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Unit 7 Culture relics. Warming up. Speaking. Goals Talk about culture relics Talk about ways to protect culture relics Give advice and make suggestions Use the Present Perfect Passive Voice Write a letter to the editor. Reading. Language study. Integrating skills. Warming up. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Unit 7 Culture relicsWarming upSpeakingReadingIntegrating skillsLanguage study GoalsTalk about culture relicsTalk about ways to protect culture relicsGive advice and make suggestionsUse the Present Perfect Passive VoiceWrite a letter to the editor

  • Warming upThe Great WallThe Pyramids in EgyptStonehengeWhat do you know about the places? Which one would you like to visit? Why?

  • Stonehenge is a circle of large standing stones located near Salisbury(--),in Wiltshire(), England. People began building the site about 3100 BC and the construction continued in stages until about 1500BC. It is not clear who built Stonehenge. There are many legends and myths about Stonehenge. It was once believed that Stonehenge was built by the Druids (ancient priest), but the druids were active at a time when the stones had already been in place for 2,000 years. Some believe that the site was used by early astronomers and others suggest that the site was used as a burial ground for important people.Because of the size of the stones, the complexity of their arrangement and the efforts that must have gone in to its construction, it is reasonable to assume that the site was built to serve some significant purpose.

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  • Egyptian Pyramids1.What were the purposes of building thesepyramids?2. What are the differences in their shapes?3. What are there inside the pyramids?4. What kinds of environment are they in?

  • A pyramid is a very large building with four sides. Each side is like a triangle()and the four sides merge to form a single point on top. Pyramids were built in many parts of the world, but the most famous is situated in Egypt. More than four thousand years ago, and Egyptian pharaoh (), or king, named Zoser had the first pyramid built. The Indians of Central America and Mexico also built pyramids. These pyramids, however, have flat () tops. They also have steps on the side. The Pyramid of the Sun near Mexico City is larger at the base than any Egyptian pyramid. The tallest pyramid in the Western Hemisphere () is situated near Tikal, Guatemala (). It was a burial tomb for him when he died. Up to this time, upon death most Egyptians were buried in small tombs called mastabas. Zose's step Pyramid near Cairo was the world's first all-stone structure.moreBACK

  • There are ten pyramids at Giza, including three of the largest and best preserved (,) of all Egyptian pyramids. Each pyramid was built to protect the body of Egyptian king.The Egyptians believed that the person's body had to be preserved and protected so the soul could live for ever. For this reason, they mummified () their dead, meaning they embalmed (()) and dried them, and hid mummies in large tombs.From about 2700 to 1700 BC. the bodies of Egyptian kings were buried inside or beneath (...) the pyramids in a secret chamber (,) that was filled with treasures and gold and precious () subjects.The pyramids at Giza were built for kings from about 2600 to 2500 BC. The largest was built for King Khufu, the second was built for King Khafre, and the third for King Menkure.

  • Mayan() pyramidsThe Temple of the Magician, a huge pyramid, is one of the best-preserved ruins () at Uxmal in the Yucatan Peninsula ().Tikal, largest of the ancient Mayan () cities, has ruins of temples, palaces, and pyramids covering more than 1 square mile (2.6 square kilometers).The pyramid-shaped Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque, Chiapas (()), is one of the best preserved of the Mayan ruins.

  • SpeakingYour job is to make a culture capsule. This icaputle is a large box(about 2*2 meters). It will be sent into space so that anyone who finds it will understand who we are. Work in pairs to prepare a Chinese Capsule. You can select 5 things that present Chinese culture, but you can not put any living things in it. You may also include a short message (two sentences) in any language in the box, but remember that those who find the capsule may not understand your language.

    Asking for suggestionsMaking suggestions What sgall we put in?Cant we put in?Should we put in?Lets put in What/How about Maybe we could put in Why not?Id like to choose Why dont you?

  • PRRE-READINGDiscuss these questions with your partnerSome cities, like Paris and Beijing, are called great cities of the world. In your opinion, what makes a city great?What are your favorite cities ? Why? (weather, culture, people,food, etc.) What cultural relics are there in the place where you live? How important are they?

  • a great citylots of culture relicslong historythe capital of the countrya large populationproduces many great peoplesomething important once took place there

  • Why the culture relics are important? They tell us who our ancestors were and what their life was like? They show the development of human civilization. They help us better understand who we are and where we are from. China has spent a lot of money on the protection of culture relics. As a result, a large number of culture relics have been saved from destruction.

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  • (Saint Petersburg)

  • ReadingFast reading- --QuestionsSt PetersburgBoth peter the Great and the people of St PetersburgA City of heroes focuses on a city ,where there are many heroes; Heroes of a City focuses on heroes ,who live in a city. So the passage mainly tells about the city of St Petersburg.Background of St Petersburg

    What is the name of the city?Who are the heroes of the city?

    What is the different between A City of Heroes and Heroes of a city?

  • Careful reading** Find the topic sentences of each paragraph.P 2: St Petersburg has also been the center of many important events in history.P 1: the Russian Czar Peter the Great built a new capital ----St Petersburg P 3: the people of St Petersburg began rebuilding the cityP4: the people of St Petersburg are the modern heroes of Russia

  • Language pointsWhere there is a river, there is a city. where in/at/to+ where Where there is smoke, there is fire.()It was under attack for 900 days, but the people of the city never gave in. under attackbe under be This road is under repair and is closed to motor traffic. Restoring the city and . Seem 1) seen Tom came to see you this morning. He seemed (to be) tired. I spoke to a tall man who seemed to be the boss.( ,to be)

  • 2) seem2 She does not seem to be at home. = She seems not to be at home. 3) It seemsthatas if that/as if It seems to me that he is right. would will I have made up my mind to go and I will. Once I have got a good job, I wont give it up easily. Strong , proud, and united, the people of St Petersburg are the modern heroes of Russia. strong, proud,and united Confident, selfless and honest, she is my good role model.

  • The Present Perfect Passive Voice have/has been +

    The city has been rebuilt .

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  • Practise thinking and talking about the protection of culture relics and expressing opinions in the form of a letter to the editor. Use the outline in the book as a pre-writing exercise. Please complete the outline and then use it to write the letters.

    Who are you?What problem do you want to talk about?How do you feel about it?What suggestions do you have about it?I live in a small village.Some people in my village want to destroy an old temple so that they can build a new factory.