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The June and July 2014 issue of Peterborough CAMRA Beer Around 'Ere magazine.


<ul><li><p>Peterborough &amp; District Branch of CAMRA |</p><p>Pub News Boozers of StamfordBrewery News Kings Cliffe BreweryIron Horse Skool of Rock reports &amp; much more</p><p>Inside this issue &gt;</p><p>FREEplease take one</p><p>Issue 177 | June / July 2014</p></li><li><p>Chairmans Corner | 3</p><p>Chairmans Corner </p><p>Yet again I am bringing up what some ofyou will feel is a bit of a tedious and thornyissue of reform within the pub industry.The simple fact is that the government pledged, asfar back as January last year, to introduce a statu-tory code of practice for the pubcos to adopt andenshrine in law. The principle was that a tiedlicensee should not be worse off than a free-of-tielicensee. Maybe we should not be surprised thatnothing much has happened! However time isrunning out if legislation is to be announced in theQueens Speech in June. </p><p>Now, did we not hear a short time ago that thegovernment thought they had very little work todo before they packed up for their holidays? Comeon guys get on with it, before even more poorlicensees and pubs disappear. </p><p>One group of licensees that dont get the samelimelight as tenants and lease holders are thosepubs with a manager running them. If they are verylucky to have almost as much autonomy as atenanted pub then fine, as long as they rememberthat they are still only staff. Any shortfall in staffingwill quite often have to be filled by the manager even if it is their day off ! The pub may be sold bythe pub company if they feel its not meetingtargets or for any other reason. The managers,who may well have been there for a number ofyears, can end up on the street if the alternativeoffered is not suitable. </p><p>Im pleased to report that our efforts toencourage members of our branch to increasesubmissions for nominations for Gold and MeritAwards has been successful. We are in the processof analysing these nominations and awards will bepresented to the most worthy ones. </p><p>The Peterborough &amp; District Branch of CAMRAhave good cause for a celebration this year. We willbe celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the forma-</p><p>tion of the branch in 1974. There have been severalpub venues where its alleged the inaugural meetingtook place but, most agree that The Bull inMarket Deeping was the first meeting place. This was in conjunction with what is now theFenland Branch who formed in June of the sameyear at The Bull. The Peterborough Branch propercame into existence in September of 1974. We arehaving a social gathering with the Fenland branchmembers at The Bull, in Market Deeping, in June(see Diary Dates). All members are welcome tojoin us as we will also be making an award to TheVine pub in the town on the same day.</p><p>The weeks are counting down to our premierevent of the year. The Peterborough Beer Festival(PBF) will again be taking place on theEmbankment in August from the 19th to 23rd (seepage 23). The application for staff to sign up tohelp is now on-line. Please note that you cannotjust turn up to volunteer this year, you must havepre-registered. We welcome past and new volun-teers alike. </p><p>Thats it for now folks. Keep supporting yourlocals. There are still far too many closing theirdoors for good!</p><p>David MurrayBranch Chairman.</p><p>The Cover ShotThis issues cover features the Bell in Stilton. The Bell is one of only 14 pubs in the UK thatreceived Pubs in Time plaques( /pubsintime) a few years ago -the plaque is situated on the wall under the formercoaching arch. Picture kindly supplied by MichaelSlaughter.</p><p>ARE YOU MISSING OUT?Only the beer-stained copy left?</p><p>Get Beer Around Ere delivered to your door! For a year (6 issues) send a 3.48 for second class or4.02 for 1st Class or multiples thereof for multiple</p><p>years. Please send a cheque/PO payable toPeterborough CAMRA and your address to:- </p><p>Daryl Ling, 19 Lidgate Close, Peterborough PE2 7ZA</p></li><li><p>PUB NEWSMaybe we should stop making reports on the re-opening or revival of pubs around our area.Why you say? Well in the last issue of BAE wewere trumpeting the re-opening of the pub onOundle Road, formerly The Office and renamedThe New Inn, which was its previous name! It was opened with a flourish by Liam Scanlon ofThe Ostrich in the city centre. Sadly it closed witha whimper just four weeks later. Yes you read itcorrectly - four weeks! Another victim of theaggressive practices by the pubco owners who didspend some money on cleaning up the pub.Unfortunately it was doomed to failure due to thelack of customers and by the fact it had been indecline for some time. It takes a great deal ofeffort and resources to revive a pub of this naturethese days. </p><p>Another pub that we reported on just a fewissues ago also has closed the doors. TheBluebell in Helpston seemed to be thriving with agood local regular customer base. The latestreports that are emerging from that neck of thewoods is the pub is about to be converted intoanother use. Closed for refurbishment is on thefront door. Tales of it becoming a lap dancing clubhave not been confirmed! I mean Helpston mustbe crying out for such a facility, instead of keepingtheir last remaining pub open as a pub!</p><p>Hopefully we wont be writing of the failure ofanother pub that is being revived by an enthusi-astic couple in Stanground. I dont want to repeatthe above reports too often. The Heron in thecentre of the residential area has a new lease of life.Taken on by Meri and Rob who wanted to be ableto walk across the road to a local pub with goodbeer and custom. The privately owned pub hasbeen given six months to get established intosomething nearer its former glory. On a recentvisit four cask ales were on offer at 3.20 a pint.Three of these were from local breweries, Oakham,Digfield and Star with the foreigner being anexcellent Adnams Ghost Ship. CAMRA members</p><p>get a discount of 20p off a pint on production of avalid membership card. The pub has a largeenclosed garden and a separate function room. A pool table is at one end of the long bar. Sky Sports also is featured. </p><p>A plea to all our licensees and members ofCAMRA. We want to hear of your pub newswhether its the closure of your local temporarily,change of licensee, or worse, the complete demiseof your pub. Recently there were several pub beerfestivals being held over the May Day BankHoliday. We did not hear a great deal about themuntil the last minute! On weekends such as thatmany people make plans in advance, advertisingyour event in advance will help to attractcustomers!</p><p>Shuckburgh Arms, Southwick - Nene ValleyBrewery are helping the new landlord settle in. The remainder of the 10 year lease has beenbought by a consortium of villagers in an effort tokeep the pub open. </p><p>The weekend of 26/28th July will see some of theregulars from The Letter B and the otherWhittlesey pubs doing an Ale Trail around thetown. This coincides with the Fenland cycle rallythat takes place that weekend, where the partici-pants visit a number of Fenland towns and villageswith a few pub stops on the way. Further detailscan be obtained from Bruce at the Letter B. </p><p>New Wetherspoons in OakhamJD Wetherspoon has opened a new pub in theformer Royal British Legion building in HighStreet, Oakham. It was originally intended toname the pub after one the founders of theLegion, Earl Haig. However, Oakham TownCouncil and the Oakham branch of the RoyalBritish Legion wrote to JD Wetherspoon as theybelieved it should be named after someone local.The Legion and Council suggested The CaptainNoel Newton, as he was a former Rutland HighSheriff in the 1930s and lived in the building before</p><p>Pub News Around Ere</p></li><li><p>Editors RamblingsNot pub garden weather today, its pouring ! Weare now in beer festival season and I must admitto having attended two very good ones in recentweeks and look forward to attending a few more!Will not be too long now before the big one onthe embankment. Hope its not too wet! </p><p>Young Members v Old Gits Games Night wasmost enjoyable, good beer, good company and aplenty of laughs, especially at my attempts atPool! A full report to follow in the next issue. A big thank you to organisers Kara and John. </p><p>Having been a landlords daughter from the ageof 9 -19 (many years ago) I take my hat off to allthose trying to keep pubs up and running andserving good quality real ale. Its no mean feat andwithout them where would we ale drinkers go? So, pop along to your local or now weather isimproving, go further afield! I seem to haveadopted the mantra use it or lose it, be it pubsor local amenities. Moaning once something hasdisappeared is pointless.</p><p>CheersJB</p><p>From our Editor| 5he sold it to the Legion for 1,600 between1948and 1950. The Captain Noel Newton,55 HighStreet Oakham, Rutland LE15 6AJ</p><p>Mike BlakesleyCommunity Spirit!</p><p>On the 22nd March, Andy and Stuart Simmondsproudly handed over a cheque for 17, 587.14 tothe RSSC Unit of Papworth Hospital.</p><p>This fantastic amount of money was raised inmemory of the brothers sister Kelly Simmonds.Stuart, landlord of the Dragon and Andy, landlordof the Ploughman said none of this would bepossible without the fantastic support of theircustomers and friends and proves what a coupleof great community pubs can achieve</p><p>Daniel Speed</p><p>Young Member Co-ordinator</p><p>Brews Birthday Beer!Kara Williams, local CAMRA Young MembersRep, got the chance to brew a beer for her 21stbirthday at Bexar County Brewery, in Fengate,back in March. Brewer and owner, Steve Saldana,was on hand to supervise and advise on therecipe. </p><p>The beer, called Cherry Mysterious,had a respectable gravity of 5.3% andcontained a shed load of cherries forthat extra special girly effect! </p><p>The beer was showcased at the Hand &amp; Heart St Georges Beer Festival.</p></li><li><p>CAMRA has welcomed the Governments decision in the Budget to freeze cider duty.</p><p>Making the announcement, the Chancellor highlighted that some cider producers in the West Country had been hit hard by recentweather conditions so needed additional support.</p><p>This duty freeze will apply to cider with a juicecontent of 35% or higher, and will not apply tosparkling cider between 5.5% and 8.5% abv.</p><p>This is a welcome move which will supportBritains real cider and perry producers a vitaltraditional British industry. Andrea Briers, Chairof CAMRAs Apple Committee commented:</p><p>Cider is a traditional British product and Iwelcome the Chancellors decision to freeze ciderduty to help those who keep this tradition alive. I would encourage you to help real cider or perrymakers thrive by visiting a pub and trying some.</p><p>CAMRA has cautioned that small ciderproducers (making below 70 hectolitres each year)already pay no duty, so the benefit of this dutyfreeze will primarily be felt by slightly largerproducers. </p><p>CAMRA is continuing to campaign for a newcider duty system to support real cider with aconsiderably higher juice content. </p><p>For more information on real cider and perry,visit /cider </p><p>CAMRA ApproveFrozen Cider</p><p></p><p>Campaigning | 7</p><p>t. 01780 755141 w. jollybrewer.comFoundry Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2PP</p><p> Food Served Daily 12-3pm Monday - Sunday6-9pm Friday &amp; Saturday</p><p>Sky HD and BT showing Football and Rugby</p></li><li><p></p><p>BEXAR COUNTY BREWERYBexar County seem to be concentrating on</p><p>collaborations with other breweries at themoment! Over the last few months there havebeen joint efforts with Hand Drawn Monkey ofHuddersfield, Three Blind Mice of Ely, Xtremeand Mile Tree.</p><p>There have been various outings of their beer ata variety of beer festivals including The Hand &amp;Heart, Coalheavers, Bartons Arms inBirmingham, Newark and Cambridge.</p><p>Bexar are very pleased to be part of the MightyMicro Brewery tour for local CAMRA branchmembers on the 10th May.</p><p>CASTOR ALESAs the football season draws to a close and theWorld Cup is about to start, the football themedbeers continue to be enjoyed. 12th Man, thegolden, Amarillo hopped premium bitter wasnamed to commemorate long suffering fans. To bea fan means dreams turn to despair and hopesare invariably dashed, but occasionally there issomething to celebrate. In the case of Posh, a tripto Wembley saw them triumph againstChesterfield in the Johnstones Paint Trophy and arepeat visit in the Play Off final would befantastic. Posh at WemBEERley, the beer brewedto celebrate Posh reaching the JPT final, has beenbrewed again and will make another appearanceshould Posh reach the Play Off final. Thanks toToby Wood for naming the beer following arequest on Twitter. </p><p>Castorware Mild was brewed again, for 'Mild InMay' and will feature at the Cambridge BeerFestival, the Sir Loin Of Beef in Portsmouth andthe Salmon in Leicester. Unfortunately such wasthe demand for this mild that the only outlet inthis area will be the Prince of Wales Feathers inCastor. </p><p>The beer festival season has seen the brewerybrewing to capacity to meet demand. TheCambridge 41st Festival is celebrated by a festivalspecial called Mozarts FinALE, (his 41stsymphony!). On that note, a big thanks to all ourregular customers: Prince of Wales Feathers, theBeehive, the Ostrich, Hand and Heart andSimmospoons in Werrington.</p><p>ELGOODSQE Apple is now available as a draught keg beer.</p><p>Plum Porter was second overall in the recentnational Wetherspoons Beer Festival. BottledWarrior won Silver overall in the SIBA Nationalbottled beer competition which was held recently.</p><p>Double Swan is the seasonal beer for May andJune. This will be followed by Buzz Lightbeer forJuly and August. What may be the world's firstDark Lambic has been brewed and is now in thefermenting tanks. Greyhound Bitter is beingbrewed in May and June. Also in the pipeline is aMango Wheat Beer as yet unnamed.</p><p>HOPSHACKLE BREWERY Following a number of requests from customers,Hopshackle has brewed a range of traditionalEnglish Bitters, namely, Zen 3.8%, Legacy 4.3%and Special No.1 Bitter 5.2%. These are fullflavoured, full bodied beers using only Englishhop varieties and traditional brewing practices.This includes the use of a hopback which allowsthe addition of hop flavours and aromas at a verylate stage in the brewing process.</p><p>Bottled beer sales continue to increase and afull range of Hopshackle bottles are now availableat The Stamford Wine and Cheese Cellar. </p><p>MILE TREE BREWERYThe brewery is becoming more widely knownaround the area with a number of new outletsopening up to them, some regular, others on amore occasional basis.</p></li><li><p>Two local (ish) micro pubs (String of Horses inHolbeach and the Prior's Oven in Spalding) havetaken Adventurer, Wellstream and Meadowgold in thelast few weeks. The Cosy Club in Stamford and thePloughman in Werrington have also takenMeadowgold in the last week or so and will, nodoubt, be very popular.</p><p>The brewery was very well represented at the manylocal beer festivals in April and May. The Hand &amp;Heart St Georges Beer Fest had From Dallas WithLove, a 3.8% mild and their Rye Stout at 4.2%, even ifit was for a very short time! Cambridge Beer Festivalhad Wellstream at 4.9% and Fenland Wheat 4.3 % fortheir Festival on Jesus Green in late May.</p><p>Sacrewell Farm and Countr...</p></li></ul>