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Magazine of the Peterborough and District Branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. Issue 188. April-May 2016



    Peterborough & District Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale April / May 2016



    and oatcakes


    Palmerston Arms receivescoveted John Rice award


    Cider pub of the year goes to the Letter B Whittlesey

    Dyed in the woolwinners! Woolpack triumphs with Pub of the Year 2016see page 13 for more info.

  • The Simmonds Family present:

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    Staniland Way, Werrington Centre PE4 6NA

    Tel: 01733 327696Ten Real Ales from 2.00 a pint

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    Queens ArmsThe 31 Station Hill, Brixham TQ5 8BN

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    South Devon


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    South Devon


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  • Editor: Jane

    Published by: Peterborough & DistrictBranch of the Campaign for Real Ale.

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    Editors ramblings |3

    Beer Around Ere is published by the

    Peterborough & District Branch of

    CAMRA Copyright 2016, The

    Campaign for Real Ale Ltd.

    Views or comments expressed in

    this publication may not necessarily

    be those of the Editor or of CAMRA.

    The next issue of Beer Around Ere will be available

    on the 26th May.

    We must have your stories, news and

    advertisements by 3rd May

    Please send your stories and other copy to the

    editor, Jane Brown.

    By the time you read thisEaster may have been andgone. I hope you had a goodone and included at least onevisit to your local!

    There are many really goodpubs in our Branch area and

    one way to bring these into the limelight andencourage others to visit them is to recommendthem for an award see page 28. We are all tookeen to moan and criticise but not so keen to givepraise! So, please do recommend deserving pubs,it shows that they are appreciated and areproviding what customers want.

    An email from a reader regarding a situation hehad experienced about a manager in his local,which has in fact since closed, reminded me of myramblings in an earlier edition. In this I had saidthat bar staff can make or break a pub and so canlicensees/managers. CAMRA urges people to useit or lose it but its not always that clear cut. Thereare instances where, if you do not feel welcome orthe standard of service is below par, there is no wayyou are going to spend your hard-earned cash justto keep that pub open. It has to work for both sidesof the bar!

    What is your view on the half pint of beer/cidercosting more than half (in some cases a lot more!)as much as a pint? Have you experienced this? As with all situations there are two sides to eachstory. Would welcome your thoughts.

    I would like to compile a list of pubs for publica-tion in BAE that offer reduced prices on beer/ciderfor CAMRA members on production of theirmembership cards. I realise that some are one offoffers but what I am looking for are establishmentsthat permanently have offers. Please, landlords,landladies, managers, customers, let me havedetails. We all know about Wetherspoons vouchersbut Im sure there are many more and they mayencourage more people into your pub!

    Dont forget May is CAMRA Cider & Perrymonth! Last but by no means least a big thankyou to all contributors to this and previous issues,without you there would be no magazine! Alsothank you to Jim Martin for the cartoon on page17, it made me smile! Articles/ideas for articles arealways very welcome.


    IN THIS ISSUEWelcome from the editor 3Chairmans corner 5Pub news 711Presentations 13Brewery news 1416Wheres all the Craic? 17Werrington social 19No Dilly-dallying 2023Diary dates 24Discover real cider and perry 24Not a bridge too far 27Recommendation 28A good time for charity 29Branch contacts 30Join CAMRA 31

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  • Chairmans corner |5

    If there is a cut then it can only further strengthenthe argument that any reduction is a benefit toCAMRAs cause to save pubs from closure. The lastthree years in which a cut has been made has surelybeen a much needed boost to the pub industry,after suffering continuous increases in beer pricesalongside several other increases in their costs.

    One of these costs that has caused an outcryfrom licensees is the introduction of a new chargeto pubs, clubs and restaurants serving alcohol pastmidnight. Im not just talking about city centrepubs but also community pubs, which open lateron the odd occasion or at weekends only. Althoughthe rules were introduced by the last governmentin 2011, the legislation also gives councils discre-tionary powers to charge more for late nightlicences to pay for additional policing. The attitudeof many pub owners is, rather than pay these extracharges, they would simply close earlier. If that wasthe case then all the reforms in pub opening hoursthat have taken place over the last twenty or thirtyyears would be wasted.

    As I write this it has been announced by theWeatherspoon pub company that they have plansto stop serving Sunday roast dinners after MothersDay. Having on several occasions been to one oftheir pubs and enjoyed a quite adequate Sundayroast along with a decent pint of real ale includedin the price, I must be one of many of theircustomers who are sorry to see this happen.Knowing that the Sunday lunch trade is a majorpart of any pubs weekend footfall it does seem abit strange that Spoons have taken this step.Maybe there will be somone who will persuadeChairman Tim Martin to reverse this decision.

    Although the forthcoming referendum as towhether we are to remain in or opt out of the EUis the main topic at the moment Im not enteringinto any debate at this time. Reason? Simple, wewill be bombarded with a load of facts, figures,scaremongering and even barefaced lies by thepolitical elite that, by the time the voting comes,many will be sick and tired of it all, even though itmay well be one of the most important decisionsthat we make in our lives.

    One of our longest serving local licensees is BertMurray (same surname, no relation!) of the Bull inMarket Deeping, I cannot claim to have servedsuch a distinguished career as Bert, first as a topclass professional footballer with Chelsea andPeterborough United amongst his clubs, then aslicensee at the White Horse in Market Deepingbefore moving round the corner to the Bull. As atoken of our admiration for Bert and his wifeElaine we are holding our April Branch meeting inthe pub. We also hope to replace the commemora-tive plaque on the wall of the pub which recordsthe formation of the Peterborough & DistrictBranch of CAMRA, in 1975. I would like to see asmany members as possible at this meeting, espe-cially those from the Deepings area. Bert andElaine retire from the pub on the 24th April, butwe are holding our meeting on Tuesday 5th April.

    Finally we are on the lookout for a member to stepup and fill the vacant post of LocAle Pubs Officer.Due to relocating oop north to Barnsley, ourpresent LocAle Officer Dave Mclennan has to stepdown. We thank Dave for his enthusiasm and dedi-cation during his time in this role. We wish him allthe best for the future. Thats it for now folks.

    David MurrayBranch Chairman

    Chairmans Corner

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    By the time you are reading this we shall know whether our latest plea to ChancellorGeorge Osborne, for a fourth cut in beer duty, has been successful.

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  • Pub news |7

    In my report to the Branch AGM in December Irecorded that twelve pubs had closed during thepreceding year. Of these, three will certainly notreopen, one of them having been razed to theground, whilst there is every possibility that someof the remainder will. In fact during the sameperiod nine pubs reopened, some of them, albeit,having been closed for just a short period. In addi-tion, three totally new pubs opened up. So it looksas though we are just about drawing even. Ofcourse, this situation is changing by the day, but itdoes seem to run counter to the perceived nationaltrend. Either the perception is no longer thereality, as many flat- earthers have come to accept,or the trend has bottomed out. If the latter is true,I suspect it is in no little respect due to theincreasing awareness of the ACV process. Notonly does this impose restrictions on change ofuse; it also raises the profile of pubs to make thema more desirable investment.

    ACV ChampionsA few months ago, a man by the name of AlexBrown contacted me regarding the Red Lion inGedney Hill which has been closed for some time.He was enquiring about the ACV process and Ioffered what advice was currently at our disposal.Alex helped form a group who got as far as settingup a charitable company and extended the mora-torium period for the pub. He has recently writtento advise me that:after an inspection we had to concede that due tothe level of dereliction of the property our groupwould not be able to raise the level of funds topurchase the pub and do essential initial repairs.He goes on to say thatFortunately it looks as though a local businessman is negotiating to buy the site and keep it as apub with an enabling development. I suspect thatraising the ACV brought the pub to public noticeand occasioned the commercial interest that mightresurrect it. Through his experience Alex says hehas become something of an expert in ACVs andis offering his support to anybody who requests it.I have inserted Alexs contact details below.*

    Simon Brand has advised me that an ACV hasfinally been accepted on the Straw Bear inWhittlesey. Lets hope it reopens soon. I havealso heard that a petition has been raised to savethe Angel in Ramsey. Despite the cynicism andrecalcitrance that surround this process, it looks asthough the strenuous efforts of branch membersare finally bearing fruit.

    On the other hand, the Northfields in the northof the city has been closed and boarded up forsome time. It has been acquired by an Asianinterest and is destined to be converted into a shopand flats. Nothing is due to happen for two years,so there probably is a covenant on it. Of the sixbidders, only one of them was interested inretaining it as a pub, so I suspect that raising anACV would be a waste of time. I have heard thatDarren, the previous licensee of the Northfields, isdue to reopen the Blue Bell in Dogsthorpe, butthis has yet to be confirmed.

    Off the beaten trackIn this case, a railway track. Availing myself of theoffer of a lift, I thought it a good opportunity toreach some of the pubs inaccessible by publictransport. And so along the A1175 and across therailway crossing to the Whistle Stop, aptlynamed as the pub that originally served Tallingtonrailway station. This is a very traditional pub witha large horseshoe-shaped bar surrounded byrailway memorabilia. It is very well furnished withtables supported by ornamental cast iron bases andpedestals bearing the celebrated name ofThornton and Ardy, clearly of Victorian origin.These were quite popular in the London pubs ofmy youth, ensuring that any inebriate lurching inthe direction of a table packed with drinks wouldhave very little impact upon it. The pub has anextensive, moderately priced menu and servesLondon Pride and Bombardier, along with guestsin the summer.

    Just along the road is Ye Olde Bertie Arms inUffington. Dating back to 1691, this is one of theoldest and most attractive hostelries in the

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    Pub News


  • 8 | Pub news - continued

    branch. I had heard so much about it and waslooking forward to the visit thinking Saturdayafternoon to be the perfect opportunity. Itswebsite encourages us to drop by Ye Olde BertieArms and remind yourselves how good it feels toenjoy a pint of local real ale in a true Englishcountry pub? Landlord Peter Birch and his teamlook forward to giving you a warm welcome...Unfortunately, the door was locked.

    Whilst in the area we thought we would take theopportunity to check out the Blue Bell just overthe border in the Rutland branch. This little gemnestles deep in the village of Belmesthorpe. It is abeautiful old stone-built pub with flagstones andtwo imposing stone fireplaces. Six real ales areavailable including an outstanding pint of BishopsFarewell.

    Back across the railway crossing is the village ofGreatford. The Hare and Hounds is a lively,rambling village pub on two levels, so mind yourhead as you approach the bar. On our visit theyfeatured Springhead Roaring Meg, JHB, AdnamsBroadside, Nobbys Plum Porter, GrainstoreCooking and Bass. A pot of tea was thoughtfullyprovided for the driver. A blazing fire warming thedelightful small rooms welcomed us into the FiveHorseshoes in Barholm. On Saturday after-noon it was packed with locals and landladyEmma told us that they also attract the cyclists andwalkers who descend upon the fens. It has a largebeer garden and a dedicated pool room. Emmaand Matthew have been there for four years andwere offering JHB, Bishops Farewell, Newby WykeWhite Squall, Adnams Southwold, andHopshackle Historic Porter. Another feature ofthe pub is home-baked pizzas cooked in a pizzaoven on the premises.

    Regular readers will be aware that I amconstantly at pains to describe routes to pubs bypublic transport or public footpath, but sometimesthe only way is by car. So dont forget, if you drinkand drive, dont breathe.

    Stamford updateConflicting reports surround the Periwig. I have

    heard that Knead Group intends to absorb it intothe Crown next door. How they intend to do this Iam not sure, but I have since heard that thesignage has been removed and...