unit 1 cultural relics in search of the amber room reading

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Unit 1 Cultural Relics In Search of the Amber Room Reading

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  • Unit 1 Cultural RelicsIn Search of the Amber RoomReading

  • Are they cultural relics?AmberMing Dynasty vasePyramids Amber formed more than 50 million years ago from the resin() of giant needle forests.

  • color yellow- brownfeel like

    Amber is the fossil()form of resin() from trees. It takes millions of years to form.feel as hard as stoneWhat is amber?[ rezin]

  • amberbeautifulrare/preciousHave you ever seen anything made of amber?

  • What can you infer from the title ?IN SEARCH OF THE AMBER ROOM

    The Amber Room was ____________missing / lost

  • Para 1: _________________ to the Amber roomParas2-4: The___________ of the Amber RoomPara5: The____________ of the Amber RoomBrief introductionhistoryrebuilding

  • Para.1Material: much amberColor: a yellow-brown colorDesign: in styleDecorations: decorated with something beautifulMaker: artistsTime: several yearsTip . Give specific detailsMaterial: Color:Design:Decorations:Maker:Time:several tons of ambera yellow-brown color like honeyin the fancy styledecorated with gold and jewelsthe best artists10 yearsFind some details to show the room was amazing.

  • Frederick I Frederick William I Peter the GreatCatherine IIthe German Nazis(the empress of Russia) (the King of Prussia)(the next King of Prussia)(the Czar of Russia)

  • Para.2-4had the room made gave it to Peter the Great as a giftmade it his winter Palace which served as a reception hallhad it moved to summer palacehad more details added to itstole the roomremains a mystery

    WhoWhatFrederick IFrederick William IPeter the GreatCatherine IIThe Nazis

  • 1. How did the Nazis steal the Amber room?100,000 pieces were put inside 27 wooden boxes. 100,000 piecesThe wooden boxes were put on a train for Konigsberg. They had the wooden boxes put on a train for Konigsberg.The Nazis haddone2. What did the Russians do to protect the room?They had some furniture and small art objects removed from the Amber room. Para.4They had put inside 27 wooden boxes.

  • Para.5What did the two countries do to make it up?Theyve built a new Amber Room by studying old photos of the former Amber Room. Why did they rebuild the Amber Room?

  • The treasure was lost when the two countries were ___ _____. There is no d_______ that it is a great loss. So they had the new Amber Room ________(rebuild) to remind people of its a________ history and the importance of protecting cultural relics because they b_____ ___ all people. at wardoubtrebuiltamazingbelong toWhy was the new Amber Room rebuilt ?

  • Xiangfei Tomb under Repair Xiangfei Tomb is located in the north of Kashgar. Xiangfei, one of Qianlong Emperor favored concubines(), was buried in it. It was built many years ago. It took the artists several years to build it. The tomb is made up of a few buildings. Although it serves as a tomb, the design is good and the walls are very beautiful. However, the death of Xiangfei remains a mystery. A tale says that she was forced to kill herself for some reason. It is also said that she died of a serious illness. But some even say that she was murdered by the emperors mother. At present, the repair work is being carried out by the local government. There is no doubt that the decorations on the wall were damaged with time passing by. In order to protect it, the government spent much money repairing it and had some modern buildings around it removed. Whats the problem with the passage?

  • Please add specific details to the description of Xiangfei Tomb. glazes() Xiangfei Tomb was built many years ago. It took the artists several years to build it. The tomb is made up of a few buildings. Although it serves as a tomb, the design is good and the walls are very beautiful.Time: 1640Time to complete: 8 yearsstructure: 5 buildings

  • HomeworkReview the text and retell the history of the Amber Room.Preview the usage of the key words and expressions in this passage.

  • What do you expect to read in the passage?How was the Amber Room lost?What was the Amber Room like?What did the owners do with it?How did amber form?Was it found or rebuilt?In Search of the Amber RoomTip1:Write points that are related to the topic. (Para.___)(Para.___)(Para.___)(Para.___)(Para.___)2-3145