© 2009 amadeus it group sa symphony - the new generation internet booking engine riga 2 nd october...

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© 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA Symphony - the new generation internet booking engine Riga 2 nd October 2009 Jan Barták, Jarosław Łoziński 1

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2009 Amadeus IT Group SA Symphony - the new generation internet booking engine Riga 2 nd October 2009 Jan Bartk, Jarosaw oziski 1 Slide 2 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 2 Symphony V1 development team Jan Jarek Marek Ondej Petr Zdenk Slide 3 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 3 Amadeus Symphony Results Slide 4 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 4 SYMPHONY current version Unique Selling Point +/- 7 day low fare search engine On-line Pricer Master Pricer used for fixed dates Flexibility modular structure Off-line requests for additional travel products (hotels, parking at the airport etc.) processed by travel consultants Continuous development release No. 81 Slide 5 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 5 Special Offer Module It creates additional demand for air tickets, on-line booking of promotional fares Slide 6 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 6 Additional Revenues Generated by Symphony Touch less electronic sales: E-payment paperless and fast payment method Autoticketing robot 24/7 opening hours Messaging and check my trip interactive on-line communication with customers Subagent networking on-line sales consolidation through non- IATA travel agency network Non-air travel product and service integration travel insurance integration completed Slide 7 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 7 Corporate profiles Customized on-line system for TA corporate customers Login as a corporate member invokes application of Corporate travel policy application of Corporate ID for pricing synchronization of auto elements (inserted into PNR) with associated 1A traveler/corporate profile credit card detection in associated 1A traveler/corporate profile preferred cabin detection in associated 1A traveler/corporate profile Slide 8 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 8 Beginning of the true automation era On-line dynamic packaging without limits: Internet is widely used and considered as the efficient market place 100% e-ticketing as of 1st June 2008 Paperless travel package shopping using e-payment and autoticketing Slide 9 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 9 SSQ generation of Symphony Three main pillars: Development driven by sales teams and customers STRONGER! Unique air ticket pricing features supported by universal dynamic shopping basket concept SMARTER! Effective project management and customer support QUICKER! Slide 10 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 10 Symphony new generation - community concept Slide 11 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 11 Community concept Close cooperation with markets using Symphony User group meetings Collection of feedbacks from different TA segments Consulting services Implementation and post implementation consulting activities Sharing of best practices Training and maintenance On-site and on-line training for TAs Up-to-date on-line documentation Administration tools STRONGER SMARTER QUICKER Slide 12 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 12 New Symphony features New pricing possibilities: Master Pricer Calendar Robotic tool based on Amadeus Central System delivering matrix of cheapest available offers with +/- 3 days flexibility Online Pricer with real-time fare quote analysis No need to download fares with robotic tools. Communication with Amadeus System in real-time Unlimited number of city-pairs Low cost airlines content integration LCCs not present in Amadeus offered through E-travel connector. LCC integration into Amadeus PNR through ghost segments. A.I.R. transfer to mid/back office STRONGER SMARTER QUICKER Slide 13 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 13 New Symphony features Airline Special Pricer Unique tool to promote the offer of the particular preferred airline Overview of airlines offer in +/- 14 days Multi Pricer offers given by On-line Pricer, Master Pricer, Master Pricer Calendar, LCC Pricer displayed on one screen based on each TA configuration Payment centre payment for more products in one transaction individual products can be paid in different time and by different payment methods TASF STRONGER SMARTER QUICKER Slide 14 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 14 New Symphony features Universal shopping basket Common checkout for different services booked Service fee can be paid for every service separately Hotel accommodation consolidation of hotel content sources(Amadeus, GoGlobal) data exchange between air and hotel modules unified Amadeus PNR single point of storage for hotel booking data STRONGER SMARTER QUICKER Slide 15 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 15 Slide 16 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 16 Filters finding the right recommendation Slide 17 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 17 Master Pricer calendar grouping fares Slide 18 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 18 Layers flight selection on one page Slide 19 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 19 On-line hotel offer display Slide 20 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 20 Dynamic shopping basket Additional non-air products Go parking low budget car park at Prague airport Travel insurance Destination content TASF travel agency service fee Web services modification Symphony WS are not strictly linked to air tickets any more Possibility to process many requirements asynchronously no need to wait for time demanding operations before displaying the result More operations can be processed at the same time STRONGER SMARTER QUICKER Slide 21 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 21 Dynamic shopping basket Slide 22 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 22 Slide 23 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 23 Autoticketing module Full automation of the booking process 24/7 operation Integrated with agencys queue system Full control over PNR flow PNR content filter automatic ticketing for specified PNRs protection from misuse by validating carrier by departure city by FOP etc STRONGER SMARTER QUICKER Slide 24 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 24 New Customer Support structure Transparent help desk problem tracking and reporting system 24/7 technical help desk On-line and remote administration tool access for ACOs and TA administrator Project management for new implementations and changes Comprehensive documentation available on-line http://doc.symphony.cz STRONGER SMARTER QUICKER Slide 25 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 25 New Customer Support structure SMARTER QUICKER STRONGER Slide 26 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 26 Slide 27 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 27 New Symphony administration tool Slide 28 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 28 Migration process Project driven process coordinated by ACO CZ Market specific settings translations, configuration, features Presentations to travel agencies Training for the new administration tool for Amadeus Latvia and the demo site creation Resource planning and creation of the time schedule for TA migrations Migration of the TA application Transfer of existing configuration from current version Test environment set up Acceptance document sign-off Successful launch into production mode STRONGER SMARTER QUICKER Slide 29 2009 Amadeus IT Group SA 29 Thank Y O U