost. Wethought it would be about 15 so didn`t bothergetting advance tickets and we were stung for20.20 each for a half hour journey. Newark hadbetter be good after paying that amount!! Luckilyit did not disappoint.</p><p>Pub number one was The Fox and Crown ownedby Castle Rock. Around 10 beers were availablehere though all were from Castle Rock or Tower.This was not really a problem as we all quite likeCastle Rock beers. We arrived there about 11.30and the place was full, and its a fair sized place.There was a coffee morning going on and we wereoffered coffee and cake but we didn`t need any, wehad beer.</p><p>Pub number two was the recently opened OrganGrinder, owned by the Blue Monkey Brewery. Thepub is very similar to The Organ Grinder inNottingham. Seven beers were on sale, all fromBlue Monkey, but with beers as good as theirs youdon`t really need any guest beers. They did saythat they would be having guest beers in the future.Very quiet when we were there but I`m sure it getsbusier later. Definitely one to visit. So good westayed for a second pint.</p><p>Next pub was another recently opened one andbased on a Monty Python theme. The FlyingCircus only had 3 beers on and one was a Mile-stone. There was a Brewsters beer and one madeespecially for them and called Norwegian Blue,after the famous dead parrot sketch. The pub isfull of Monty Python things, pictures and quotes,plus an outside mural depicting the Romans gohome sketch. Beer was ok, but if you like MontyPython you must go. They actually sell cans ofspam!</p><p>On now to The Castle which was pretty good too,with half a dozen beers to choose from, a couple oflocal beers, one from Oldershaws and even anOakham beer. This is quite a large pub and wasquite busy while we were there. Worth a visit.</p><p>Just over the road from The Flying Circus is thesuperb Just Beer. It does exactly what it says on thelabel, it only sells cask conditioned ale. No lager,no wine, no spirits and no bottles. It`s a very smallplace and I imagine if you timed it wrongly youmay not get in. Luckily for us it was fairly quiet.There were at least eight beers available and I hadonly heard of three of them, but the stout I hadwas superb. In the four years they have been openthey have gone through about 2700 beers, 2400 ofwhich were different beers. Quite impressive Ithink. If you go to Newark, you must visit here.</p><p>Final pub of the day was the fantastic lookingPrince Rupert, owned by the Thurlby estate and asister pub to Stamford`s Tobie Norris. There were6 beers on but we spent most of the time justlooking around the little rooms, nooks and cran-nies. A really great looking pub that is bigger onthe inside than it looks. Another must visit. All inall Newark was really worth going to but I willbook my train tickets in advance next time. </p><p>Dave Botton</p><p>Coalies in NewarkCoalheavers mini trip part one</p><p>Visit our web site for up-to-date news: DECEMBER 2014 / JANUARY 2015 |BEER AROUND ERE</p><p>Beer range in the Flying Circus, Newark</p></li><li><p>VINE INN19 Church Street, Market Deeping. PE6 8AN</p><p>Small, two-roomed pub which used to be a Victorian</p><p>school house. An old limestone building featuring oak</p><p>beams and stone floors. Undercover patio area at rear.</p><p>Quiz night and open darts board on alternate Sundays.</p><p>Functions for up to 120 are possible. Closed in</p><p>November 2010. Reopened as a freehouse April 8th</p><p>2011 with five handpumps serving beers that often</p><p>include Hopshackle.</p><p>Now is the time for all good drinkers to come tothe aid of our classic locals. CAMRA membersits your time to vote for Peterborough Pub of theYear. All of the pubs listed below have beenselected because they have promoted real ale,continued to serve beer in excellent condition,expanded their customer base and reached out tothe community.</p><p>The winner will be put forward toCambridgeshire Pub of the Year and possiblyChampion of the Eastern Region and NationalPub of the Year. So why not go and see why theyhave been nominated and vote with your throats?</p><p>Mike Blakesley</p><p>THE CROWN 8 Duck Street, Elton. PE8 6RQ</p><p>Listed building on the village green that is pre-</p><p>1700. Rebuilt in 1985 after a major fire in stone</p><p>with thatched roof. Large comfortable bar with</p><p>beamed ceiling and inglenook fireplace. Separate</p><p>snug and Orangery restaurant. Four to six real</p><p>ales normally available. The house beer, Golden</p><p>Crown Ale, is supplied by Tydd Steam Brewery.</p><p>BLUE BELL39 High Street, Maxey. PE6 9EEThis 19th century pub was originally a barn withdark wooden beams and flagstone floors. Largebar with beamed ceiling immediately inside thefront door. A smaller room can be found to theleft which is decorated with stuffed animals andbirds and fishing photographs. The nine real alesavailable via hand pump always include a beerfrom Oakham Ales and either Abbeydale Absolu-tion or Fullers ESB.</p><p>All information from, The Campaign for Real Ale's online pub guide</p><p>Peterborough &amp; District CAMRA </p></li><li><p>Pub of the Year 2015 nominees |9</p><p>JOLLY SAILOR43 Great Whyte, Ramsey. PE26 1HHGrade II listed building that has been a pub for400 years. The three linked rooms have woodenbeams from various stages of time, as the pub wasincreased in size over the years. Pictures andpaintings of old Ramsey adorn the walls. Crib,dominoes and darts played. Five real ales on offer.</p><p>LETTER B53-57 Church Street, Whittlesey. PE7 1DE</p><p>Two hundred year old local community pub near</p><p>town centre with a warm welcome to all visitors. Was</p><p>called the Bee for a while; now back to the Letter B.</p><p>Said to be named the Letter B because there were so</p><p>many pubs in Whittlesey that they ran out of names.</p><p>There once was a Letter A and a Letter C. Four</p><p>regular real ales are always available.</p><p>COALHEAVERS ARMS5 Park Street Woodston, Peterborough. PE2 9BHSmall, friendly one roomed back street gem of a local, datingback to the 1850s. Eight hand pumps serving a mix of MiltonBrewery beers, including a mild, and regularly changingguests. Real cider and a craft British lager also sold. The onlyPeterborough pub to be bombed in WWII and exclusiveBombers Drop used to be a regular house beer. The largegarden is popular in summer and is used for the spring andautumn beer festivals.</p><p>HAND &amp; HEART12 Highbury Street Peterborough. PE1 3BE</p><p>Essentially intact since built in 1938, this back street</p><p>community local is one of Britains Real Heritage Pubs. </p><p>A drinking corridor connects the public bar with its Art</p><p>Deco fittings and the rear room served by a hatch. The</p><p>public bar features a war memorial and real fire. Crib, darts</p><p>and dominoes played. Cheese club meets last Thursday of</p><p>the month. At least five real ales which always includes one,</p><p>often two, house beers from Brewsters.</p><p> Pub of the Year 2015 Nom...</p></li></ul>