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  • 23 Pointers for Applying for a Federal JobSteps to help in landing thatFederal job.

    6 Celebrating BlackHistoryBlack History Month providesopportunities to learn.

    8 Preserving MemoriesThe Hansen Gallery is nowThe Hansen Frame Shop.

    10 Gammon PFC ChildcareHourly childcare available on post.

    11 February Calendarof Events

    14 Leap Ahead in 2016Remembering past Leap Year Events.

    16 Golf & Travel ShowFebruary 26 at Sadowski Center.

    19 Events Program Guide

    FEATURES - February 2016





    Publisher Creative inkAdvertising Ed SnyderOpportunity Knox Contributors Laura Sanders

    Lawrence Stewart, Kelly AppelmanChristy Jackson, Viviane Arnold, Larry Keene

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    Call Ed Snyder at (270) 945-2864 oremail: edsnyder@opportunityknoxmwr.com

    Opportunity Knox is a monthly magazine produced by the Fort Knox Family and MWR Marketing Department under the authority of AR 215-1. Facilities and activities publicized are open to authorized patrons.

    The purpose of Opportunity Knox is to provide current informationabout Fort Knox Family and MWR activities and events and to shareideas that will help readers become educated about Fort Knox Family and MWR activities. Views and opinions expressed are thoseof the authors. The mention or appearance of commercial advertis-ers, commercial sponsors, and/or their logos does not constitute endorsement by the Federal Government or the U.S. Army. The information in this issue is current at the time of publication.Activities and events are subject to change without notice.

    Fort Knox Family and MWR Marketing is located at 4248 BullionBoulevard, Fort Knox, Kentucky. For more information, call (502) 624-3693 or log on to www.knox.armymwr.com.

    To be removed from our mailing list, please email:steven.l.dennison2.naf@mail.mil

    FORT KNOX FAMILY & MWROur Vision: The Driving Force that builds and sustains thestrength of the Total Military Family.

    Our Mission: Deliver Flexible, Innovative and Relevant Programs and Services that enable readiness and resiliency tothe Total Military Family.

  • By Larry F. Keene

    No one enjoys writing a federal resume. Lets just say no oneever told me they enjoyed writing one. The process is difficult and time consuming. Since you apply online youneed to imagine your resume as being your first interviewand then try to put yourself in the position of the personreading your resume.

    Remember to focus, or mirror, your resume towards the position or career field you are applying for. Read the job announcement carefully. The job announcement will notmention skill sets or qualifications they dont expect to see onyour resume. Carefully read the job announcement portionswhich discuss who may apply, qualifications, evaluations andhow to apply. Please annotate your job title, hours workedper week, salary (optional), month, year and date of jobs.

    Do not write as you speak. Therefore, you should not have pronouns (I, my, etc.) in your resume. Resumes are not conversational. Clearly communicate your knowledge, skills,and abilities. Facts only-no opinions! Only states and U.S. are abbreviated. Start every sentence with an action verb. Everythingyou do is an action verb. Some potential action verbs are: direct, facilitate, orchestrate, conduct, plan, organize, analyze, perform,maintain, annotate, and report. When listing job duties for previousjobs, use past not present tense.

    An employer wants to see numbers. If you were a manager, state how many employees you managed. If you were in sales, show the percentages. If you worked with budgets, show how big the budgetwas. The level of responsibility is different between someone whomanaged a business bringing in a few hundred dollars and someone who managed millions.

    If you performed training, state what type of audience, number of trainings, and average number of students. List equipment brand

    names, types or descriptions.Quantify, if you performed atask; show to what extent you can do the task. Ifyou can type, mention how fastyou can type, and what you cantype such as correspondence,

    policy documents, memorandums and Standard Operating Procedures.

    Key accomplishments are extremely important to have on your resume. These will set you apart from your competition. Write yourknowledge, skills, and abilities in paragraph form, and then includeone or more bullets under each job to show how you excelled. Thebullets can state accolades, awards, continued excellence in performance evaluations, employee of the month, selected above(number) peers, cash awards, certifications earned during employment and so on. Show how you increased productivity,saved man-hours, saved money, enhanced time management, orhow you contributed to the entire company. A hiring managerhopes you will accomplish as many great things for them as you didfor your previous employers.

    Applications and Resumes should be submitted through the USAJOBS website, www.usajobs.opm.gov. The following threesteps provided by the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC)highlight the process when applying for a federal job.

    Step 1

    Create a USAJOBS account (if youdo not already have one). You canset up automatic email notificationto be informed when the status ofyour application changes or youcan log into your USAJOBS ac-count to check on the status of yourapplication.

    Pointers for Applying for a Federal Job


  • Step 2

    Create your resume within USAJOBS to make sure you are filling inall blocks and not missing any required information. If you choose,you can copy and paste the resume into a Word document to redomargins and then upload into your USAJOBS account.

    Step 3

    Click Apply Online and follow the prompts to completethe Occupational Questionnaire and attach any additionaldocuments that may be required. Your resume must alsosupport your responses to the online questionnaire. Dontbe modest when you rate yourself as they are searchingfor the Best Qualified applicant. You can update your application or documents anytime while the announcement is open.

    Remember to insert these basic skill sets, called Soft Skills,which you transfer from one job to another, such as youradministrative training (taken or given), computer (typingspeed, databases, Microsoft Office programs), customerservice, organizational, communication, management and leadership skills - (what projects were you in charge of?)

    The federal application system can be daunting, but wellworth it in the long run. If you focus on quantifying yourability to perform the duties, specialized experience, competencies and the questions mentioned in the

    occupational questionnaire, your chances of impressing CPAC increase immensely. Your resume is not about you. It is about theemployer and what you can offer them.

    The Employment Readiness office is located at ACS - Building 1477 Eisenhower Ave. The Employment Readiness office serves Soldiers, Family members and DoD Civilians. Call (502) 624-8855,for more information.

  • Courage

    Degrees for AdultsWhether you are actively serving in

    the military, or you are a veteran or a

    military family member, IWU wants

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  • knox.armymwr.com

    By Kelly Appelman

    February is Black History Month, a month to celebrate the lives and accomplishments ofAfrican Americans in the past and present. Itbegan as a week-long celebration in 1926 byCarter G. Woodson, a noted African Americanhistorian, scholar, educator and publisher. In1976, it was extended to a month long celebration. President Gerald R. Ford urgedAmericans to seize the opportunity to honorthe too-often neglected accomplishments ofblack Americans in every area of endeavorthroughout our history.

    The month of February was not chosen by accident, it was chosen to coincide with thebirthdays of two influential figures in Black History - Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Douglass, aformer slave, was a human rights leader in the abolition movement. He was also the first African American citizen tohold a high United States government rank. Lincoln, who wasborn in Kentucky, was also instrumental in the abolishment of slavery.

    Black History Month provides the opportunity for younger generations tolearn about the experiences and struggles of those who came beforethem. It allows all citizens the chanceto honor those who have fought sohard for freedom and for a fair chanceat the American dream. Black HistoryMonth not only educates citizens on influential African