unit one cultural relics in search of the amber room

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Unit One Cultural relics

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  • Unit One Cultural relics
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  • In search of the Amber Room
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  • 4. very special and hard to find--- 5. not to be sure of --- rare doubt Words guessing game 1. looking for--- 2. to take something away--- 3. something given to a person --- in search of remove gift
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  • Do you know what they are made of ? What colour does amber have? Yellow and brown.
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  • Judging from the title, what do you think happened to the Amber Room? What questions can you raise ? In search of the Amber Room
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  • Read the text quickly, trying to get the main idea about the text. (5m.) It tells us the strange history of the_______ ________, a cultural relic of two countries: _________ and ________. Amber Room Germany Russia
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  • Read the passage quickly and find out characters, years,and places in the passage. ( clues (3 m.) characters years places 1 2 3
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  • 2.Frederick William 3.Peter the Great 4.Catherine 1.Frederick
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  • 1716 1770 1941 2003 years
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  • Prussia Russia Germany ? places
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  • 1.What did these four people do to the Amber Room? 2.What happened in these four years (1716; 1770; 1941; 2003)? Careful reading: 2.Frederick William 3.Peter the Great 4.Catherine 1.Frede rick
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  • Frederick Frederick William Peter the Great Czar Catherine Nazi The clue of the story p a s s d o w n g i v e n a s a g i f t p a s s d o w n s t o l e n
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  • 1716 1770 1941 2003 Frederick William gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great_________. Catherine _____ more details to the Amber room. The Nazi German army _____ the Amber Room. The ________of the Amber Room was completed. years as a gift stole rebuilding added
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  • C 5. The Russians didnt hide the Amber Room because ______. A. they were at war B. the couldnt find a place C. the German soldiers arrived too soon D. no train could take it away listening to the tape to get the detailed information (Ex 1 on page 2)
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  • Paragraph 1: The Amber Room and its________ Paragraph 2-3: ___________ of the Amber Room Paragraph 4: _____________ of the Amber Room Paragraph 5: _______________of the Amber Room design the history the missing the rebuilding
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  • 1. For what purpose was it made ? 2. What was it like ? 3. Why was the Amber Room removed to Russia? 4.What was the Amber Room used for in Russia? Were there any changes later? 5. What happened to the Amber Room during the war between Russia and Germany ? 6. Whats the result of the search of the Amber Room ? 7. How was the new Amber Room made? Discussion:
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  • Suppose you are the guide of the Amber Room! You are going to introduce the Amber Room to us. What are you going to introduce? Welcome
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  • Design/material The history of Amber Room. Built>lost>rebuilt owner,present,move to winter palace, add to more details, remove, to pieces put on trains,remain a mystery,300th birthday built lost rebuilt added more details gave to sb. as a gift stolen
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  • Hello, everyone! Im glad to introduce First the Amber Room was made for Then Frederick William It soon became part of the Czar's winter palace in St. Petersburg. Later, Catherine and she told her artists to In September, 1941 the Nazi Germany army secretly After that, what happened to the Amber Room Now Russians and Germans have much like the old one.
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  • 1. Time spent: A ____ of artists spent ___ years making it. 2. Material: 7,000 tons of ______ were used for making it, with ____ and ______. 3. Purpose: It was made ___ to be a gift, ___ for the Palace of Frederick I. team ten amber gold jewels not but The Amber Room
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  • 4. Results: It was _________ to Russian people after Frederick William I succeeded his father and ______ the king of Prussia; soon it became part of the Czars winter palace; it was one of the great _______ of the world; in 1941, wonders sent/given became
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  • it was _____ by the Nazis. Now a new Amber Room ____________ in Russia and it ______________ the old one, ________ the old photos. stolen has been built looks much like following
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  • Do you think its meaningful to rebuild the Amber Room? Debate for against
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  • I am for because I am againstbecause I agree that /I agree with your opinion I dont agree with you, In my opinion, I think My opinion is that I think it is better to I believe
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  • 1.Retell the story and write it in your exercise book 2.Read the text and get ready for your debate