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The bi-monthly magazine of Peterborough and District branch of CAMRA. June - July 2013


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    Issue 171 | June - July 2013

    Peterborough & District Branch of CAMRA |


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  • I finished the last edition of BAE on a bit of agloomy note and said roll on summer forsome cheerier news. Well the good beer fairymust have been listening cos we have sun! Theonly cloud that darkened our midst was thefailure of our beloved footie team, Posh, to stayup in the Championship league. Just meansweve got to do it all again, and gain promotionfor a record third time after the drop.

    Oh, we did have some good news. Our vigorous campaign last year to persuade theGovernment to scrap the duty escalator on beerwas a huge success and must be one of themost satisfying results by far from CAMRA. Ofcourse, it does not mean beer tax or duty willnot increase in the future, but it does ease thepressure on our pubs for the moment. Somedevious pub companies put up their beer pricesbefore the budget in anticipation of a taxincrease. Did they reduce them when noincreases were implemented - nah. A few brewersand pub operators have in fact cut the price ofbeer due to the penny cut in beer tax. Othershave simply not increased the price.

    We are in the middle of our local beer festivalseason with several of the usual pubs holdingtheir annual or seasonal festivals. Im not goingto mention any one in particular, to avoid beingslated for a non-appearance at any of them, (I managed to get to two or three). I can onlyrepeat again that Im still amazed that any pubthinking of holding a beer festival does not adver-tise it around the area. Recently I was informedof one pub organising a beer festival that theyhad not even advertised in the pub a few daysbefore the event! No effort in running a pubnormally means few customers, so I hope thepubs festival went well.

    Since our last edition we have seen a smallincrease in pubs being nominated for awards inrecognition of their efforts towards CAMRAaims. Please put any pub forward that you thinkdeserves our attention by filling in the form inthis issue. Only CAMRA members can nomi-nate pubs. We will then check the credentials ofthe pub to see if its a worthy nominee. We havepresented two awards so far this year, to TheOstrich in North St. Peterborough city centreand The Ploughman in Werrington. Awards werealso presented to The Hand & Heart in Millfieldand The Coalheavers Arms in Fletton forachieving ten years consistent entries in TheGood Beer Guide.

    Within this issue there is a tribute to one ofthe founding members of the PeterboroughBranch of CAMRA. Gilbert Cole sadly passedaway in March this year a short time after his84th birthday. Many licensees around the areaknew Gilbert as well as many other discerningdrinkers. I have been entrusted with a certainamount of memorabilia that Gilbert hadcollected over many years. Good Beer Guides,brewers booklets, and several copies of WhatsBrewing going back over thirty years. Anyoneinterested in these or several other items cancontact me. Only a small donation to the charityof Gilberts choice is required for any item.

    In our next issue we will be highlighting theannual Peterborough Beer Festival which againtakes place on The Embankment. Note thedates! Tuesday 20th August to Saturday 24th.Volunteers wishing to help should sign at ourweb-site to secure their place. Forms will be sentout in the next few weeks. New and youngvolunteers are always welcome. Lets hope thesun shines on us again!

    CheersDavid Murray, Branch Chairman

    Chairmans Corner | 3

    Chairmans Corner

  • April was CAMRAs Community PubsMonth and what better way to take partas a branch than to have a CommunityPub Crawl. Being Pubs Officer I was handed thetask of putting a plan together to take in some ofPeterboroughs best community pubs.

    After some deliberation I decided on using theCiti 1 bus route as a starting point taking in aNorth to South route. So on a sunny AprilSaturday afternoon a few of us met in theDrapers Arms for a spot of breakfast and, more importantly, to see what beer festival beerswere on.

    The Wetherspoons beer festival was held in theearly part of April for thee and a half weeks. I believe the Drapers Arms went through all ofthe 50 festival beers twice and ended up 7thoverall in the country for beer sales, so well doneto Chris and the Team. The College Arms alsoheld the beerfest at the same time and it waspleasing to see an improvement on last yearsefforts, which was reflected in the numbers, withan increase of 33% beer sales from the last festival.There was also a benefit for CAMRA memberswith the College Arms running two Wednesdaysof CAMRA discounts. Members received a 50pdiscount off a pint for just showing a validmembership card, showing it pays to be aCAMRA member. So with efforts of the DrapersArms, College Arms and the George Hotel inWhittlesey, I am pleased to say I tried all 50festival beers over the three weeks.

    Anyway back to the Community Pub Crawl,leaving the Drapers we met up with some othermembers at Queensgate Bus Station to catch theNumber 1 bus to the first official pub on theCrawl. Heading north we were soon at ThePloughman Pub in Werrington, recentlypresented with a CAMRA Gold Award. There wemet up with some more members taking the totalup to 10. A big thank you Andy Simmonds whoprovided complementary bacon rolls for ourparty. Andy had 8 real ales for us to try and allwere in top condition, so much so we stayed a bitlonger than planned. (Since our visit the Pub hashad 4 more pumps installed taking it up to 10permanent hand pulls)

    On to the next pub, which was not on the orig-inal plan, but very worthy ofa visit, The Dragon also inWerrington, a few stopsnorth on the bus. Here wewere welcomed to some veryinteresting beer including acollaboration beer betweenCharles Wells and Americanbrewer Dogfish Head.

    Back on the bus and a short ride to the Crownon Lincoln Road. Here were greeted to someexcellent local real ales and some complementarybar snacks as well. The Crown is currentlyrunning a Loyalty Card scheme where, when you

    Pub NewsPub News| 5

    Continued Overleaf

    Neil Holmes - Pubs Officer, working at the Hand andHeart Beer Festival

    Some of the range at the Ploughman, Werrington

  • 6 |Pub News Continued

    buy 6 pints, you will get the 7th free. They alsoheld a LocAle beer festival over the EasterWeekend which went down very well and on theMay bank holiday they held a Super CiderFestival with over 25 different ciders. A pub verymuch on the up!

    It was a mad dash to catch the next bus, withgood pace being shown by the Secretary andLocAle officer to just board in time. A few stopsdown Lincoln Road and we were at the Hand &Heart. We were given a warm welcome by Bram& Sue and a fantastic range of 10+ real ales. A few more members joined us at this point. In April, The Hand & Heart held its annual StGeorges Beer Festival. As always this was a verypopular event with many new and rare beers onshow. In total over 50 beers were on offer and Ieven managed to do a stint behind the festival barserving beer instead of drinking it !

    Back on the Number 1 bus in to town and tothe recent CAMRA Gold Award winning pub,The Ostrich. Here we were just in time to watchthe Grand National. The pub was pretty busywith people enjoying the afternoon sunshine.Five different real ales on offer. The Ostrich is stilloffering Peterborough CAMRA members thechance to get their Discount Cards. Call in andask for details.

    Next was a slight change of plan and we headedout on the number 3 bus to the Woolpack inStanground, which was meant to be the last pubon the crawl. Here we were welcomed by threehand pumps and the Church End Hop Gun was

    very nice. The Woolpack also held a YorkshireBeer Festival over the first May bank holiday with10 beers available. A great little fest, and for oncethe weather was great!

    As we left the Woolpack and headed up to thebus stop we were in-between buses and sothought we would have a quick look in theCarpenters Arms, Stanground. The pub nowhas three real ales thanks to a new hand pumprecently installed. Two Oakhams and a GreeneKing beer were on offer on our visit.

    Back to the bus stop and after a quick ride onthe number Five bus we were at the CoalheaversArms. Eight superb beers greeted us here, fourMiltons and four guest ales. Unfortunately we didlose one member of the party here but wont gointo too many details, lets just say dont try tokeep up with the Vice-chair. The Coalies alsoheld their Beer Festival in May and what a fest itwas. 50+ beers available over the weekend. Thisalso included a CAMRA 10 Year Good BeerGuide Award.

    A nice stroll across the park and we were at thelast, but no means least, pub of the day. ThePalmerston Arms with its real ales servedstraight from the cask. Here we were greeted to 12different beers which was a very good way to endthe day.

    So, all in all, a very good day was had by all thatattended. We ended up doing 10 of Peterboroughsbest Community Pubs. Thank you to all whoattended and to all the pubs who accommodatedus over the course of the day.

    Our intrepid pub crawlers in the Crown, Lincoln Rd

    Tom Beran receiving his 10 Years in the Good BeerGuide Award.

  • Other News

    Only One Eye OpenThe village of Eye is now down to one pub as theRed Lion has closed. This leaves the Blue Boarthe only pub in the village. The Blue Boar is aGrade 2 listed building with wood panelled inte-rior, and is a member of Oakham Ales Oakademyof Excellence.

    The Spinning Wheel at Baston, closed byCharles Wells since last year, has been bought bya local and is to reopen as the White Horse. TheLimetree, Paston has clos