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  • 24 New Year, New YouGet up, get active and exercise.

    6 Give Blood, Give LifeThe benefits of giving blood.

    8 Fort Knox Auto Skills& Service CenterYour facility to support all yourautomotive needs.

    10 Leap into Savings2016 Military Savings Campaign.

    11 January Calendarof Events

    14 Make Time to CuddleThe benefits of snuggling.

    16 National MentoringMonthBecoming a mentor benefits both youand your protg.

    19 Events Program Guide

    FEATURES - January 2016





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    Our Mission: Deliver Flexible, Innovative and Relevant Programs and Services that enable readiness and resiliency tothe Total Military Family.

  • By Kelly Appelman

    New Year, New Me. Its the saying that comes around every January.We hear it time and time again from our friends and coworkers; we seepeople post it on social media and we may even say it ourselves. Sometimes, people are referring to their attitude and perspective, or thatthey will work harder at school or work. Some mean that they will spendmore time with Family and friends. Other times, it is meant to signify thatthey will change eating habits and make healthier choices. For a lot ofpeople, new year, new me means getting up, getting active and exercising on a regular basis.

    Exercise. We all know the word. You may cringe at the very thought of itand begin thinking of any excuse in the book to switch the focus to something more enjoyable. On the other hand, there are some of youwho perk up and are ready to go at the first mention of the word. Somehave been in both situations, eager to exercise one day and avoiding thethought the next. It seems that every January more people than usual areeager to exercise on a regular basis. About a month or two into the New Year, however, the excitement for exercise begins to wear off. Resolutions become old news, new year, new me fades, exercise getsput on the back burner and people go back to their old ways. An exerciseroutine can be hard to establish, and with a busy lifestyle, can be evenharder to maintain.

    Fort Knox Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation offers many different opportunities for exercise that may help you stay in the routineof exercising. From golfing at Lindsey Golf Course, to bowling at HoustonBowling Center, to swimming at Anderson Aquatics, there are countless

    opportunities to get up and get moving. MWR also has four physical fitness centers: Gammon PFC, Natcher PFC, Otto PFC and Smith PFC,that offer more than just weights and treadmills to keep working out fun,diverse and challenging. A rock climbing wall, a new functional fitnessspace, an indoor swimming pool and TRX suspension training are a few examples of what these gyms have to offer.

    With fitness classes ranging from Zumba, to cycling, to circuit and resistance training, there is sure to be a class that aligns with your interests.Classes can be beneficial because there are others going through theexact thing you are going through and are able to motivate you. If playing sports is more in your realm of the workout world, Natcher PFChas three full-sized basketball courts available for both basketball, and volleyball, and two racquetball courts. Indoor volleyball intramurals alsobegin in February, offering a fun and competitive way to get moving. If actual exercise, in any form, isnt for you, three of the four gyms alsohave saunas where you can sit and open your pores and sweat out all theimpurities of your body. Sitting in a sauna is also proven to help with anti-viral activity, weight loss, improved circulation and skin conditioning.

    If new year, new me means exercising for you, I encourage you to seewhat MWR facilities have to offer. Get a personal trainer, join a class orjust dive right in yourself - whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Remember, start slow and dont set unrealistic goals. Find ways to makeexercising fun and it will more easily stay part of your weekly routine forthe entire year. Remember, working out is not necessarily about losingweight. It is about having more energy, feeling better about yourself andbeing healthy.

    Arent you excited to see the new you?

    Visit knox.armymwr.com for more information on each MWR facility.

    New Year, New You


  • Give Blood, Give Life, Easy As 1, 2, 3...

    The next Red Cross Blood Drive will be Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at HRC. Look for the Red Cross buses, 8am-2pm. If youll be pressed for time, or just need to get in and out quickly, you can visit redcrossblood.org/RapidPass. Using RapidPass will eliminate the need to visit the History booth at the blood drive to have your iron and blood pressure checked. Once finished be sure to print and bring it with you that day.

    Give Blood, Give Life,Easy As 1, 2, 3...

    Give Blood, Give Life,Easy As 1, 2, 3...

    Easy As 1, 2, 3...By Christy Jackson

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    Tips to make your donation

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