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The August / September 2015 issue of the Peterborough and District CAMRA magazine. Contains information on PBF15



  • The Simmonds Family present:

    THREE GREAT AWARD WINNING PUBS serving Real Ale with fantastic prices!

    Staniland Way, Werrington Centre PE4 6NA Tel: 01733 327696

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    The Queens ArmsTHE DRAGONHodgson Centre, Hodgson Ave PE4 5EG

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    Year 2011


    & District CAMRA

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  • Editor: Jane

    Published by: Peterborough & DistrictBranch of the Campaign for Real Ale.

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    Editors ramblings |3

    Beer Around Ere is publishedby the Peterborough & DistrictBranch of CAMRA Copyright 2015, The Campaign forReal Ale Ltd.

    Views or comments expressedin this publication may not necessarily bethose of the Editor or of CAMRA.

    The next issue of Beer Around Ere will beavailable on the 24th September. We must have your stories, news and advertisements by 2nd September. Pleasesend your stories and other copy to theeditor, Jane Brown.

    I am sure that it hasnt escapedyour notice that PeterboroughBeer Festival is imminent! I promise not to mention itagain, theres plenty of infor-mation in this edition.

    I am pleased to report thatthe branch now has a Cider Representative,Bernidette Gilbert. Bernidette can be contactedvia email

    On to a different subject. What do I look for in apub? Obviously good real ale but I do admit that Ialso like to see happy friendly faces behind the bar,to be greeted civilly and to be served as promptly aspermits. I do not like to see staff chatting and notbeing aware of customers waiting to be served. I do realise that everyone has off days and also thatsome customers can try the patience of Job.Having worked behind bars, be it decades ago, I can appreciate the problems, but the demeanourof the bar staff make the difference to me betweencalling in for a drink or staying longer andimbibing one or two more, plus making a returnvisit. Yes, I realise this is a personal reflection froman occasional grumpy old woman and must admitit is not something I encounter very often , which isprobably why it irks me so when it does happen. I would welcome comments from both sides of thebar. Glutton for punishment me! Also on my tick

    list is toilets, but that could be another rant, so Iwont go there, figuratively speaking of course!

    Having said all that what we all need to do isvalue bar staff. Treat them as we would like to betreated if we were behind the bar, because wherewould we be without them drinking at home!

    Food for thought.


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    Visit our web site for up-to-date news: AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2015 |BEER AROUND ERE

  • Chairmans corner |5

    Now in its 38th year the popular event attractsaround 30,000 visitors through the gates to samplethe huge range of ales, ciders and wines that are onoffer. Full details about the festival opening timesand admission prices are in this issue, plus the enter-tainment we have lined up for your enjoyment.

    The festival is set up and run by CAMRAmembers from our local branch and members fromaround the country. All are unpaid volunteers whogive up their time to help us make the festival sucha success. Any member who would like to help us inthis gigantic task is welcome to sign on. This yearwe have declined to send out the usual beggingletter asking for help as most of our volunteers signup on-line. You can still sign up before the deadlinedate in early August, however, only signed upvolunteers will be accepted at the festival. Youcannot just turn up on the day to work.

    A recent report from the Institute of EconomicAffairs (IEA) has hailed the 2005 Licensing Actwhich allowed pubs to open all day as a success andhas not led to the doom-mongers predictions of thetime. The report states there have been fewer drinkrelated driving accidents, no increase in A&Eadmissions or alcohol related deaths. Erroneouslylabelled as 24-hour drinking by the sceptics whopredicted rising demands for alcohol and excessivedrinking, the new laws removed some of theconstraints on where and when people can have adrink, thus, providing the public with a greaterchoice. I can think of only a couple of premiseswithin our area that have a 24 hour licence and onlyone of them actually uses it regularly. Mostextended licenses are in places that sell alcohol but,have no bar! I refer to the supermarkets and off-licenses. The IEA director of lifestyle economics,Christopher Snowden, said the biggest conse-quence of relaxed licensing laws has been that thepublic are now able to enjoy a drink at the time andlocation of their choice. Ill drink to that!

    Many of you will have seen our new Peterbor-ough City Pub Guide which has every pub (almost)within the city boundary listed. It provides a shortdescription of the pub and the location, with usefulbus route information. It is available in most pubsand is free. The guide will also be available at thisyears PBF.

    Come and give us your support at this years beerfestival in August. Even better, come and help us. I can guarantee you will enjoy it.

    Cheers for now folks.

    David MurrayBranch Chairman

    Chairmans Corner

    Visit our web site for up-to-date news: AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2015 |BEER AROUND ERE

    Its Beer Festival time again! The annual Peterborough Beer Festival is taking place on The Embankment starting onTuesday 25th until Saturday 29th August.

  • Pub news |7

    Ascot, Henley, Wimbledon, the Lords Test have allcome and gone but the highlight of the Englishsocial calendar still awaits us on the Embankmentat the end of August. The city hotels will again befull to bursting point and many branch memberstaking time off to visit or volunteer. Now is thetime to focus on some of the unspoilt villages thatsurround the city and have managed to preservetheir pubs. I have tried to indicate where they areaccessible by public transport, but for the moreathletic we are also blessed with some wellpreserved local footpaths. So dont forget to packyour walking shoes.

    Oundle RoadA trip along the Oundle Road would be arewarding experience for our less intrepid visitorsas there are several pubs on the route leading fromthe city. Of particular interest is the Ramble-wood Inn which is off the main road and set inan attractive wood shadowed by giant Sequoiaswhich were planted in 1860. It has been a centrefor real ale for some time now and the four handpumps are currently serving Adnams Broadsideand Ghost Ship plus two guests. I can recommendits Sunday carvery and readers will find details ofspecial offers on page 30 of this magazine. Thepub itself was formerly the stables of the adjoiningOrton Hall, an eclectic nineteenth century mockTudor building which was used as a prisoner ofwar camp during World War 2. The stable feedingtroughs are still visible in the room adjoining themain bar, although no longer available to currentdiners.

    The number 1 bus will take you all the waythere, but I personally would drop off at theBotolph Arms. This is another spectacular SamSmiths conversion of what was originally a farm-house. It is set back from the Oundle Road by along green with an avenue of protected trees bothof the soft and hard wood varieties. I wouldparticularly recommend this pub for parents withyoung children as the green provides a large playarea well away from the traffic. Two thirds of theoutside area is now floodlit allowing parents to seeinto the council playground alongside the pub.Those drinkers who are erroneously in the habit of

    referring to a barrel as anything from a pin to ahogshead might be interested to discover that theOld Brewery Bitter is actually served from anauthentic 36 gallon oak cask. Sam Smiths is one ofthe few brewers that I am aware of who stillemploy a cooper, and I, for one, would love to seethis ancient art restored.

    AlwaltonIf you arrive prior to the start of the festival youcan jump on the number 24 bus* for a short tripalong this road to Alwalton. Amongst the attra