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  • 24 Tis the SeasonHoliday activities at Fort Knox.

    6 Stress Free Cookingfor the HolidayHelping to relieve the holidaypressures in the kitchen.

    8 Go Big on FellowshipA different view on how to celebratethis season.

    10 Pearl Harbor - Thenand NowA look at December 7, 1941 andtoday at Pearl Harbor.

    11 December Calendarof Events

    16 Voting...Its Our Democratic DutyGuidance on voting this coming year.

    19 Event Program Guide

    FEATURES - December 2015





    Publisher Creative inkAdvertising Ed SnyderOpportunity Knox Contributors Laura Sanders

    Tracy Whitaker, Kelly AppelmanChristy Jackson, Jennifer Dent

    LTC Carol Highsmith, Viviane Arnold

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    The purpose of Opportunity Knox is to provide current informationabout Fort Knox Family and MWR activities and events and to shareideas that will help readers become educated about Fort Knox Family and MWR activities. Views and opinions expressed are thoseof the authors. The mention or appearance of commercial advertis-ers, commercial sponsors, and/or their logos does not constitute endorsement by the Federal Government or the U.S. Army. The information in this issue is current at the time of publication.Activities and events are subject to change without notice.

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    By Kelly Appelman

    December is a time of celebration. Winter break is upon us and the holiday is finally within reach. Stockings are hung, presents are being purchased and wrapped, and children are giddy at the thought of Santacoming to see them. Fort Knox Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation does everything we can to ensure that the holiday season isone to remember.

    Fort Knox MWR has several events at the beginning of the month that aresure to put you in the holiday spirit if you are not already there. On December 3, the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony will take place at theBrooks Field Gazebo. The Tree Lighting Ceremony will feature musicalperformances from the 113th U.S. Army Band and Community choralgroups. There will also be an opportunity to take pictures with Santa Claus.Refreshments will be available as well.

    Immediately following the Tree Lighting Ceremony, Trees for Troops willbe there where Active Duty Soldiers and their Families are able to pick afree live tree from the lot.

    On December 5, the Jingle Bell Jog will be held at the same location asthe tree lighting, the Brooks Field Gazebo. The Jingle Bell Jog is a fun runthat is open to the public and is the perfect event for the entire Family. Anugly sweater contest will take place before the race begins.

    The following day, December 6, Bowling with Santa will take place atHouston Bowling Center. Houston Bowling will offer a special breakfastbuffet. Each breakfast ticket entitles you to one free game of bowling.Bring cameras and take as many photos with Santa as you want.

    If all of the festivities have put you in the spirit of giving back to the Community this holiday season, the American Red Cross on Fort Knoxparticipates in Santas Workshop that provides toys to Military Familieswho have financial challenges during the holiday season. Santas Workshop serves Fort Knox Military Families with children ages 0 to 13years old who are currently living with the Soldier and under the SoldiersDEER enrollment. Each child receives two brand new toys, a book andstocking stuffers. Each Family receives a board game they can enjoy together. Parents can begin shopping at Santas Workshop at the beginning of December.

    Volunteers for this program are needed year-round. During the holidayseason volunteers help parents select toys for their children. Throughoutthe year, volunteers are needed to help shop for toys, re-stock and organize the workshop. Donations including new toys, board games andnew books can be made to Santas Workshop.

    Tis the Season

    To donate or volunteer for Santas Workshop, contact theAmerican Red Cross, Fort Knox office at (502) 624-2163.

    Santas Workshop is located at 1750 C Famous 4th Division Rd.(off of Eisenhower Rd.) For an application to participate in

    Santas Workshop, ask your unit. For those who do not have aunit, visit the Fort Knox Red Cross office for an application.

    For more information on the Tree Lighting Ceremony,call (502) 624-1893.

    For more information on Trees for Troops, call (502) 624-6173.Visit knox.armymwr.com for information on all MWR events

    and activities.

  • knox.armymwr.com

    By Jennifer Dent

    The holidays are an exciting time of year. More often than not, the kitchen is the focus of the season because everyone looks forward to the savory feasts and delectable treats that are associated with this joyous celebration. Holiday cooking can be both a pleasure and an added stress because it can place a lot of pressure on the one preparingall the food. But there are a few simple tips that might help alleviate some strain on the chef in the Family.

    First things first, cleaning and organizing your kitchen is a must. Removing all the clutter from your countertops and preparing a clean slate can help keep you focused on the job at hand. Next, clean out that refrigerator. Get rid of all the expired food and anything unrecognizable in those storage containers. This will make extra room for all those goodies youll need to keep cold.

    Second, dont be afraid of lists. These are helpful tools that will help keep you organized and keep the tasks ahead from becoming overwhelming. Make a list of everything youd like to prepare. Gather all your recipes together and review them, then make another list of all the ingredients that you will need. Then make a grocery list of things that you dont already have in your kitchen. It may seem like a lot of lists to compile, but this will save you time and money in the long run.

    Next, prioritize your recipes. Some things can be prepared ahead of time and frozen or refrigerated, then reheated onthe day of the big feast. This can help reduce time constraints in the kitchen.

    Last, but not least, delegate! Im sure there are a few extra helpers just sitting around your house with nothing to do. Byutilizing these resources, you can relieve a little stress and allow yourself time to enjoy the festivities. Send your spouseto the store, have your kids help with the cleaning, and employ your in-laws with prep work. Why should you be the onlyone enjoying this labor of love?

    If youre looking for a new quick and delicious treat to create this season, then look no further. These cornflake wreathcookies are a holiday twist to the famous rice crispy treats that everybody loves. Plus theyre super easy and add a littleflare to any holiday table.


    cup butter 1 (10 oz.) package of marshmallows1 tsp. green food coloring 6 cups corn flakesRed cinnamon candies or red M & Ms Parchment or wax paper

    In a large saucepan, melt butter over a low heat. Add marshmallows to melted butter and stir continuously until marshmallows are completely melted. Stir in food coloring. Remove from heat. Add cornflakes and stir until well coated. Lay out a piece of parchment paper on your kitchen counter. Dollop spoonfuls of the cornflake mixture onto

    the parchment paper. Grease your hands with butter or cooking spray. Quickly shape each spoonful into anindividual wreath.

    Top each wreath with cinnamon candies or red M & Ms. Store in an airtight container.


    Stress Free Cookingfor the Holidays

  • By LTC Carol Highsmith

    If Im not careful, my mind can quickly go into high gear asthe winter holidays approach. Its easy for me to becomedistracted by my long to do list. Before the holidays evenbegin I can become overwhelmed and disheartened with

    all the activities that require my attention. Through theyears my husband David and I have discovered the truthof the adage, less is better. Instead of going big for theholidays, we go small. For example, we enjoy decorating

    our home with Christmas decorations.However, weve learned that every littlenook and cranny of our house doesntrequire a Santa, a miniature reindeer, ora Frosty the Snow Man. Perhaps themost important lesson we have learnedis to cherish the time we have togetherinstead