do you know what it is called? amber room

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  • Do you know what it is called? Amber Room
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  • 1)Why is it called the Amber Room? 2)What happened to the Amber Room? Fast reading (3 minutes) It was given the name because almost seven thousand tons of amber were used to make it.
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  • In Search of the Amber Room What happened to the Amber Room? First, it was built in _________. In 1716, _____________________, the king of Prussia, sent it to _____________, as a gift of ________. And the Amber Room soon became part of the ______ winter palace in ______________. Prussia Frederick William Peter the Great friendship Czars St Petersburg
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  • Later, _____________ had the Amber Room moved to the palace outside ____________. In September, 1941 the _________________secretly ______ the Amber Room and sent it to __________. After that, what really happened to the Amber Room remains a ______. Catherine St Petersburg Nazi German armystole Konigsberg mystery
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  • Listening: Listen to the tape and try to catch the main idea of each paragraph.
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  • Questions for Para1 1). What does the passage tell us about amber? 2). How many tons of amber were used to make the Amber Room? 3). What else was the Amber Room made of besides amber?
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  • Questions for Para 2: 1). Why was the Amber Room first built? 2). When and where did Friederick William I give the Amber Room to Peter the Great? 3). What did Peter the Great give in return?
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  • Question for Para 3: 1). What did Catherine II do with the Amber Room? What was it like?
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  • Question for Para 4: When and how was the Amber Room supposed to have been lost?
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  • Questions for Para 5: Does the search for the Amber Room continued? What was the new Amber Room used for in the spring of 2003?
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  • Main idea Para1 : From the first paragraph,we can know that the Amber Room________ ________________________________ ______________________________ has a strange history and know something about its design and building. Para2: In this paragraph, we can know ________________________________ the history of the Amber Room and its functions in Russia
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  • Para3:This paragraph tells us that _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________ Catherine had the Amber Room Moved to the palace outside St Petersburg where she spent her summers and she told her artists to add more details to its design. Para4: From this paragraph, we know that the Nazi German army _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________ stole the Amber Room in September,1941. After that, what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery.
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  • Para5: This paragraph tells us that_____________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________ the Russians and Germans have built a new Amber Room at the summer palace, following the old photos.
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  • Para.1 Para.2-4 Para.5 Amber Room has a strange history and it talks about its design The history of the Amber Room The Russians and Germans have rebuilt the Amber Room Main Idea of each part
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  • Language Points Cannot/ couldn't (never) have done Can/ could have done ( ); May/ might have done ( ) Must have done ( ) Would have done Neednt have done Should(n't) have done Ought(n't) have done ( ) ( )
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  • Such + a/ an + (adj.) + n. (sing) Such + (adj.) + n. (pl.) Such + (adj.) + n. [U] + such + n No such a book Many/ few/ two such books So + adj. + a/ an + n. (sing) So + adj. / adv. So + many/ few + n.(pl.) So + much/ little + n.[U]
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  • As I know, there is ___ car in this neighborhood. such B. B. no a C. not such D. no such a not a/an. no= not a/ an, no a/an. A
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  • Fancy : adj. n. [U] imagination fancy fantasy Imagination Fancy Fantasy [C] Have a fancy for Take a fancy to Take/ catch ones fancy
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  • Vt. fancied fancying fancies imagine Fancy (ones) doing sth. Fancy sb. to do sth. Fancy that fancy doing sth. Fancy oneself
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  • Thats a very fancy pair of shoes! I have a fancy that he will be late. The new dress caught her fancy immediately. He rather fancies her. fancy
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  • gift (present) (talent) As a child, he showed a gift for music. He has a gift for making friends easily. gifted a gifted child
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  • be made into be made of ( ) be made from be made up of be made in Steel is made ____ iron. This kind of wine is made ___ grapes. The bottle is made ___ glass. of from
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  • design by design by accident have designs on sb/sth She has designs on his money. be designed for sth/sb be designed to do sth The gloves were designed for cold climates. designer
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  • in a way, in the way that He was looking at her in a way that surprised her. We have to make it work in the way that they want it to.
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  • doubt whether if, that. I doubt whether he will come soon. I do not doubt that he will come soon. Do you doubt that he will come soon? that I doubt that he will come. doubt
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  • , We consider this (to be) very important. He will be considered a weak leader. We must consider the feelings of other people. consider
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  • considering She is very active,considering her age. Considering hes only just started,he knows quite a lot about it.
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  • I think Ill have a cold drink rather than coffee. He is an artist rather than a philosopher. would rather do/not do sth I would rather work on a farm than in a factory. I would rather watch TV than go to see the film. rather than
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  • would rather do sth than do sth Rather than____ on a crowded bus,he always prefers________ a bicycle. a ride,to ride b to ride,to ride ride to ride prefer to do sth than do sth
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  • prove sth (to sb) Can you prove it to me? The task proved more difficult. His words proved right.
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  • beside besides besides except There will be five of us for dinner,besides John.
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  • We all went to see the film except Mr.Wang. Besides Mr.Wang,we also went to see the film.
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  • Take cost spend pay + take sb. some time to do sth. + cost sb. some money/ energy + spend some money/ time on sth./ in doing sth. + pay money for sth. Doubt : n. U There is no doubt that have no doubt that have/ there is no doubt about sth. without doubt Vt. doubt sb./ sth. doubt if/ whether doubt that