unit 1 cultural relics language points 制作老师 : 李胜文

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Unit 1 Cultural Unit 1 Cultural relics relics Language points 制制制制 : 制制制

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3. survive vt &vi 幸存 Fortunately he survived the traffic accident. Camels can survive for many days with no water. survivor (n.) 幸存者 survival (n.) 幸存 The helicopter picked up all the ________. They prayed for the _______ of the sailors survivors survival


Unit 1 Cultural relics Language points : Language points Explanation 1. rare: , a rare disease 2. valuable , Gold is valuable because it is a scarce metal. 3. survive vt &vi Fortunately he survived the traffic accident. Camels can survive for many days with no water. survivor (n.) survival (n.) The helicopter picked up all the ________. They prayed for the _______ of the sailors survivors survival could couldnt 4. +have done ( ) He paid for a seat when he _____ have entered free. (could /would / must / need) I _______ have been more than six years old when the accident happened. (shouldnt / couldnt / mustnt / neednt) 5. gift ; He has got lots of birthday gifts. He is a man of gifts. The boy has a gift for music. gifted (adj.) 5. amazing an amazing achievement/discovery / amazed adj. , I was amazed at his stupidity. Visitors were _____ at the _____ soaring drive of our shipbuilders. A. amazed; amazing B. amazed; amazed C. amazing; amazing D. amazing; amazed 6. design (v. / n.) (1) They ________ the building carefully. (2) The experiment ____________ test the new drug. ( ) (3) I like the ______ of the new school. (4) Children above 12 are able to take part in skiing or other activities ________ (design) for them. (05 ) designed is designed to design 7. fancy adj. (1) fancy clothes (2) Fancy meeting you here! ! (3) I dont fancy walking in the snow. have a fancy for , , fancy sb. doing sth. 8. in return , What can we do for them in return for all the help they have given us? ? I gave him some books in return for his assistance. in turn , ; by turns , 10. serve as , That cup will serve as a sugar bowl. serve , serve under the king serve for I have served for this company for 2 years. 11. She told her artists to add more details to its design. addto He added that he was very pleased with our work. Please add some sugar to the milk. Add the score up. His being absent added to our difficulty. The money he spent one day added up to about $100. 12. light v. (pt, pp lit or ed; but ed usu as an attrib adj.) cause to begin burning or give out light , e.g. He lit a lamp/candle/cigarette/fire. These streets are lit/lighted by electricity. She entered the room, with a lighted candle in her hand. :light lighted lit, lighted 13. wonder n. thing or event causing surprised feeling combined with admiration e.g. Walking on the moon is one of the wonders of our times. What a wonder it is! 14. This was a time when the two countries were at war. at war at at peace at breakfast at rest at table at work at school at the piano at ones best + ( ) at war/work/home/table on show/duty/sale/holiday/fire/watch in trouble/danger/battle/doubt under repair/discussion/construction 15. remove vt. take to another place , e.g. Remove your hand from my shoulder, will you? She removed the cloth from the table. remove ones clothes removefrom 12. furniture n.( ) : They bought many new furnitures. much new furniture furniture a piece of furniture There is much furniture in his house. 16. Theres no doubt that Theres no need to do / for sth / sb Theres no possibility that (Its) no wonder (that) (1)Do you doubt ____ she will succeed? (2)I doubt _________ he will keep his word. (3)I have no doubt ____ he will win the game. that if/whether that 17. remain (1) vi. , I went to the city, but my brother remained at home. (2) link-verb. n. /adj. / / adv. My friend became a boss, but I remained a teacher. The death of the old man remained unknown. The problem remains to be discussed. Nothing remains but to send the invitation out. ( ) It only remains for me to sign the paper that you gave me. ( ) He bought a new book with the _________ ( ) 40 yuan. =He bought a new book with the 40 yuan ___. ( ) remaining left --- Why do you look so upset? --- There are so many troublesome problems ___. A. remaining to settle B. remained settled C. remaining to be settled D. remained to be settled. C 18. former a. , Her former husband n. Of the two possibilities, the former seems more likely. 19. worth, worthy, worth-while adj. worth: be worth + n. , be worth doing sth. The question is not worth discussing again and again. worthy: be worthy of +n. be worthy to be done " " The question is not worthy to be discussed again and again. worth-while: be worth-while to do sth It is worth while doing sth It is worth while sb to do sth. It is not ____ to discuss the question again and again. A. worth B. worthy C. worth-while D. worth while C. worth be worth-while to do sth. C 1. Review and preview the grammar, Attributive Clause. (P85-87) 2. Finish off the vocabulary exercises on P42 in WB. 3. Remember the useful words and expressions. Homework