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  • 23 Red Crescent DayFort Knox Red Cross celebratesRed Crescent Day.

    4 Get Ready for SummerMay is National HamburgerMonth and Memorial Day.

    6 Best Selling Authorsto Visit Two New York Times Bestselling Authors, Greg Iles and Joseph Finder, appear at Barr MemorialLibrary.

    8 Run for the RosesA guide to this years KentuckyDerby.

    10 Local Sites to EnjoyPlenty of unique sites for you and your Family to visit close to Fort Knox.

    11 May Calendarof Events

    14 Mother Goose DayA special retelling of famous fairy tales and rhymes at Barr Memorial Library.

    14 Mothers DayTreat your Mother to a specialBrunch this year at the Saberand Quill.

    16 Cinco de Mayo FeastRecipes to help make your celebration a success.

    19 Event Program Guide

    FEATURES - May 2014





    Publisher Creative inkAdvertising Ed SnyderOpportunity Knox Staff Laura Sanders

    Katrina Clark, Jennifer Palalay, Iva Pearlstein Tracy Whitaker, Kerry Weintraub, Nick Knight,

    Teressa Honeycutt, Ashley Bills, Michael Steinmacher

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    Opportunity Knox is a monthly magazine produced by the Fort Knox Family and MWR Marketing Department under the authority of AR 215-1. Facilities and activities publicized are open to authorized patrons.

    The purpose of Opportunity Knox is to provide current informationabout Fort Knox Family and MWR activities and events and to shareideas that will help readers become educated about Fort Knox Family and MWR activities. Views and opinions expressed are thoseof the authors. The mention or appearance of commercial advertis-ers, commercial sponsors, and/or their logos does not constitute endorsement by the Federal Government or the U.S. Army. The information in this issue is current at the time of publication.Activities and events are subject to change without notice.

    Fort Knox Family and MWR Marketing is located at 4248 BullionBoulevard, Fort Knox, Kentucky. For more information, call (502) 624-3693 or log on to www.KnoxMWR.com.

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    FORT KNOX FAMILY & MWROur Vision: The Driving Force that builds and sustains thestrength of the Total Military Family.

    Our Mission: Deliver Flexible, Innovative and Relevant Pro-grams and Services that enable readiness and resiliency to theTotal Military Family.

  • By Iva Pearlstein

    May 8, the birthday of Henry Dunant, founder of the Red Cross, waschosen for Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, first held in 1948. It beganas a post-WWII initiative for global peace. Today the event is supportedby the International Red Cross, an organization which aims to protectlives and health, as well as to alleviate or prevent suffering. Congresshas sanctioned the Red Cross to provide an emergency message service for Military personnel and there are Red Cross workers supporting U.S. service members throughout the world. The Fort KnoxRed Cross works hard to support its Soldiers. The operations on postare near and dear to my heart because we take care of Soldiers, statesMay Giulitto, Fort Knox Red Cross Manager.

    Multiple programs run by the Red Cross on Fort Knox support Soldiers and their Families. Giulitto is pleased that this spring her programs on Fort Knox will be able to accommodate Reserve Soldiersthat come for monthly drill weekends. Furthermore, Department ofDefense (DoD) civilians living in Fort Knox housing will be consideredfor eligibility on a case-by-case basis. Giulitto relates, When DoD Civilians come from other locations, they will be able to take advantageof our lending closet before their household goods arrive.

    Because we don't want children or Families to go hungry, the RedCross also makes food available through its Helping Hands operationsexplained Giulitto. She said if there is a good reason, Soldiers belowthe rank of E5 or in the future, DoD Civilians below G5 would be con-sidered eligible. Each case will be evaluated individually. As a former volunteer herself, Giulitto became committed to the Red Cross whenshe worked as a dietician and experienced how the organization supported the Soldiers at a Military hospital. She has performed many differentjobs for the Red Cross and is the only paidstaff member on Fort Knox. All our coordinators are volunteers, statedGiulitto proudly.

    Pet Therapy, offered on Fort Knox since2011, provides training for dogs and theirowners so they can participate in programsserving Soldiers and their Families.

    Wounded Warriors, Soldiers undergoing therapy, and children havethe opportunity to benefit from these specially trained dogs. SantasWorkshop is another special program that provides toys for MilitaryFamilies that are financially challenged during the holiday season.

    Through the Summer Youth Volunteer Program, youth starting at age13 are able to volunteer at various operations on the Installation during their summer vacation. The volunteer opportunities are age appropriate and provide valuable experience for future job searches aswell as giving the participants a real sense of accomplishment and responsibility. Volunteer hours are tracked and the youth are recognized for their service at the end of the summer program. Contact the office to arrange an interview.

    Army Veteran, Tommy Marian, with his Masters Degree in Educationand Army leadership skills, puts his experience to good use as the Coordinator for Helping Hands. He manages the Helping Hands Program and says, The key to keeping good volunteers is a happywork atmosphere. We all work in harmony here! Operations have recently been reorganized to accommodate the food, clothing andhousehold goods stored at the building. In addition to non-perishable

    food items - jeans, coats, jackets and Military clothing - are welcomeddonations and available at the facility. We are always in need of volunteers and have no requirements for a commitment to a set number of hours. The minimum age is 13 and even if you just havevery limited time, we can still use your help. Time here is well spent,says Marian. He has dedicated himself to the Fort Knox Red Cross operation because, I have worn Soldier's boots and in my heart, I ama Soldier and will always take care of Soldiers.

    Tommy Marian, Coordinator of Helping Hands, stands among themany resources available to those who seek help.

    Contact information:May GiulittoManager Fort Knox Red Cross1131 Fifth Avenue(502) 624-2163Helping Hands, Building 119 on Binter Street(behind the Commissary and across from theClass Six)


    Fort Knox Red Cross Celebrates Red Crescent Day

  • By Ashley Bills

    The temperature is on the rise, the birds serenade their sweetsounds, and shorts and sandals have replaced parkas andboots. With the wicked winter in our rear view mirror, May isthe month the door to summer is officially opened. MemorialDay is May 26 and is the official start of outdoor cookouts. WithMemorial Day cookouts and celebrations planned, it is fittingthat May is also National Hamburger Month.

    The Library of Congress has named Louis Lassen, a Dutch immigrant and owner of the Louis Lunch sandwich shop in NewHaven, CT, as the creator of the first hamburger in Americawhen he served a ground meat patty between two slices of bread in 1900. It later became recognized by sailors from Hamburg, Germany, who would name the sandwich after themselves.

    The Seymour Community Historical Society in Wisconsin alsolays claim to be the home of the hamburger. They creditCharles Hamburger Charlie Nagreen as the hamburger inventor when he sold a meatball between two slices of breadat the Outagamie County Fair in 1885 so customerscould eat while walking.

    Many other names are credited to inventing the hamburger to includeOtto Kuase, Oscar Weber Bilby,Frank and Charles Menches, andFletcher Davis when they createda meat-style sandwich during thelate 1800s and early 1900s. Thereis a great debate about who actually invented the hamburgerhere in America and we may neverknow who definitively invented the hamburger.

    The classic hamburger has evolvedand proved to become an iconictraditional American dish over theyears. While the most popular version of the hamburger is toppedwith ketchup and mustard, manyother versions have been createdbased on taste. The hamburger can be loaded with many extracondiments to include cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, bacon, onionrings, and more! The more we top theburger, the more the calories add up. Aswe approach Memorial Day weekend and

    plan our cookouts, there are a few things you can do to enjoya great hamburger and lower the calories so you still look greatin your swim suit this summer!

    Use low-fat ground beef or ground turkey Create a thinner bun by spooning out the middle part of

    both sides of the bun Eat the patty without the bun If presented with a